I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Babakov Alexander Deputy of the State Duma

Babakov has been actively engaged in business since 1994. The first quite modest mentioning of him in the media came in 1995 when he became the...

Dzhabrailov Umar President of the

Accused of contract killing

Galchev Philaret Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Eurocement Group»

He appeared in the center of social explosion

Petrov Gennady Member of Malyshev OPG

He was called the leader of "Tambov-Malyshev"criminal association

Palihata Vladimir President of ZAO

He was accused of forcible takeover

Chigirinskiy Shalva Entrepreneur

He had a quarrel with the first couple of Moscow

Glushchenko Mikhail Ex-deputy of the State Duma

He introduced himself as Turkish intelligence agent

Galitsky Sergey Creator and co-owner of discount chain

He changed his Armenian last name

Leytis Igor General Director of ZAO

His “protector” was Barmaley

Golubev Vladimir Entrepreneur

He is called Barmaley

Zubkov Viktor First Deputy Prime Minister of the RF

He has insiders everywhere

Onishchenko Gennady Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Russia

He regularly accused of lobbying

Weinstein Mark Board Member of Russobank

He is called the shadow chief curator of the antique market in Russia

Nisanov God Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company...

He did not have any citizenship

Abramson Valeriy Infrastruktura Board Chairman

He has been involved in questionable transactions

Arsamakov Abubakar President of Moscow Industrial Bank

The banker of Chechen gang men

Belotserkovsky Boris Co-owner of Ivenko

He started with gambling business

Berman Edward Co-owner of Capital Group

Construction accompanied by a number of scandals

Geller Alexander Owner of Gema Group

He grabbed Moscow budget

Gozman Leonid Advisor to the director general of state Rusnano corp.

He dislikes gays, but against banning of their parades

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Officials fell into the mafia web of the "Mercator"

As the company of Don Simeon carries civilian aircraft in Zurich


"Merkator holding" was caught smuggling attempt

Again distinguished favorite company of Michael, don Simeon and the Moscow authorities


Moscow City Hall became "Solntsevskaya"

How the capital authorities make tenders for the company of the mafia "Mercator"


What Igor Yusufov told investigators

We publish the protocols of interrogation of the head of the fund "Energia"


Submachine gun for the ex-minister’s enemy

Shooting at Khutorka and Igor Yusufov


The Battle of Norebo: The War of Former Friends

"Authoritative" businessmen and Caucasian "decision makers" - from whom the owner of the largest fish enterprise in Russia has to fight back.


United Russia Kapoor got mixed up with the "coffee mafia"?

Ex-senator provided a "roof" the son of the governor of the Vladimir region, mixed in criminal history.


"The housing issue," Alisher Usmanov

As an oligarch will divide the elite real estate at the Sparrow Hills with German Gref?


Property mystery Medina and Manturova

What is hidden in the Ministerial Declaration


"Mischief" Vice Mayor Husnullina?

Deputy Sergei Sobyanin accused of extortion.


Liksutova found "Panama"?

In the deputy mayor of Moscow, "showed" offshore Sermolent Equities Inc.?


"Treasure Island" Paul Cho?

Capital Group is owner of patronage among senior officials and crime bosses?


Premier League: who dreams of becoming Alexei Hawtin

Business success Khotina competitors often attributed to the ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends called Boris Gryzlov.



Senator from the Chechen Republic Suleyman Geremeev; MPs from the "United Russia", Viktor Zvagel'skii, Alexander Babakov and Mikhail Slipenchuk


Belozerova little money

Budget road to Kazan unreasonably increased


Кто «крышует» нелегальных поставщиков для Роскомоса?

Chinese parts are supplied through the mediation of "Syrian insurgents" and representatives of "Rostec" For the aerospace industry of the Russian Federation?


Flotilla Bedzhamova: Forbes found the yacht Vneshprombank shareholder

One of the boats fled to Monaco President of the Federation of Bobsleigh Russia could cost him $ 73 million


Ex-wife ran away with Baskov from fascist Kiev children in Tel Aviv

Svetlana Spiegel had divorced and with her second husband, who was Bandera and bisexual


"Blood" under the "roof" Kulbachevsky

Shot manual "Mont Company" long time "to lure" the head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources?


Igor Yusufov, a former energy minister

“General SVR introduced me to Burlakov"