I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Polonskiy Sergey Former owner Mirax Group

He declared, "those who do not have a billion, can go to hell"

Kogan Vladimir Former Director of department of capital investments in the ...

He is friends with Barsukov, and with Putin

Serdyukov Anatoly Former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

He is associated with the Tambovskaya criminal group

Aladushkin Alexander Chairman of the Board of Investment and Financial Group...

It was written about him in connection with the murders and businesses capturing

Levit Igor Chairman of the board of LSR Group

Andrey Molchanov’s schoolmate

Yatsyshin Evgeny Managing director of LSR Group, member of the board

He left the mayor's office with clear conscience

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New year probably on the road

Georg Shepps, specially for Rumafia.com