I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Babakov Alexander Deputy of the State Duma

Babakov has been actively engaged in business since 1994. The first quite modest mentioning of him in the media came in 1995 when he became the...

Deripaska Oleg Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element

Alleged FBR informer

Serdyukov Valery Governor of the Leningrad region

The first compromising publications about Valery Serdyukov appeared in 1999, and that was a story of 1994, when the name of Serdyukov figured in a...

Babich Michael Deputy of the State Duma

Prior to 1996, Mr. Babich was considered an ordinary jobless Russian. But in 1998, Mikhail Babich suddenly became the vice-president of JSC...

Lisin Vladimir Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO

For the first time the name of Vladimir Lisin got into the field of view of media in the late 80's, when Lisin, as deputy director of the Karaganda...

Prokhorov Mikhail President of ONEXIM

He was born in the right family

Pekarev Vladimir State Duma deputy

He supplied Moscow suburbs with unlicensed vodka

Ablyazov Mukhtar The former chairman of board of directors in joint-stock...

Law enforcement authorities of three countries pursue him

Lebedev Aleksandr Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC «National...

Worst enemy of the Man in cap

Alekperov Vagit Chairman of STC NK

He is said to have relations with crime bosses

Ismailov Telman ACT Group Leader

Luzhkov called him a brother

Vekselberg Viktor Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the group «Renova»

He started with buying cables

Ignatova Marina Deputy of the State Duma of RF of the fifth convocation

She began her career as a modest chairman in the Podmoskovny ZhSK

Mordashov Alexey General director of "Severstal group", Chairman of the...

He did not want to pay the alimony.

Nevzlin Leonid The shareholder of the

He has been suspected of the contract killings.

Rybolovlev Dmitry Co-owner of the company “Uralkali”

His wife accused him of endless infidelities

Galchev Philaret Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Eurocement Group»

He appeared in the center of social explosion

Glaznev Igor Thief in law

He was caught red-handed stealing food from the supermarket

Petrov Gennady Member of Malyshev OPG

He was called the leader of "Tambov-Malyshev"criminal association

Boterashvili Shota entrepreneur

He has incarcerated an ex-wife of his business partner in a madhouse

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British script for "Norebo"

Lords in the service of a former convict


"Prince Yusupov" prefers offshore

Businessman Vitaly Yusufov stole from the state hundreds of millions of rubles?


Kitchen private army

FSB helped "Fontanka" to find that those involved in the security service billionaire Eugene Prigogine seen surrounded by a battalion commander private Dmitri Utkin-Wagner.


Brother of Alina Kabaeva exploded in their apartment

The incident occurred in the family in the past renowned gymnast and now a chairman of the board of "National Media Group" Alina Kabaeva.


Governor Tsukanov "decimated" by works

The head of the Kaliningrad region is plagued by corruption?


Financial Patriarch Kirill

The head of Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev invests himself?


Gregory Naginsky, "Titan-2" and the risk of a new Chernobyl in Finland

More concern is the activity of the company "Titan-2", which is soon going to build a new nuclear power plant in Finland "Hanhikivi-1." At the time of their cooperation continues, but in the Finnish and Russian media, a host of publications, expressed doubts as to the integrity of this company, mainly due to the incredible number of scandals identity manager "Second Titan" Gregory Naginsky


Town-planning corruption Grigorieva?

The richest family bureaucratic Petersburg became the chairman of the couple KGA Vladimir Grigoriev.


Dubrovsky went to the "Highway"?

Governor of Chelyabinsk region suspected of organizing an attack on a "business partner"?


"All were celebrating the victory, and at this time we have changed the Champions urine"

The former head of RUSADA accused Russian Sochi Champions of doping


The new defendant in the "case MUGISO" became curator brother ONF

The "fact MUGISO", new helpers.


Gaioz Makiev pay in gold for a career-son of the deputy

In North Ossetia, the front is formed, from which the trenches is about to start bombing of compromising.


Andrew Turchak about beating Kashin: "Evil must be punished"

The investigation of the case about the beating journalist Oleg Kashin, the main protagonist of which is certainly the governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak, interred into a "stupor" and it is unclear when it will get out of it.


Officials and their families

Tatiana Navka, wife of Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president's press secretary; the son of the Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev Dmitry; Head of the Moscow Department of Transport Maxim Liksutov


Budargin "loses" Murov?

"Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System", which is 80% controlled by "Rosset"? actually it got out of control. Experts say that the head of "Rossetti" Oleg Budargin afraid chapter FSO.


"Pyrrhic victory" Kirill Seleznev?

Proceedings between the "daughter" of "Gazprom" and the leadership of Bashkortostan on the resorts' Sanatorium Krasnousolsk "can" reveal "corruption in the environment chapter" Mezhregiongas "Kirill Seleznev.


Ex-wife ran away with Baskov from fascist Kiev children in Tel Aviv

Svetlana Spiegel had divorced and with her second husband, who was Bandera and bisexual


Stanislav Buyansky, ex-deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region

The prosecutor of the Medvedev cottage "jumped" to the government university.


Igor and Arkady Rotenberg - from racketeering and secret convictions to billions

How to go from victim to killer Russian master.


Gennady Onishchenko - "Godfather phaser" Pirates of the pharmaceutical RIA Panda?

Gennady Onishchenko, has received strong slap in the face - Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reprimanded his assistant. It is stated that he had violated Article 18 of the Law on the State Civil Service Law, which, among other things, prohibits state employees to take actions "related to the effect of any personal or property (financial) and other interests that impede the conscientious performance of official duties."