Born January 17th 1964 in Tula, in 1986 graduated from Leningrad meteorological institute

1989 established cooperative LEC (Laboratory of ecological control)

1992 established «LEC Estate»

1993-1996 – Deputy Chairman of Saratov Stem bank board

1999 set up first outlet “Pyaterochka”

2008 left supervisory board of X5 Retail Group, established as the result of merger of “Pyaterochka” and “Perekrestok”, and focused on investments in real estate, set up Terra On group

79-th in the list of Forbes “100 richest businessmen of Russia 2010” with the wealth of $900 million.


In 1989 “Laboratory of ecological control” (LEC) was established with Rogachev in the head. The main business of the company became ecological instrument engineering, agency and investing in hi tech development. In 1991 Russian computer exchange (RCE) was established for trading by e-mail. “Laboratory of ecological control” (LEC) was one of the founders. Rogachev became temporary director of RCE.
Source: Magazine “Kommersant” № 31 (75) from 05.08.1991


In 1991 in St Petersburg was founded financial club for leisure and business meetings of the city entrepreneurs. Rogachev took the lead in the foundation. In the beginning of 90-th Rogachev together with partner Alexander Girda established chain of “Pyaterochka” outlets.
Source: “Kommersant” № 5 (228) from 15.01.1993

In May 2005 at London stock exchange was organize “Pyaterochka” stock floatation. The stock floatation was considered to be successful; price per share was higher than of the biggest American chain retailer Wal-Mart. The floatation was not even disturbed by an unpleasant preceding incident: the management had to close one hundred outlets of the chain because of hepatitis A epidemic among “Pyaterochka” employees.
Source: “Kommersant” № 82 (3166) from 07.05.2005

In April 2006 “Pyaterochka” and hypermarket chain “Perekrestok” announced about merger. Both businesses were to be transferred to the balance of public company Pyaterochka Holding N.V., which was entrusted under control of main “Perekrestok” owner “Alfa-group”. It was planned that within the framework of merger “Pyaterochka” would get an option to buy the chain of “Karusel” hypermarkets in 2008.
Source: “Kommersant” № 65 (3396) from 13.04.2006

In May 2006 it was announced about completion of “Pyaterochka” and “Perekrestok” merger. Rogachev and his partner Alexander Girda reserved joint share in the merged company in the amount of 21.2%.
Source: “Kommersant” № 89/P (3420) from 22.05.2006

In February 2007 owners of “Karusel” attracted invest bank Morgan Stanley for negotiations with possible customers. The main applicant was named Wal-Mart. Most probably, thereby Rogachev tried to maximize cost of his assets – spread rumors. It was known that “Alfa-group” had an option for purchasing of the chain and Rogachev unlikely was going to refuse it.
Source: “Kommersant” № 31 (3607) from 28.02.2007

In April 2007 Rogachev for the first time officially confirmed to be co-owner of two developer companies – “Macromir” and LEC. The announcement was made day before the promissory note of “Macromir”. Before that Rogachev avoided publicity and never confirmed his involvement in construction business. This information however appeared in the materials of invest company “East Capital”, organized the promissory note of “Macromir”. It was informed that Rogachev and his partner Pavel Andreev invested their money in construction of commercial centers till 2009. They were both members of “Macromir” supervisory board, together they owned it. They established the company also together in October 2001 (LEC they also established together with Andreev).
Source: “Kommersant” № 53/P (3629) from 02.04.2007

In January 2008 X5 Retail Group, merged “Pyaterochka” and “Perekrestok” chains, started audit in “Karusel” before purchasing. Option, done in 2006, provided for discount because Rogachev was persuaded that he already got much money for “Pyaterochka” and it wouldn’t be right if he would spend them for development of “Karusel” to sell it at more expensive price.
Source: “Kommersant” № 4 (3821) from 17.01.2008

In February 2008 it became known that Rogachev established investment company Terra On, which would buy shares in real estate developer projects in the territory of Russia.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 17 (3834) from 05.02.2008

In April 2008 it became known about Rogachev’s and another “Pyaterochka” founder Tatyana Franus’ intensions to leave supervisory board of Х5 Retail Group. It was necessary for Rogachev and Franus so that they could freely dispose their own Х5 shares, and also have possibility to sell them. Being members of supervisory board, Rogachev and Franus couldn’t fully dispose their shares as they had access to insider information.
Source: “Kommersant” № 68 (3885) from 22.04.2008

In May 2008 Rogachev and other Х5 Retail Group shareholders, using their prior right, bought 96,5% of company’s additional emission. For the earnings it was planned to buy “Karusel”.
Source: “Kommersant” № 77 (3894) from 07.05.2008

In June 2008 contract of purchase “Karusel” from Rogachev and his partners was signed. Rogachev was additionally paid for the brand and intellectual property.
Source: Kommersant № 108 (3925) from 26.06.2008

In August 2008 Rogachev became owner of 99% of “Macromir” after buying half of it from Pavel Andreev. Before the deal each of them owned 50% in Fire & Cooper, owning 99% of “Macromir”, 15 more belonged to Igor Shablovskiy.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 143 (3960) from 14.08.2008

In October 2008 Rogachev left construction business of LEC group by sending offer to buy his share to the second shareholder Pavel Andreev.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 183 (4000) from 09.10.2008

At the same time Rogachev announced in mass media that he bought Andreev’s share in “Macromir” only for 5 thousand pounds because the company, according to him, was in a bad financial condition. According to him, after the deal he invested in the company 163 million dollars more.
Source: “Kommersant” № 195/P (4012) from 27.10.2008

Andreev denied financial difficulties in the company at the moment of sale, but refused to disclose cost of his share.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 195/P (4012) from 27.10.2008

In the end of October 2008 LEC decided to find another operator to commercial spaces in multifunctional complex “Graph Orlov” and in housing complex “London Park”; before the operator was “Macromir”. This decision was attributed to cooling-down in relations between Rogachev and Andreev. President of LEC Oleg Filippenkov informed about intentions to refuse from cooperation with “Macromir”. Rogachev stated that after purchasing “Macromir” he didn’t find out contractual relationships concerning those complexes.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 198 (4015) from 30.10.2008

In the end of 2008 “Macromir” spread information about dismissal of company’s CEO Igor Shablovskiy, who had been at the position since 2001. Next CEO was appointed Konstantin Arefin, worked for a long time in Rogachev’s team. Shablovskiy was fired because of big loss, violation of the terms of labor contract and misuse of powers. It became known also that Shablovskiy was not “Macromir” shareholder.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 205 (4022) from 12.11.2008

Soon Rogachev announced to suspect “Macromir” management of embezzlement. According to Rogachev, audit found that the company purchased several objects at overprice. Particularly, in a deal with Perm hippodrome, where T.B. clinic was located – to Rogachev’s mind, the price of 200 million dollars couldn’t have been paid for that.
Source: “Kommersant” № 210 (4027) from 19.11.2008

Rogachev referred in that deal to Shablovskiy, doubted that Andreev could participate in it. Andreev by-turn announced not to have claims on Shablovskiy’s deal.
Source: Magazine “Money” № 46 (703) from 24.11.2008

In December 2008 “Macromir” admitted not to control OJSC “Hippodrome “Permskiy” anymore because the company didn’t own “SMU Fasadstroy”. The reason was that “Macromir” didn’t complete the deal. “Macromir” planned to construct housing estate on the hippodrome territory. The project was put into cold storage, hippodrome suffered losses. Difficulties with it’s realization occurred when it was disclosed that T.B. clinic was located in the territory of hippodrome and there couldn’t be any construction in it’s sanitary zone.
Source: Kommersant(Perm) № 219 (4036) from 02.12.2008

In the end of 2008 Rogachev and his assistant Mikhail Makarchuk forced in “Macromir” office and stole articles of association, legal documents and seals of the company, registered for former top-managers. Rogachev by himself carried off boxes with documents. It was brought an action by the article “Forcible assertion of one's rights”.
Source: "Paritet-media" from 25.06.2009

In December 2008 Main Investigation Directorate of St Petersburg and Leningrad region together with Interior Ministry's Economic-Crimes Department and Special Police Force searched office of Terra on. The search was done within the framework of criminal case on forcible assertion of one’s rights; it was initiated to find articles of association and documents about financing of “Macromir” daughter companies, registered for former managers. The search was also supposed to be initiated because of conflict between Rogachev and Andreev.
Source: “Kommersant” № 223/P (4040) from 08.12.2008

After search in Terra on office it succeeded to return part of stolen documents, but those, confirming that purchasing of “Macromir” by Rogachev was not completed, were lost. Per se, it was a corporate raid of “Macromir”.
Source: "Paritet-media" from 25.06.2009

In January 2009 “Macromir” allowed technical default of obligation payment. “Macromir-Finance” incorporated with “Macromir” couldn’t fulfill it’s liabilities to investors, and referred to technical error.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 3 (4058) from 13.01.2009

In February 2009 «Firm «LEC Estate» LLC, incorporated with LEC, co-owned by Rogachev and Andreev, claimed from “Macromir” in arbitration court to return 227 million rubles against given earlier loans. Those were loans, given by LEC for developer company development in December 2007.
Source: “Kommersant № 20 (4075) from 05.02.2009

Later the case was suspended because of claim from “Macromir” to declare itself bankrupt.
Source: “Kommersant” № 85 (4140) from 15.05.2009

In March 2009 CEO Oleg Filippenkov left LEC. Andreev said he decided to take charge, that’s why Filippenkov left. Rogachev said that Filippenkov’s dismissal was not in accordance with corporate procedures and wasn’t approved by him.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 39 (4094) from 05.03.2009

In February 2009 new “Macromir” top-management accused former management in illegal transferring part of OJSC “Port of Nizhniy Novgorod” assets out and claimed to acknowledge illegal purchasing of the port estate property by the company “Most” controlled by Igor Shablovskiy.
Source: Kommersant (Nizhniy Novgorod) № 85 (4140) from 15.05.2009

In May 2009 Andreev without the knowledge of Rogachev became CEO of “Acom” LLC, headquarters of LEC owned by Rogachev and Andreev on a parity basis.
Source: “Kommersant” № 85 (4140) from 15.05.2009

Andreev already in 2006 transferred all LEC group assets into “Acom” holding under the pretext of making structure of companies more transparent.
Source: solomin from 29.05.2009

That position gave Andreev possibility to make deals with LEC assets without Rogachev’s approval. Andreev appointed himself without knowledge of Rogachev. Rogachev turned to law enforcement authorities on the fact of Andreev’s illegal actions.
Source: “Kommersant” № 85 (4140) from 15.05.2009

In May 2009 in a train Moscow – Nizhniy Novgorod 37 years old CEO of “Macromir” Igor Shablovskiy died. Medical officers certified infarction, but according to his relatives, Shablovskiy never had any heart trouble. Andreev told he didn’t believe in Shablovskiy’s death because of infarction.
Source: “Kommersant” № 89 (4144) from 21.05.2009

Shablovskiy knew about most Rogachev’s proceedings. He knew that Rogachev took a credit in Sberbank to buy “Macromir”, but Andreev didn’t see the money – Rogachev spread in mass media information about purchasing of the company at a very low price. Shablovskiy also knew about million dollars transferred to Rogachev from “Macromir” accounts as interest on credit given by Rogachev’s off-shore company “Berving” to “Macromir”. Rogachev didn’t pay taxes from those incomes. Shablovskiy knew the details of blowing up an imaginary “Macromir” indebtedness to affiliate companies on purpose not to pay debts to other creditors, including Sberbank. Shablovskiy by himself transferred that money to his trustees’ accounts. Besides, Shablovskiy decided not to entrust “Macromir” assets to Rogachev’s sole proprietorship, but reserved them for himself in co-ownership with Andreev. After that Rogachev announced in mass media that Shablovskiy stole money for “Berving” credir. He succeeded to start legal proceeding on fraud. Mikhail Makarchuk, ex militia colonel dismissed for corruption, stood trial for Rogachev’s relations with militia. The proceeding was initiated by him. Perjuries occurred in the case. Due to Makarchuk Shablovskiy’s statements were ignored. Shablovskiy was going to Nizhniy Novgorod to restore documents stolen by Rogachev. After Shablovskiy’s death CFO of “Macromir” Alexander Leonov got sms with threats to his family. He also knew much about Rogachev’s underhand dealings.
Source: "Paritet-media" from 25.06.2009

At the same time Sberbank initiated five legal proceedings against “Macromir”, being its main creditor. Rogachev asked to wait for return of stolen, according to him, money from the company.
Source: “Kommersant” № 89 (4144) from 21.05.2009

At the same time at LEC website appeared a message that Rogachev was not neither member nor shareholder of any LEC group developers. In June – July 2009 Andreev established some middle companies between mother company “Acom” and other LEC daughter companies – “Bereg” LLC, “Sever” LLC”, “Potok” LLC and also technical companies “Aurum” LLC, “Argentum” LLC, “Cuprum” LLC; via those all assets were transferred to “Bereg” and “Sever”, after that Rogachev didn’t bear relationship with LEC anymore. Andreeev prepared the company for bankruptcy. Holders of contracts for housing construction were supposed to be left upon the government.
Source: solomin from 29.05.2009

In the end of 2009 it became known that “Macromir” reissued rent contracts for the new name “Macromir project” LLC. Thereby, the company concealed from creditors information about real incomes.
Source: “Kommersant” № 152 (4207) from 20.08.2009

In February 2010 Rogachev paid off debts to Sberbank.
Source: “Kommersant” № 17 (4317) from 02.02.2010

Paid off money he tried to enforce from Andreev. Rogachev brought an action in June 2010.
Source: "Kommersant St Petersburg" № 107 (4407) from 18.06.2010