Vasily Duma was born on 20 June  1954  in Krasnoyarsk. He graduated from   Tyumen Industrial Institute, having majored in construction of gas and oil pipelines, storage facilities and tank farms.

He served in the Soviet Army and took part in construction of gas pipelines in Zakarpattia and Surgut.

In 1997-1998 he headed a department of the Ministry of  Fuel and Energy.

In 1994-1996  he was president of  Uralnefteservis company.

In 1996-1997 he was president of  LUKOIL-Transnefteprodukt company.

In 1998-2000 he was president  of  Slavneft company.

In 2001-2005  he chaired the board of directors of Grand Invest Bank commercial bank.

 Since 2005 he has been chairman of the Coordinating Council of  Ukrainian public organizations in Russia.


  Order of Friendship

  Order For the honor and valor

  Medal  for the development of mineral resources and development of oil industry in Siberia

  Medal of the 850th anniversary of Moscow

  Order of  St.Sergei of Radonezh

  Order  of St. Prince Daniil of Moscow

  Order  For merits   2nd and 3rd Grade (Ukraine)

 Duma is a doctor of economics and a member of the Academy of Mining Sciences.
Duma is married. He has two daughters and four grandchildren.

Source: official site of a member of the Federation Council


   Vasily Duma has been "sitting on the pipe" at least since 1992. At that time he was president of   Urayneftservis company.  In 2000  Duma managed  Slavneft Russian-Belarusian oil company.

Source: Novaya Gazeta, 12 March 2007

  Vasily Duma visited Kostroma less frequently than  Ukrainian cities or his tastelessly furnished villa in  Nice. After he had been elected coordinator of the Council of Association of Ukrainians in Russia and the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of  Ukrainians in Russia in 2005, Duma generously supported  each project of  Ukrainian nationalists,  from an exhibition  in commemoration of Stepan Bandera to distribution of hundreds of books and booklets on   SS Galichina (Ukrainian division of fascist army) and promotional materials of various Ukrainian nationalist organizations in Russia.

   Duma found  partners  for the dirty  work: employee of   Library of Ukrainian Literature  Yuri Kononenko, who said '' The Chinese and Afro-Americans are much closer to each other than Ukrainians and Russians.  Slavic theory  is a harmful ideology" and Valery Semenenko known for his articles about "persecution and genocide of Ukrainians in Russia. "


  On 17 August 2007  in Noviye Bezradychi village  president of Ukraine  Viktor Yushchenko     awarded Vasily Duma with Order  For Merit of the 2nd Grade. After the celebration  small group of people close to the president, including Duma, was  given a task to unite   Ukrainian diaspora and as far as possible to establish a political party in Russia representing  interests of  Ukrainians and  to help  democratic parties join  the RF government  .

Source: solomin, 27 June 2007
  In 2009  when interviewed Vasily Duma was asked whether he had dual nationality and whether it was true that in Russia he claimed to be an orthodox, while in Ukraine and in Rome he said he was a member of the Uniat  Church.  Duma did not give a direct answer. He said that senators were usually controlled.

Source: Radio Svoboda, 31 May 2009
   In 2011  some newspapers   published comments on statistics data on the growth of male mortality  and disproportion of men and women in the society. The comments were insulting towards women. Vasily Duma  said  "Women all at once got involved in business and politics, so us, men, got upset and frustrated about that. It usually results in diseases that don't let us live as long as we'd like to ..."
Source: Delovoy Peterburg, 1 February 2011
  Governor of the Kostroma region Igor Slyunyaev signed a decree on Vasily Duma's early resignation as representative of the Kostroma region in the Federation Council, though  his term was to expire in October 2012.

  As early as March Slyunyaev was rumoured  to withdraw Duma's authority. "At first we planned to do it  without any fuss'',  a source from  Kostroma office of United Russia  said, ''But Vasily Mikhailovich refused  to resign as he found patrons in Moscow. So the governor had to apply a lot of effort  to make him quit"

Source: Kommersant-Online, 18 May 2011