In St. Petersburg sentenced on charges of fraud in the supply of pipes for the oil pipeline, which suffered from a subsidiary of OJSC "AK" Transneft "" - LLC "Spetsmornefteport Ust-Luga" (now the company "Transneft - Ust-Luga port").

The damage from the actions of intruders consequently valued at more than 3 billion rubles. Former Advisor to the Chairman Board of Directors of OJSC "Company" Ust-Luga "" Natalia Belyakova, entered into a pre-trial agreement, sentenced to one and a half years in a penal colony.

As follows from the case, drew the attention of security services contract to build storage facilities in the port of Ust-Luga, which is the end point of the Baltic Pipeline System-2, connecting the Baltic and Bryansk.

In fact, according to investigators, instead of the products specified in the contract, in the period from June 2010 to June 2011 was set "tubular products of inadequate quality", "pipe previously used", "stale pipe" and a "new pipe of inferior quality. " "Pipe" case, as already noted, many players of the oil and gas market - a "trick" of "Transneft"!

Pipes tested for "strength"

Plans for the construction of oil pipelines, which developed the company "Transneft" did not correspond to the schemes of the Russian oil industry.

Such a conclusion was made by the Accounting Chamber on the audit. More recently, Russian Audit Chamber revealed violations of the company in the development of industry-wide schemes.

The investment program for oil transportation monopolist adopted until 2020, provided only 77% of the desired country!

SP members have learned that the reason was "lack of communication" of "Transneft" with the Ministry of Energy.

"The planned investment program of the company in the 2012 - 2020 years, the volume of construction of the linear part of the pipeline as a whole make up 77% of the stipulated general plan of development of the oil industry, including the development program of the main oil pipelines - only 24%", - he gave then an opinion, the auditor of the Accounting Chamber Valery Bogomolov.

Chef, well, "sleep with me," 24%

Found were violations and procurement law. According to the Chamber, the cost of products purchased from the violations exceeded 31 billion rubles.

"Communication is"!

Expert report on the activities of "Transneft" has been prepared for the spring of the Kremlin. According to the document, in the company's business indirectly, if not directly involved high-ranking officials of the Russian Government.

Experts point out that not only the leaders of state-owned companies, but some officials of the Russian Federation Ministry of Energy, earning good due to the allocation of quotas on the export of oil through the port of Kozmino, Ust-Luga and Primorsk, as well as in the supply of oil to Germany.

As a result, many companies are forced to sell hydrocarbon through -dochki company "Transneft" guide: «Altex Handal Gmbh», «Tenergy» and Hong Kong "Harbor» «Concept Oil Service sLtd». The latter is based in the port of Kozmino and is associated with the wife of Mikhail Stolyarov adviser to the Ministry of Energy as well as Deputy Energy Minister Alexey Teksler!

According to analysts' estimates, the illegal profits of firms data may be 52-59 dollars per ton Bleed the "black gold", that is, for the year in one offshore settle hundreds of millions of dollars. Teksler and "Bashneft"

It is associated with Teksler strange deal "Bashneft" in the supply of crude oil offshore oil trader Concept Oil Services Limited.

Deputy Minister of Energy Alexander Teksler

Under the terms of the contract, "Bashneft" has to deliver at low prices from Hong Kong offshore laying of oil at 81 billion rubles, or 20% of the value of its assets.

The company, registered in Hong Kong offshore, is remarkable precisely in that it worked Oksana carpenter - wife Advisor Ministry of Energy Mikhail Stolyarov.

At the same time he is a slave Stolyarov Teksler - Russian Deputy Minister of Energy and ... at the same time Chairman of the Board of Directors "Bashneft".

Clearly, someone finally manages billions of dollars of foreign exchange "conclusions" and of "Transneft"!

So the Ministry of Energy "hard" holding her hand to "control" the Russian "oil industry".

"Transneft" boils "samovars"?

Another story of "Transneft" - this is the allocation of sour crude oil exports - is not nothing but a scam to manipulate low-sulfur crude oil flows to selected mini refinery, "INTECH Park", "Volga-Alliance" Ilsky and Mari refinery ANGK.

Deliveries of low-sulfur crude oil for these refineries is constantly growing, but over the past two years, "Transneft" increased their almost doubled to 21.2 million tons.

As the oil analysts, due to the release of sour export flow dramatically reduced the export duty Russian Federation, and the loss of the country's estimated hundreds of billions of rubles.

This budget forming - refining industry two key Russian regions: Bashkortostan and Tatarstan - actually left without the main source of income, which leads to unpredictable social consequences.

However, all this does not prevent the chosen mini-refineries - popularly dubbed "samovars" "Transneft", smoke, releasing low-quality products.

"Samovar" scam?

The fact that the mini-refinery for processing crude oil quality require expensive equipment and the most advanced technologies, which are in large oil-refineries.

If you observe the "distillation" technology, the cost of production of petroleum products to "samovars" increased at times! Another thing, if you do not "bother" the quality of the final product and sell low-grade gasoline, under the guise of a liquid, for example, in China. Then the profits are simply huge at almost zero cost. After all, the same Chinese products are sold at market prices "

One of the "samovars" "Transneft"

According to some media reports, today, about two hundred enterprises processing oil by the "samovar" technology, operating without a license, violation of rights of industrial, technical and environmental safety.

Who is Tokarev?

78.1% of the operator of trunk oil pipelines Russia - "Transneft" - owned by the state. But the benefits of the "black gold" has got friends and relatives of President Nikolai Tokarev company.

There is evidence that his wife, daughter-in-law and Mr. Tokarev with the help of corrupt tendering "Transneft" have gained multi-billion dollar hotel business in Croatia.

So, the owner of some of the local company "Katina" is the son-in-Tokarev Andrey Bolotov. A founder of another wife of the head of "Transneft", Galina, who had, however, to convey the hotel business to his daughter Maya.

Hotel Bellevue, belonging to the family Tokarevs

Here and transfer the lion's share of the profits to the "daughter" of the company, with the result that the state does not receive dividends for years, and the circuit with low-sulfur oil and a network of mini-refineries, and withdrawal of cash using inflated rates, and the use of offshore intermediary companies, etc. , etc.

The last story with pipes should be seriously interested in the security forces. And then the "pipe" will be a matter itself of "Transneft" and its head.

However, according to informed sources, Nikolai Tokarev already preparing himself for the resignation of then preparing to change their place of residence on the shores of sunny Croatia, in order to avoid unpleasant issues of the competent authorities.