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Polonskiy Sergey Former owner Mirax Group

He declared, "those who do not have a billion, can go to hell"

Khristenko Viktor Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation

Nicknamed “bashful chiseller”

Kudrin Alexey Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance

He supported the sectarians

Evtushenkov Vladimir Chairman of the board of directors of AFK «Sistema»

Nicknamed Moscow mayor personel banker

Petrik Victor Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS).

He loves to encroach on the regalia

Kalinichenko Alexey Entrepreneur

He is accused of stealing a billion

Dubinin Sergey Board member of VTB Capital

His salary was almost equal to one of the U.S. President

Zimin Victor Head of the government of the republic of Khakassia

He profited from the disaster at Sayano-Shushensk plant

Kiriyenko Sergey Head Of Federal Agency For Atomic Energy

He was going to run for presidency in 2008

Maksimov Nikolay Former Owner Of Maxi-Group

Favourite magnet of Eduard Rossel

Prokopieva Larisa Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAO "Evalar"

From November 1, 1999 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC "Evalar" (Biysk, Altai Territory).

Prokofiev Alexasander Russian businessman, deputy of the State Duma of the VI...

According to official data, Prokopyev income for 2011 amounted to 234.4 million rubles.

Hotin Alex A co-owner of the bank "Yugra"

According to market participants, Hotin family owns 150 commercial real estate in Moscow, a total area of 1.5 million square meters.

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"Window" in the Kremlin

Officials from the Manager of the RF President "connected" to "sawing" close to them construction companies to work in the Kremlin?


Stigma is where to put the

As head of the Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Markin Russia develops gold


Housing problem let down Chief inspector of Moscow

The chair of Chief of the Central Investigation Department of Research Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Natalia Agafyeva started to shake. Troubles came to her from the past. when Agafyeva led the investigation of the State Interior Ministry of the Central Federal District. The operatives of the FSB has information that the chief investigator of the capital could be involved in the theft of dozens of apartments from the state.


Former Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Alexey Kuznetsov was arrested in France

Details of an inquest on embezzlement of Podmoskovye (Moscow Region) budget funds amounting to USD 1 billion


New year probably on the road

Georg Shepps, specially for Rumafia.com


Polonsky declared beaten up

And suspected of fraud


Ex-head of Global is being picked up a route

The Russian diplomats and law enforcement agencies managed to solve the issue of extradition businessman Alexey Kalinichenko.


The builder of a pyramid referred to the public interest

Head of the Swiss company SWS approved a six-year term


«Plazas» and Rhinestones

Details of an inquest on embezzlement of Podmoskovye (Moscow Region) budget funds amounting to USD 1 billion by RIGroup Company; this money was used by Moscow Region ex-Minister of Finance Mr Kuznetsov to pay for the most expensive wedding in the history of new Russia


A new Russian Blagojevich takes under control Pryor Cashman’s Banking Group

The head of one of Russian mafia’s groups Alexey Kuznetsov has legalized several billion US dollars in the USA through his wife’s (Janna Bullock) Russian-American company RIGroup and Pryor Cashman’s Banking Group.