Presnensky Court of Moscow refused to arrest 24-year-old Olga Sintyureva. Themis servicemen considered that the investigation has no proof yet of the girl's involvement in the theft of 22 million rubles, but in general, that such theft took place. The initiator of the persecution of Olga was State Duma deputy Sergei Zhigarev, whose former mistress was Sintyureva. The parliamentarian was very offended that he was first "horned", and then pushed on his high-ranking person. understands which of the top officials is part of Zhigarev's close circle, and also why law enforcement and the presidential administration should pay attention to the parliamentarian himself.

Olga Zhigareva was detained for 48 hours on suspicion of theft. The applicant was Alexander Krayushkin. Allegedly, from his room at the Marriott Hotel, a girl with an unknown accomplice stole more than 22 million rubles. It is clear that the number of this very Sergei Zhigarev. According to, Krayushkin is his longtime assistant and lawyer. The deputy just uses it for various purposes, as a nominal person. When you do not want to "shine" in any company. (As, for example, it was in LLC "Auto Park Service", which existed from 1998 to 2007. In this company, Zhigarev was listed as CEO, and Krayushkin was the founder). Or when you need to apply for a once-beloved girl to settle accounts with her. Sources, familiar with the situation, assure that in reality no money in the hotel room could not be, and theft just came up.

Sintyurev was kept in custody for 48 hours, but during that time there was no evidence of her involvement in the alleged theft. Then Olga took a written undertaking not to leave the city and she, according to the law, could go home. But what kind of laws are there when the deputy himself is offended by the girl? And she was immediately tried to force her to court, to elect a new measure of restraint. And still delivered. But the judges found that there was no evidence not only of Olga's involvement in the theft, but also of the fact that this theft in general took place.

At the end of the hearing, the furious lawyer Sinturevoy Alexander Gofshteyn directly stated that the investigators and the operative acted on the call of high-ranking people. And it's not about Zhigarev himself.

According to, one of Zhigarev's closest friends is the current head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin. They are friends of families for a very long time, Rogozin is an invariable participant of all the parties held by Zhigarev. In the middle of 2000 Sergei headed the Moscow Region branch of the Rodina Party created by Dmitry Rogozin.

Another close friend Zhigarev sources called the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. In the team last Zhigarev even attached his close relative.

In this connection, questions arise about the role of these officials in the fate of Sintyureva.

And most importantly, if you seriously deal with this topic, then the deputy himself should have thousands of questions. According, somewhere a month before the quarrel with Zhigarev, Olga rested in Miami. And she rested there for a reason. Spend time in his American apartment was sent by a deputy (Sam Zhigarev stayed in Moscow). In his declaration of property, you will not find information about real estate in the United States. Yes, and with the current relations between the two countries, it is not very good for a representative of the legislative branch to have apartments in the camp of the "enemy". By the way, Zhigarev was a member of the State Duma's working group on the adoption of counter-suits against the United States.

If the "Mariott" really were 22 million rubles, the question arises where they have a parliamentarian with an official income of 4.6 million rubles a year.

As for the story with Sintyureva, the sources of say that the girl initially had no feelings for the deputy. Although they lived together for almost a year. The official wife of the deputy knew about the "second" wife, but did not scandal, since this is not the first such enthusiasm for the parliamentarian. For Zhigareva Olga served as an object of constant boasting before acquaintances, including VIP-officials. Well, and really beautiful, not stupid, judicious. Then it turned out that Sintyureva was reconciled with the presence of Sergei. All these gifts in the form of cars, diamonds, just money, were taken up. However, she prefers her peers, whom she also met at the same time. When she decided to part with the deputy, he hoped that Olga would change her mind. I did not change my mind. Moreover, Sergey learned that she communicated with him while communicating with others. And from the object of boasting Sintyurev turned into an excuse for shame. A man's pride escaped. The deputy arranged the girl "disassembly", during which he was beaten up by Olga's young death. And then the faithful face value of Zhigarev Krayushkin wrote a statement about alleged theft.


To be continued