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How Igor Yusufov joined the breweries of Russia

He was a figurant of the case of embezzlement of $ 6 million from Rosrezerv

As repeatedly told rucriminal.com, serious troubles in the near future could threaten the former Energy Minister Igor Yusufov. In Moscow from Austria should extradite the leader of the group that committed 60 murders, Aslan Gagiyev (Djako). He said in Vienna that he was ready to testify against Yusufov. Recall Gagiev is accused, inter alia, in the organization of the shooting of the deputy head of FLC Andrei Burlakov, who had a conflict with Igor Yusufov and his son Vitaly.

As rucriminal.com found out, the cases of Burlakov and Gagiev are not the only ones on which the investigators showed interest in Igor Yusufov. From 1998 to 2001

he headed the State Committee of the Russian Federation on State Reserves (Rosrezerv). In these years, Igor Khanukovich Yusufov was a figurant in the case of the theft of $ 6 million, for which wheat was to be purchased for Russia's strategic reserve. However, then he "got out" of this story. And the well-being of a number of senior officials of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has improved noticeably.

When Igor Yusufov headed Rosrezerv, he began to place his people on various posts. One of these nominees was a native of Kazakhstan, Abrig Baymyshev. He was at the head of the Yusufov Mid-Volga Tutorial (SVTU) Rosrezerva. In turn, friends with Baymyshev went scam international scale Sergei Natashkin-Shel. As a result, a scheme was developed, how to "shove the paws" in funds intended for the purchase of food for the strategic reserve of Russia.

For this purpose, a shell firm controlled by Shel was built, "Parity Story L." She made an official proposal to sell a 64,000 tons of grain for the grain factories of the motherland at a price 20% lower than the market price of 2300 rubles per ton. Between SVTU and Natashkin's firm was concluded a preliminary agreement with which Baymyshev went to the head of the "Rosrezerva" Igor Yusufov. To complete the transaction, his signature was required. It should be noted that earlier "Parity Story L" did not engage in food supply at all, and at that time the firm was an investigator of the FSB's investigation of "money laundering." However, Yusufov issued an order to conclude a contract with Parity Story L . Moreover, with Yusufov's approval of Shel's firm, a new contract was already signed, according to which Rosrezerv bought wheat not at 2,300, but at 2,900 rubles per ton, while for storage it should have been for some reason in the Krasnodar Territory (this territory does not apply to SVTU). Then Natashkin went to the head of the Ust-Labinsky Bakery (Borisovsky Krai) Boris Rabinovich and offered cooperation: Rabinovich will issue documents that 64,000 tons of grain for the Rosrezerv have been delivered to the special storage facility of the KHP, and in exchange will receive a round amount in dollars. At the same time, the head of the combine crook convinced that the reserves of "Rosrezerv" no one has the right to check (this is gostayna), and then the grain can simply be written off as become unusable. After long negotiations, the parties did so. Natashkin took several thousand tons of wheat from a number of companies for sale (they did not pay for it), they loaded him into the plant, and Rabinovich presented papers that he received 64,000 tons. With these documents, Natashkin went to Baymyshev and asked him to transfer the money, not for Parity Story L (the account was already seized in the "cleaning" case), but for the firm of another swindler Gennady Strukov, "AVBA." Igor Yusufov approved everything These transactions.Soon in rubles, scammers received an amount equivalent to $ 6 million.

Then most of the money went abroad, where it was divided by the participants in the scam.

When all this grandiose fraud was revealed, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation interrogated all bidders, including Igor Yusufov. According to

rucriminal.com, everything was ready to bring charges against him. However, then the situation changed dramatically. Igor Yusufov never went into the category of the accused. And some representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, unexpectedly significantly improved their financial well-being. Moreover, Yusufov fought for Baymishev to the last. He was only able to arrest him a few years after the investigation began, and all this time he continued to hold a responsible position in Rosrezerv.

As for Yusufov, he continued climbing the career ladder. In 2001, he became Minister of Energy.

Source: Rucriminal