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Abyzov Mikhail Chairman of Board of Directors of RU-COM group

He was dismissed from the University for poor progress

Ipatov Pavel The governor of Saratov region

He is into Italian ties and French wines

Kurbatov Mikhail The member of the board of the Joint Stock Company Freight...

He was awarded the badge "Honorary Worker of Transport of Russia."

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Usmanov. Communication: Solntsevskaya, Orekhovskaya, Uzbek OPG

He is not an oligarch, he is an "authoritative" billionaire


"Corrupt road" Timur Ivanov?

General Director of "Oboronstroy" Timur Ivanov became the hero of a major scandal. As it turned out, in the course of large-scale development in the Crimea, he was suspected of raider attacks and corruption.