I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Polonskiy Sergey Former owner Mirax Group

He declared, "those who do not have a billion, can go to hell"

Kirilenko Arthur President of the Association «Corporation Stroimontage»

He has been put on wanted list

Rodionov Evgeny Rodex Group CEO and co-owner

He managed to acquire land prior to privatization

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"Treasure Island" Paul Cho?

Capital Group is owner of patronage among senior officials and crime bosses?


New year probably on the road

Georg Shepps, specially for Rumafia.com


Polonsky declared beaten up

And suspected of fraud


Kirilenko criminal case dismissed

The criminal case against Mr Artur Kirilenko who was charged of premeditated bankruptcy and stripping assets of Stroymontazh Closed JSC has been dismissed due to the absence of criminal event, the Stroymontazh press-service says.


Investors are tired of waiting

Bondholders of Mirax Group filed lawsuits at 215 million rubles to the Moscow Arbitration against the company.