Shipbuilding company Blohm & Voss (Germany) is yet unable to create a boat meeting the requirements of the Russian millionaire Roman Abramovich. According to the newspaper The Daily Mail, Blohm & Voss was supposed to build MY Eclipse by December 2009, but the ship is still on the dock in Germany, reports

The article says that between Abramovich and shipbuilding company are at odds. In particular, a huge mirror on one of the nine decks got broken during the test sortie.

In addition, it was mentioned that the glasses made of the Austrian crystal rattled too much because of electro-diesel engines vibration. This vibration was felt even on a private deck of Roman Abramovich.

Also, there was a dispute between the customer and the executor on "ethics of origin" of the leopard and reptiles leather covering the chairs and the walls of the massage room. They also can not agree on who should pay for the transfer of the helipad from one place to another.

Additional problems have arisen with the navigation system made in France, and the paint on one of the decks was simply detached.

"Even dreams of a billionaire can fail”, one of the sources of DM said. Representatives of Abramovich and Blohm & Voss declined to comment. The yacht is valued at 329 million pounds. The fortune of 43-year old Roman Abramovich - 7.6 billion pounds. According to this index he is on the 11th place in the world.