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Abramov Yan Chairman of the board of “New Technologies” Open JSC

He preferred Safin’s daughter to Sobchak’s daughter

Belyaev Vadim President of Otkritie Financial Corporation

He sold out Moscow on the cheap

Gallyamov Amir Member of the Federation Council

He sued for a Mercedes-Benz

Friedland Leonid President and co-owner of Mercury Group

The Diamond King of Russia

Voronenkov Denis Deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation

Defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Legal Sciences on the topic "Theoretical and regulatory basis of judicial control in the mechanism of ...

Zavalny Pavel Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy. Candidate...

He served as president of NP "Mini-Football Club" Gazprom-Ugra ".

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Parn 2


Former executives of Bank of Moscow’s assets under arrest

Borodin deprived of a house and two Bentley vehicles