In early January 2020, employees of the State Police of Latvia, in cooperation with colleagues from Germany, carried out investigative actions and seizures in four banks - Rietumu banka, Industra Bank, BlueOrange Bank and Reģionālajā investīciju banka, whose business in previous years was mainly connected with servicing non-residents. The events were part of an international money laundering investigation, including through Deutsche Bank. The case is related to foreign clients of banks, which, according to the prosecutor's office, could engage in criminal activities - illegal money laundering.

Among these suspicious clients were Loprado Holdings Limited (Cyprus) and Technotrak, whose accounts were opened with Rietumu banka. The beneficiary of these firms is Russian businessman Dmitry Mikheev, who may be called for interrogation in the near future. Mikheev tries not to advertise his ownership of Loprado Holdings Limited and does so through two offshore firms at BVI. However, he revealed his control over Loprado when opening accounts with Cyprus Popular Bank and Laki bank. Mikheev indicated that he is the ultimate beneficiary of Loprado.

Since this company also had accounts with Rietumu banka, it was decided to withdraw documentation regarding Loprado from this bank. She confirmed the initial information: Mikheev and in Latvia indicated that he is the ultimate owner of a dubious company. Moreover, after investigative actions at Rietumu banka, another company was identified with accounts in this bank, the ultimate beneficiary, which is Mikheev. We are talking about Technotrak, through which, it is suspected, large amounts of money were also laundered. Was installed and the alleged accomplice of Mikheev - his friend Juliana Kotova. She was at one time a co-owner of Loprado Holdings Limited and had access to accounts at Rietumu banka. In the same bank, “interest” from financial flows was received into her personal account. Now a request for the seizure of documents regarding Dmitry Mikheev and his “laundry” has been sent to Lithuania. Investigators suspect that he controlled the company Omnia Limited, which was serviced in the Lithuanian branch of Danske Bank. It is possible that dubious funds from Russia also passed through Omnia.

According to investigators, Dmitry Mikheev built his own "laundry". In Russia, he was controlled by Technograde JSC, which was engaged in the sale of road-building and warehouse equipment. Mikheev, under fake agreements with offshore controlled by him, withdrew from the Russian Federation first all the funds of JSC Technograde, and then third-party customers. At the same time, he created fictitious debt of Technograde JSC itself. For this, fraudulent loan agreements were signed for Technograde by offshore companies, including Loprado holdings.

Search engines find mention of the company, ”Loprado Holdings limited in the Russian judicial acts database. From Russian sources it is known that Loprado Holdings limited was included in the list of creditors in the bankruptcy case of Technograde JSC.

The bankruptcy procedure of Technograde JSC was initiated by the controlling persons of the debtor by creating a controlled creditor debt of the creditor Sanoil LLC and submitting an application for recognition of Technograde JSC insolvent (bankrupt). Judicial acts held within the framework of the bankruptcy procedure established that Sanoil LLC is a fictitious creditor whose claims are artificially created with the participation of the controlling debtor D.S. Mikheev and legal entities controlled by it (Tekhno-Park LLC, Tekhno-Invest LLC, Tekhno-Complex LLC), in order to file an application for declaring the debtor bankrupt, as well as for unlawful distribution of the bankruptcy estate in favor of a fictitious creditor, in damage to rights of independent bankruptcy creditors. Also in the register of creditors were included the companies of Tekhnotrak JSC controlled by Dmitry Mikheev, Loprado Holdings limited.

The investigators left the above information from Russia without comment.

It was not possible to get comments from representatives of Rietumu banka, Industra Bank, BlueOrange Bank and Reģionālajā investīciju banka at the time of publication.

Thomas gordon