Financing of projects by movement "Nashi" allowed the ex-owner of the Novorossiysk port to become "an insider" in the Kremlin, and to achieve high office in his political career

"Nashi" discovered one of the sources of its funding in 2006 at the regular meeting of the Congress. Deputy Sergei Shishkarev, a member of the General Council of the United Russia party visited the 5000th Forum of "youngsters". " In an interview with Vedomosti MP admitted that he has already invested in "Nashi" tens of millions and does not monitor the expenditure of these funds, trusting the leaders of the movement. According to Shishkarev, he "spared no expense and even gaffed some money”.

The fortune of the deputy allows him to donate much more. However, his capital, made in the "dashing» 90's, still has a distinct odor of easy money. Sergey Shishkarev became a businessman in 1992, having left lieutenant epaulets on his own will. His father - the chief manager of the Novorossiysk port - prepared a launch pad for him. As a result, in the second half of the 90's, the port was under the effective control of the company with a significant title "Delo" (“Business”). All the financial flows, as it was a common practice, went through a distant island offshore. The supervisory authorities did not take any interest in it. In those years, the murder of Evgeny Fedoryakin, Head of linear division of internal affairs in the Seaport, who engineered a police special operation to clean up the nation's largest seaport of criminal gangs, was a national scale event.

It is not difficult to live in accordance with "ideas". But it is important to catch the moment when these informal rules are changing. Therefore, when a new size of business and government had been set in the country, Sergei Shishkarev went into politics personally to build friendships with the leadership of the All-Russian movement "Honor and Motherland" by Alexander Lebed. Then, as soon as the collapse of the general party became evident, having featured in the movement "Fatherland", he became a trusted man of former teammate of Lebed, the leader of "Rodina" block Dmitry Rogozin.

After entering the camp of "Rodina", Sergey Shishkarev became a friend of the party leader family. And even more. In fact (according to the Orthodox way), they became relatives: in 1999-2000, Dmitry Rogozin offered to be godfather to the two sons of Shishkarev - Ivan and Alexandr. In the same family way their partnerships in the field of party creation developed.

Being at the peak of popularity, Rogozin took over the role of a guide in politics for the owner of "Delo". Namely: he helped Shishkarev to make the most important step to success by opening the door for him in the power cabinets. Soon Shishkarev became a State Duma deputy from the Tuapse district, nominated by the "Rodina" and enlisted with the support of the presidential administration.

As reported by the media, with the assistance of Rogozin Sergey Shishkarev got acquainted with curator of the Russian party system Vladislav Surkov.

In February 2006, at the first sign of Rogozin's disgrace, Shishkarev joined the "United Russia" and enrolled in a the football team "The Parliament of Russia» led by Boris Gryzlov. The reason for the break in their relationship, according to Shishkarev, appeared to be a hunger strike protest by the leader of «Rodina" as well as the nationalist video of the party made during the election campaign in the Moscow City Duma. Dmitry Rogozin took the break heavily, on the political council he called Shishkarev a traitor. Meanwhile the latter continued introduction into politics.

We live in an age of mincing formalities. Thus, to finance the movement "Nashi" and some other projects of the Kremlin a special non-state structure with sovereign name "The State Club» established. The decision on a supplicant's ideas as "contributing" or "not contributing" to the creation of a" bright future " are taken by interest people. For example, the current composition of the competition committee "Gosklub", in addition to chairman of the board of the Student Union in MSU Andriyanov and other quasi-official entities, includes the founder of "Nashi", head of "Rosmolodezh» - Vasily Yakemenko, his loyal ally Sergey Belokonev and Mr. Shishkarev himself. And on this reason the list of beneficiary in the past year consists of offices equally loyal to the Kremlin and organizations with an unusually dull names.

One of the major grant recipients - "Interregional public organization promoting the development of sovereign democracy"Nashi", gained five and a half million for the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum" Seliger-2010 ". Youth organization "New people" close to "Nashi" summoned 6,800,000 rubles on the development program "Shoulder to shoulder". Next in the list of recipients of the money goes the infamous "All-Russian Union of Supporters" that summoned the money for the program "Technology of tolerance among young people», an improbable program for football fans.

Following the associates a well-known in the criminal environment leader of the fans of Komanch goes a regional department of All-Russian public organization "Young Guard of United Russia» from the Republic of Ingushetia, a non-profit partnership" Center for protection and assistance to citizens abroad and to support compatriots' wishing to hold a rally in the resort of Foros; an interregional public organization "Association of Young Leaders" with a perspective program "The recession - a threat? No. It's new opportunities "and many other organizations with a strange goals like"the Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus " by Salambek Maigov. The latter was a minister in the Chechen government of Yandarbiyev in 1996, and in 1997 - a presidential candidate in Chechnya, involving only the militants who spoke for the complete separation from Russia.

Now, "Delo" of Shishkarev father and son works under a different guise. As noted by the Russian business publication, several years ago, the Russian General Bank (its board included Sergey Shishkarev, Duma deputy Alexander Skorobogatko, entrepreneur Gregory Kovalenko and banker Alexander Ponomarenko) bought shares of the port, and in fact intercepted the leadership of NCSP. RGB merged with the more stable Investsberbank and thus was not affected by the economic crisis. It is possible that thousands of shares of the Kremlin's youth are funded by the earnings of one of the largest ports of the country.