I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Kantor Vyacheslav The Head of the Coordination Committee of OAO “Akron”

His daughter ran away from him

Abramovich Boris KrasAir CEO

He was an active player in hostile takeovers

Aleksashenko Sergey Aeroflot board of directors member

He made a profit out of default and being a Central Bank of Russia insider

Boos Georgy Former Governor of Kaliningrad region

He was nicknamed Mandarin

Makarevich Leonid Director general of Electrozavod Group, transformer...

Son of a black-market mogul

Remsha Viktor Owner and chairman of the board of directors of Finam...

He gambled on a stock exchange violating all the rules

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"Blood" under the "roof" Kulbachevsky

Shot manual "Mont Company" long time "to lure" the head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources?


Raiders in peaceful Ozyory

People of the oligarch Viktor Vekselberg “captured” a whole Ozyory town in the Moscow region.



Part one