Elena Baturina's income in 2009 was 30.93 billion rubles. Of these, 28 billion - income of securities and investments, including the sale of shares in Gazprom and Sberbank, as well as the sale of OOO "TD Ramenskoye» (58 hectares in the Western district of Moscow), ZAO Inteko spokesman Gennady Terebkov reported; and another $ 3 billion - wages and other payments in Inteko. In 2008, the salary of Baturina in Inteko was much smaller - 15.4 million rubles, the total income was 7 billion. Terebkov could not explain such a growth of payments. Baturina has already spent the earned billions: 27 billion rubles were paid for loans, including those to Gazprombank, and the remaining 4 billion were spent on personal income tax.

For the year Baturinaa obtained a house and a land plot in Austria (321 and 2003 square meters), she also rented a house in the UK (1203 square meters) and in Spain (1627 square meters). The sympathy of Mayor' wife for the of Austria has been known since 2006, then Inteko purchased a golf club in Kitzbuhel to build on its territory a five-star hotel with capacity of 70-80 rooms. The house and the hotel are various sites, Terebkov says.

Baturina did not acquire any cars last year; now she has 1995 Audi 80, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S in 2005, Mercedes-Benz S600 2007 and Mercedes-Benz ML63AMG 2007, as well as two old-timers - Mercedes- Benz S220 1957 and Talbot95 1934

Yuri Luzhkov's income in 2009 amounted to 7.98 million rubles (last year it was 6.8 million); Mayor rented a cottage with area of 2531 square meters, the total area of his own sites was 1,136,000 square meters.