The case of the former heads of Bank management Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation Dmitry Frolov and Kirill of Cherkalin becomes more interesting. The operatives managed to find the former first Deputy Director of DIA Valery Miroshnikov, who quickly left the country when he wanted to be interrogated in the case of Frolov and Cherkalin. According to sources, it turned out that Miroshnikov on the chaise reached Australia. While many friends and colleagues Miroshnikov arranged nests in Europe, the Deputy head of the DIA bought real estate in a distant and disliking Russia Australia. The chances to get Miroshnikova from there is zero.

Also, the operatives who developed the gang Aslan Gagieva (Jacko), gave colleagues information that recorded at least one personal contact Gagieva and Frolov. After him people Jacko was kidnapped and killed the owner of one of the banks. Sources they say that Frolov may have questions about the situation that led to the shooting of the owner of Sodbiznesbank Alexander Slesarev. This crime was also committed by Jacko's people. According to the operational materials collected on "gagiyev's case", events developed as follows. In 2005 there was a big conflict with Slesarev at co-owners of GK 1520 Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich. Then they were not yet recipients of hundreds of billion rubles under contracts with Russian Railways. Vladimir Yakunin, who greatly appreciated Markelov and Usherovich, only in the summer of 2005 headed the Russian Railways and his relationship with this couple was only in its infancy. Markelov and Usherovich were then players in the market of cash, transit of huge sums, etc. a Major player in this market was Slesarev. According to the interlocutor, between him and Boris Usherovich there was a conflict because of a very large sum. Then Usherovich and Markelov worked closely with an employee of the FSB Dmitry Frolov. And the in turn was familiar with Jacko. Gagiyev solved the problem as he could. Slesarev was killed along with his entire family.

As a result, in the "high-profile" cases of corruption, "protection", fraud and embezzlement of state funds with the participation of employees of the interior Ministry and the FSB may be added and even episodes of murder. However, whether this will happen is still in great doubt.

In the same "case of Jacko" appears former energy Minister Igor Yusufov. However, the legal assessment of the materials collected on it is still not given. Especially the episode with the shooting of the Deputy head of the "FLC" Andrei Burlakov. It is known that it was ordered by the one who was the real owner of the Wadan shipyard. There were attempts to make Gagiev the owner of the shipyard, but no one believes it. Gagiev head of the OPG, often astronavta people to order. According to the interlocutors, the real owner of the shipyards was Igor Yusufov. He on interrogation denied his involvement in the shipyards. However, the documents at our disposal say the opposite. 

According in 2008, the management of JSC "FLC" in the person of first Deputy Director of the company Andrey Burlakov decided to buy two shipyards of Wadan at the Norwegian concern Aker Yards, located in the German cities of Wismar and Warnemunde. As a partner in the deal, Andrei Burlakov attracted Igor Yusufov, special representative of the President for international energy cooperation and a member of the Board of Directors of Gazprom, and his son Vitaly. Then between Yusufov and Burlakov there was a conflict. Yusufov considered these shipyards completely his own.  Yusufov to the side stood the General Director of OAO FLK nail Malyutin and Aslan Gagiev, who was "looking" for JSC "FLC". Under the name of Morozov, he participated in negotiations on major transactions of the company. It is not surprising that during this conflict Burlakov was killed.  As found by the TFR, the crime was committed by members of the group Aslan Gagieva (aka frost). Clearly, they were not "customers". Yusufov himself during the interrogation, the Protocol of which is available, categorically denied his involvement in the transaction with the shipyards and related criminal events. However, interrogated in Oslo at the request of Russian investigators businessman Tom Einertsen (Protocol see below) denied such testimony Yusufov. In his words, it follows that it was the then special representative of the President who was one of the main characters in the transaction - Igor Yusufov and his son Vitaly Yusufov became the owners of Wadan Yards.

To be continued

Zakhar Belocerkovsky