I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Khan Herman Executive director of TNK-BP

Always in the centre of scandal

Galchev Philaret Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Eurocement Group»

He appeared in the center of social explosion

Altushkin Igor Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of Russian...

He was copped in international fraud

Rashnikov Viktor Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Magnitogorsk...

Pensioners have accused him of fraud

Kobzon Joseph Singer

Accused of communications with «Russian mafia»

Vikulov Vadim Owner of Aston Group

For two years his wife did not know that he was married to another woman.

Morozov Sergey Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region

He got married in secret, but in the end the scandal broke

Nurgaliyev Rashid Deputy Secretary of the Security Council

His unemployed wife can be seen in the most expensive hotels

Reiman Leonid Member of Svyazinvest Board of Directors

He was a party to a scandal more often than any other official of 2000s

Shpak Georgy Former Governor of Ryazan Region

He took tolls for the chance to die

Cherkesov Victor Pensioner

He is famous for combating dissidents

Agalarov Aras President of the Crocus International Group

He has intermarried with the President of Azerbaijan

Khorev Andrei Former first deputy chief of the Russian Ministry of the...

Fake veteran of the Chechen war

Te Paul Co-owner of a "Capital Group"

In the ranking of Russian billionaires on the 2011 by the version of the "Finance" magazine the financial state of Paul Te was estimated at $ 220...

Koshin Igor Governor of the Nenets Autonomous District

February 9, 2012 to February 26, 2014 - a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Nenets Autonomous District, a member of the ...

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Secret Files by Igor Yusufov

Part 1. Why did they kill Andrei Burlakov


Killer Aslan Gagiev testified against Igor Yusufov

Jaco said in an Austrian court that the former energy minister seized assets by $ 3 billion


What threatens Igor Yusufov extradition of the killer Jaco

To the head of the fund "Energia" the TFR has a lot of questions about "custom-made" murders


Will bring Igor Yusufov to the case of bloody Jacko

As the ex-Minister of energy introduced a consequence of misleading (documents)


Submachine gun for the ex-minister’s enemy

Shooting at Khutorka and Igor Yusufov


Bloody list of Djako and Yusufov

We publish the list of murders of organized crime groups Aslan Gagiev


The case of "bloody Jacko" brought to the banking Department of the FSB

Also it got co-owners "1520" Markelov and Usherovich, as well as former Minister Yusufov


Aslan Gagiyev: "I'm ready to tell you how Yusufov abducted and washed"

The head of the killer group wrote consent to testify on the ex-Minister of Energy


Three shots for friend Sobchak

The Yusufov family has questions and a high-profile murder


Yusufov, Voronenkov, Gagiev-Jaco

TFR recall ex-energy minister of his criminal friends?


“I paid another 1.2 million Euro to the Minister”

Revelations of the bloody Jaco


The audio and video archive of the bloody Jaco hit the FSB of the Russian Federation

Igor Yusufov: “We will solve the problem of Burlakov radically”


Bloody hands of Voronenkov and Yusufov

Rucriminal.com publishes a document on how the former deputy and former minister


"Treasure Island" Paul Cho?

Capital Group is owner of patronage among senior officials and crime bosses?


"Window" in the Kremlin

Officials from the Manager of the RF President "connected" to "sawing" close to them construction companies to work in the Kremlin?


Galchev "head over heels" in the "cement"?

Once on the brink of ruin, the owner of the holding "Eurocement Group" inflates the price?


Donations were in the "pocket" Ostrowski?

Illegal donations to the Liberal Democratic Party of 7 million rubles from the head of "Smolensky Bank" Paul Shitov could be assigned to the Governor Alexei Ostrovsky?


Condensate billion

Where deposited money losing company "Gazprom", and who ransomed them from Chechen security forces


Galchev with the "Governor's cover"?

In "Eurocement Group" companies is a massive reduction, and the owner of this company Filaret Galchev suspected of bribing Russian governors?


Swindlers and raiders from PFS-bank under reliable protection

The government of the Omsk region owes JSC SK Trest Zhelezobeton more than 100 million rubles for a partially built city residential estate.