I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Найдено в тексте у следующих досье:

Timchenko Gennadiy Co-owner of the company Gunvor

Alleged to be Putin's business partner

Kusnerovich Mihail Member of the Board of Directors of Bosco di Ciliegi

the King Bosco discredited Hermitage

Potanin Vladimir Owner of

Ex-employees of special division "Alpha" work for him

Bogdanov Vladimir General Director of OAO "Surgutneftegaz"

His staff has urinated in the workplace

Firestone Jamison Managing partner and co-founder of Firestone Duncan

He was robbed by his boyfriend

Kalinichenko Alexey Entrepreneur

He is accused of stealing a billion

Khochinskiy Alexander The owner of the “Bogema

People died after dealing with him

Petrukhin Eduard First Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service

He works for thieves in law

Navalny Alexey Position: Coordinator of "minority of the Union", a...

His actions look like a promotional event

Levit Igor Chairman of the board of LSR Group

Andrey Molchanov’s schoolmate

Nekrich Mikail Co-Owner Of Hermitage Resources

He armed Chechen rebels

Tukhtayeva Irina A business woman and a wife of Leonid Tukhtyaev, a...

She wants to make money on Rublyovka road

Найдено в тексте у следующих материалов:


Katsyv awaits international search?

Vice-President of Russian Railways Katsyv Peter and his son Denis will pursue the Russian and American security forces?


"Intarsia" kicked out of the market

The company "Intarsia", affiliated with Victor Smirnov, became bankrupt. Now can reveal gospodryadam scheme, which could engage the former manager of President Vladimir Kozhin.


Criminal brothers Browder

US help to investigate the case of Dirk, Robert and Daniel Ziff


Were laundering on $ 1 billion a year

Special services cover the main channels of the legalization of funds, stolen from the budget


Evgenii Murov

Traces of the "Ministry of Culture case" lead to the Head of the FPS Evgenii Murov.


Konstantin Shor, the former head of MGTU of the Bank of Russia

Rumafia.com continues to publish "secret" material from the archives of the Interior Ministry, dedicated to the largest shadow bankers and their patrons. From this reference, readers can learn how a group of financiers caused damage to the state accounted 4 trillion rubles, as well as who of the representatives of the Bank of Russia and the security services, according to investigators, covered the creators of this giant financial "funnel".


In the suburban headquarters ONF considered excessive government spending in the region thousands of rental cars for officials

Activists regional branch of the Popular Front in Moscow called wasteful administrative office of the governor of the Moscow region and the governments of the region more than 1.77 billion rubles. rental of almost 1 thousand. cars, write "News". At the same time similar expenses of the regional authorities in 2015 suggest that the officials are not going to save on avtoobsluzhivanii.


Katsyv left without a "roof"?

Vice President of Russian Railways Katsyv Peter could lose his job and get under investigation?



Irina Tyukhtyaeva is married to Leonid Tyukhtyaev, the president of Balloon Federation of Russia. Her husband’s passion to ballooning has recently struck her so much that it looks like she has decided to promote this sport amongst Russians no matter the price.


Leonid Tyukhtyaev, Sudostroitelny Bank board chairman



Magnitsky case investigator seduces a TV star and an oligarch

Pavel Karpov – the investigator №1 list’s Magnitsky


Magnitsky — Browder tax evasion case assigned to new investigator in Moscow

While Russian investigator on 'Magnitsky List' files libel suit in London


Prima of Mariinsky and Bolshoi theatres engaged in politics

to get her gangster husband out of prison


Russia withdraws from Hermitage Capital case

New investigators may not make it to court


Russian President put the heat on the Prosecutor General

He demanded to intensify monitoring of the case regarding Magnitsky


St Petersburg police chef accused the SKR investigators of forged evidence

while submitting his retirement papers


Head of Heritage Capital ignored the summons

but he is ready to cooperate with “objective” investigation


Bastrykin is to be put on Magnitsky list

Americans demand the Investigative Committee to start investigation into 5.4 billion roubles embezzlement


William Brauder has been offered to return half a billion

Investigation Committee under the Ministry of Interior issued a condition under which it will close the case against the head of Hermitage


The noble outlaw Jamison Reed Firestone

This is how American hereditary tax optimizer abolished the company, named after himself, together with the partners in Russia