Leonid Lebedev was born on 2 May 1956 in Moscow. In 1979, he graduated from the chemical, petrochemical and criogenic machines and equipment engineering department of the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering with a specialization in mechanical engineering.

In early 1980s worked as an expert at the USSR Chamber of Trade and Industry, held different positions at Mosconcert and its industrial facilities.

In 1988-1990, he was a President of the Soviet-American joint venture Sintez International

Since 1990 - Chairman of the board of directors of Sintez Corporation, Chairman of the Council of JSCB Obyedinenny gorodskoy bank

1993-1996 - Chairman of the board of directors of JSCB Investitsionnaya bankovskaya korporatsiya

Since 1995 - Chairman of СJSC Corporation Sintez

In 2002, elected representative of the State Council of the Chuvashian Republic in the Federation Council of Russia.

September 9, 2006 joined United Russia

December 7, 2005 - a member of the Interim Commission for the analysis of law enforcement practice in the sphere of legislation of Russian Federation on the property.

In 2005, together with the director Valeriy Todorovskiy and former top manager of "Prof-Media" Vadim Goryainov Lebedev creates the production company "Red Arrow", which has released seven films over the next three years, including a musical comedy, "Stilyagi".

In 2008 - he acquired a 43% stake in TGK-2, involving the German energy concern RWE as a partner.

May 6, 2015 ahead of schedule resigned the member of the Federation Council.

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Peter Podgorodetskiy

"Machine" with Jews "


Lebedev - Leonid Leonidovich Lebedev. Our favorite pal of early 80s. Then he went to the United States, gave Makar jeep and the studio, and came up with "Sintez Records", traded oil, now he is the senator from Chuvashia. Millionaire.



 In 1992, when Latvia gained full independence and placed customs barriers, Lebedev and his buisiness partner Mark Garber signedSintez records away to the musician Alexander Kutikov. The holding company, in its turn, focused on trading exchange commodities - oil, wood and pipelines. Sintez had created Negusneft company, entitled to field development at the small Varyngsky deposit in the Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous District, and also had purchased 10 percent stake of Nizhnevartovskgas, 15 percent of Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegas and 15 percent of Yaroslavsky oil refinery plant. As told by Lebedev, by the end of 1990s the total annual turnover of gasoline, heating oil and diesel fuel via Sintez had reached 15 million tons. At that time, Sintez was controlled, besides Lebedev, by two men - a narcologist Mark Garber and the former assistant of the Odessa picture studio director Alexander Zhukov (father of Daria Zhukova, Roman Abramovich`s girlfriend), who was in charge of Sintez production export and shiftment in Ukrainian ports.

Source: Cinematographe in Russia, 22 January 2011 


In 2002-2003 Lebedev appeared in the court of Italian city Turin, in the criminal case of illegal arms trafficking from Ukraine and Belarus to Yugoslavia. On August 5, 2001, Italian police arrested the co-owner of Sintez`s Ukrainian sub Alexander Zhukov as suspect in this criminal file.

In March 2002, the Sintez sub`s offcial Dmitry Streshinsky became the only person named in this case to be convicted by the Turin court. He received a fine imposition and one year and eleven month suspended prison sentence. On January, 16, 2003, other suspects in this case, including Lebedev (along with Kuzma Medanich, Mark Garber, Alexander Zhukov, Andrey Vazhnik, Anatoliy Fedorenko) were cleared up of criminal charges for lack of evidence, because Italian law doesn`t recognise arms trafficking outside of Italia as crime.  

Source: Kommersant, 17 January 2004 


In 2006 Rosneft denied any interest in participating in Sintez group`s offshore projects. They refused to take part in the project on the ground of disclosure of confidential data. For Sintez this break came as a surprise.

Source:, 07 November 2006  


In summer 2008 Lebedev bought 43 percent stake in TGK-2 for 18,6 billion RUB loan from Sberbank. His buisiness partner in the deal was a German energy utility RWESintez`s lawyers registered Kores Invest company and made a buyout offer to minority shareholders. However, having estimated the risk, RWE backed out of the deal in September, with Sintez to pay $800 million of the investment plan. Besides that, after the market had dived, minority shareholders presented a RUB 16 million buyout. Unable to pay the costs, Lebedev filed a lawsuit against his own company, arguing that he didn`t give consent to make a buyout. In December 2008, TGK-2 was enlisted in the governmental support program, however, its shareholders had to wind down a number of projects and slash the expenses.

Source: Forbes, February 2009 


Sintez group, owned by senator Leonid Lebedev, is still trying to sue the German RWE for pulling out of partnership on TGK-2 deal in the midst of the crisis. The Sintez group filed a Euro 675 million lawsuit against the German concern.

Source: PRIME, 21 May 2012 


Senator Leonid Lebedev threw "UniCredit Bank" for $ 45.5 million. UniCredit Bank has fewer chances to return 0,09% Sberbank shares, pledged to him by band "Sintez", owned by senator from Chuvashia, Leonid Lebedev. Under this pledge the bank gave the group a loan of $ 45.5 million for the construction of the neighborhood "Nevskaya galaxy" in St. Petersburg, but the "Sintez" has ceased to service its debt and challenged the security in court. And in early June, UniCredit Bank refused to initiate criminal proceedings against leaders of the structures, "Sintez", which the bank suspects in the fraud.

..."Neva galaxy" LLC, "Negusneft" OJSC (in 2009 has extracted 656 thousand tons of oil) and CJSC "Sintezneftegas" (production and exploration) are included in the GC "Sintez" of senator from Chuvashia Leonid Lebedev. Also includes LLC "Kores Invest" (which owns 50% stake in TGK-2), CJSC "Arktikshelfneftegaz" (development areas of the Barents Sea shelf) and "Sintez of Development" LLC.

UniCredit Bank cannot even claim the right to development of the neighborhood as the repayment of the debt. Mr. Lebedev structure ceded a $ 136 million project of build a "Neva galaxy" to LSR Group. "UniCredit" remains one possibility - to challenge the investigators' refusal to institute criminal proceedings through the prosecutor's office", - said the lawyer of the Moscow Regional Bar Association Denis Uzoykin.

“Finance“ 18.06.2010


UniCredit Bank has fewer chances to return 0,09% Sberbank shares, pledged to him by band "Sintez", owned by senator from Chuvashia, Leonid Lebedev. Under this pledge the bank gave the group a loan of $ 45.5 million for the construction of the neighborhood "Nevskaya galaxy" in St. Petersburg, but the "Sintez" has ceased to service its debt and challenged the security in court. And in early June, UniCredit Bank refused to initiate criminal proceedings against leaders of the structures, "Sintez", which the bank suspects in the fraud.

June 7 Investigation Department at the Internal Affairs for the Central District of Moscow refused to initiate a criminal case against the general director of "Neva galaxy" LLC Vitaliy Barshin, general director of CJSC "Sintezmorneftegaz" Boris Korolev and Head of OJSC "Negusneft" Alexander Kuzmin (All three companies are part of a group of "Sintez”). UniCredit Bank appealed April 2 (see. "Kommersant" dated April 7) with a statement on the audit of activities of structures of "Sintez" "for the presence of components of crime in their actions under Art. 176 of the Criminal Code ("Illegal loan"), Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ("Fraud"), Art. 201 of the Criminal Code ("abuse of authority"). The bank cannot repay $ 45.5 million, issued to "Nevskaya galaxy" for the construction of the eponymous district on 340 thousand sq. m. in St. Petersburg.

"Kommersant". 18.06.2010


            In 2008, Leonid Lebedev (Senator of the Republic of Chuvashia and the owner of the group "Sintez") on behalf of the consortium, which included the "Sintez" and the German company of RWE, has filed an application to acquire shares of TGC-2. Lebedev acquired a 50% stake in the power company over 16.5 billion rubles.

Sberbank provided the funding of the transaction. Senator supposed to return a large part of the funds through the sale of shares of TGK-2 RWE. However, the Germans came out of the project in September 2008. The crisis broke out. Stock quotes of energy companies have plummeted. By this time, Lebedev has already completed a deal. Controlling stake of TGK-2 was designed as a pledge of the Sberbank loan. The difference between the current value of the collateral and its market value has increased rapidly. Lebedev was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Shares of TGK-2 are no more than 40% of the prices in the spring of 2008 today. "Sintez" hooks or crook bounces from minority shareholders, which claim to redeem their shares under the offer, made in 2008. But it is tactic. Strategy is in the other.

According to Lebedev, "Sintez" does not want to become the controlling shareholder of TGC-2. Initially, it was understood that the senator is a junior partner of the German RWE. And, looks like everything went according to plan. "We were so sure that at some point have missed the moment when they [RWE] refused", - recalled Lebedev later in an interview with Forbes.

Now Lebedev is trying to find another strategic investor, who could shift some debt servicing obligations to Sberbank and the implementation of the investment program. In July, the Federal Financial Markets Service registered the additional issue of valuable papers of TGC-2 at 19 billion rubles. Based on its results on "Sintez" and its owner Leonid Lebedev will account for about 20% of the company.

"Forbes". 29.07.2010


Latvia intends to adopt its own "law of Magnitskiy" in the near future. This document does not apply for the protection of human rights. Sanctions, according to thoughts of Baltic legislators, will be introduced against Russian officials and businessmen, which prevent the withdrawal of assets from debtors of well-known bank Parex. The name of the main target of upcoming list Latvian sources call already now: a representative of the Federation Council of the Chuvash Republic, businessman and producer Leonid Lebedev....

One of the most bizarre trades of Kargin and Krasovitskiy can account a credit to the company CJSC "Severorgsintez" in the amount of $ 75 million in 2006. In December 2011, Parex bank filed a lawsuit in the Riga International Arbitration Court to recover the debt on the loan from the Company. The Bank hoped that the company "Severneft" will return the money: it was thought that she became a guarantor on the loan, leaving its main asset to pledge - a license for the Zapadno-Yaroyahinsky plot in Yamalo-Nenets District. However, in reality, the guarantee agreement turned out to be false.

It succeeded to declassify the name of backstage schemer in the analysis of other transactions: in 2007 the German Commerzbank (the second largest asset bank in Germany, where 25% of the shares plus the so-called golden share are owned by the government) opened "Severneft" credit line of 240 million dollars for her bail property. Oilmen could not return the debt: offshore companies Lopilato Investments Ltd (Cyprus) and Akolyn Investments Holdings Ltd (BVI) presented their right to priority purchase of the company's assets. The tortuous path of the money suddenly ended in TGK-2 Company, controlled by "Sintez" group of senator of the Republic of Chuvashia, Leonid Lebedev. Moreover, at the end of the operation with German money, Mr. Lebedev became the main shareholder of "Severneft". This man, according to the managers of current Reverta, may be involved in raiding. It seems, that it will be easy to get the official court confirmation of this statement. Cyprus Limassol District Court, having examined the facts of misappropriation of assets of the banking group at Commerzbank in Germany, ordered the arrest of Leonid Lebedev assets totaling $ 180 million in March 12, this year. It is possible that the court's position has ordained that the senator was suspected in fraud before.

"Versiya". 03.12.2012


And now for the other, so-called "left" unrighteous mammon of Vladimir Solovyov, "claiming himself a decent journalist" and methods of its obtaining. He really cut down a lot of money - and for the illegal sale of second-hand concert equipment, and, especially, for the participation in the resolution of litigation, and for the expense of his main source - payment from the owners of the company "East Line" - of V. Kogan and D. Kamenschik, and yet passing Shalva Chigirinsky, Filaret Galchev, Peter Aven, Mikhail Fridman, Alexander and Leonid Lebedev and so on and so forth. However, Vladimir Solovyov, "considers himself a decent journalist," also doesn't avoid getting money from heroes of their television and radio broadcast transmission.

"Moscvu post." 30.06.2013


For a member of the Federation Council of the Republic of Chuvashia, Leonid Lebedev and his company "Sintez", business in a new sector - the power industry, was not very successful from the very beginning. Without hitting the sale of the most attractive assets in the liquidation of RAO "UES of Russia" in 2008, Mr. Lebedev decided to try himself in a new industry. Its structure has become the main shareholder of TGK-2 - the largest producer of heat and electricity in the North-West of Russia. The result was sad: not being able to build an effective management system, "Sintez" began to extort money from the company, taking them abroad, which effectively puts the company on the brink of ruin now.

Thus, beginning with the prepaid expense for the failed transaction, 7 billion rubles of Russian TGC-2 appeared abroad, which is, in fact, incurs significant losses. This money would be enough to pay all of TGK-2 suppliers, but they are unlikely to return to Russia. It is noteworthy that Akolyn debt to TGK-2 formed after the unsuccessful acquisition of debt of "Severneft" by the Akolyn. A small oil company at the time took a loan of $ 200 million, but still was not able to pay for it. "Severneft" belongs to the group of "Sintez" - the main shareholder of TGK-2: in fact the generator pays the debts of other business-structures of "Sintez."

"Moscvu post." 07/26/2013


Senator from Chuvashia and co-owner of "Sintez" Leonid Lebedev suddenly filed claims to a share in the income from the sale of TNK-BP. He requires $ 2 billion from Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik in New York court, who sold their 25% stake in "Rosneft" company. Senator considers himself a secret shareholder in TNK-BP, which is involved in its privatization in 1997. Experts estimate the chances of Mr. Lebedev as low, as it is difficult to prove the "gray" schemes in international courts, common in Russian business in the 1990s.

As it flow from a lawsuit, in 1997, Leonid Lebedev owned 1.8% in the most TNCs and 10.5% in its core assets - OJSC "Nizhnevartovskneftegas". The parties, as the plaintiff says, "have prepared a number of documents", including an agreement, which presupposed the creation of the joint venture and the transfer of its assets and $ 25 million (were necessary for pre-payment in the course of privatization) on the company of masters Blavatnik and Vekselberg. Instead, Leonid Lebedev structure was to receive 33.3% of their total joint venture, which owns stakes in TNK. The lawsuit does not say, if any binding agreements were eventually concluded. But it says that the senator has fulfilled all its obligations, but the partners didn't submit him a share in TNK.

"Kommersant". 02/06/2014.


Leonid Lebedev is a multi-faceted personality: the senator from Chuvashia, investor, producer and now - a fighter with the oligarchs. Lebedev received quenching in the 1990s, fighting for the oil assets. His name became known when the company "Sintez", owned by him, was declared at the tender for the privatization of 49% shares of the Tyumen Oil Company (TNK), but lost. The share of TNK then got the company associated with Mikhail Fridman, German Khan, Viktor Vekselberg and Len Blavatnik. Now, 10 years later, Lebedev says that he became a partner of Vekselberg and Blavatnik those years and they kept this partnership in secret. Lebedev received international fame in the early 2000s, along with Mark Garber and Alexander Zhukov, when he became a defendant in the case of smuggling of weapons that law enforcement agencies of Italy were investigating. Lebedev calls this investigation "a disaster that greatly affected the entire future business career, and for all the fate of the" businessman. The court did not recognize Lebedev guilty. But, according to him, the investigation itself prevents him to implement a plan for joint ownership of assets of TNK with Vekselberg and Blavatnik. After Vekselberg and Blavatnik received billions of dollars from the sale of their shares in the oil company, Lebedev decided to remind them about himself and that it is necessary to share with partners, even secret. In an interview Lebedev said that he tried to contact both, before filing a lawsuit in a New York court: Vekselberg did not respond to a call, the reaction of the second was: "Blavatnik said he first wants to see what I have. I sent him a copy of the lawsuit, after which he handed to me, that he did not want to talk on this subject. "

"Vedomosti". 02/11/2014



Senator Leonid Lebedev gives the Yaroslavl TPP bail to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

But over the passed three years the owner of TGC-2 Senator Lebedev reduced the status of TGC-2 from the head of the holding in this transaction actually to the "junior partner" of the Chinese. As a result of the failed policy of Lebedev, project, at the origins of which were standing two state leaders, actually became a crime against the national security of Russia.

Management mistakes or deliberate policy on withdrawal of assets has led to that TGK-2 has become one of the largest debtors of OJSC "Gazprom" and even came to the attention of the Russian government. In October 2013, at a meeting on non-payment for gas supply, the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller reported to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about the largest debtor - company TGK-2.

Recently OJSC "Mine" Intaugol "applied to the Arbitration Court of Yaroslavl region with a claim to recover from the TGK-2 a debt in the amount of only 30 million rub. Courts at all levels have supported the plaintiff's claim, but the billionaire Lebedev had not paid off. And in March 2014, the lawyers of "Mine "Intaugol" sent a claim to the court for recognition of TGC-2 bankrupt.

The result of the deficit of own funds at the TGK-2 was the transfer of thermoelectric plant, which is under construction, under the control of businessmen from China - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and the electricity corporation "Huadian". As the quick-witted reader suggests, hardly heat and light in Yaroslavl flats are a strategic goal of the Chinese.

"Compromat.Ru." 03/20/2014


Viktor Vekselberg and Lev Blavatnik have found a new excuse before the New York court, in which the senator Leonid Lebedev requires $ 2 billion from oligarchs. According to the new versions of two rich men, formalized on February 6 in the form of petitions, Lebedev in their claims refers not to the legally binding document, but only a to declaration of intent, for which they bear no responsibility. So Vekselberg and Blavatnik asked a New York court to stop proceedings in the lawsuit, and the contract in 2001 to be considered null and void.

"Rospres". 02/12/2015


The court rejected the claim of Essen Rustenburg (represents the interests of the group "Sintez" of the senator Leonid Lebedev) in respect of the German energy concern RWE, told Bloomberg, referring to the representative of the court and confirmed to "Vedomosti" representative of Rustenburg. The court refused to accept the claim to the production, as earlier arbitration in London has dismissed the claimant in the same claim, explained the representative of the court of Essen Johan Hidding. He added that the case against the ex-chairman of the board Jurgen Grossman could still get a course in Germany.

"Vedomosti". 03/24/2015


            The fact that Leonid Lebedev filed a lawsuit against RWE and Jurgen Grossman became known in early February. The reason for the claim became events of 2008 year, when a group of "Sintez" and a management of RWE agreed to jointly acquire shares of energy company "TGC-2". "Sintez" bought at auction a controlling stake of "TGC-2", most of which he had to pass to the German concern. But RWE declined to bargain, then the value of the shares, acquired "Sintez", collapsed. Lebedev accused RWE and Grossman in fraud and demanded the compensation of the damage in the amount of € 875 million including percent.

"Forbes". 03/24/2015


Senator from Chuvashia Leonid Lebedev ahead and "voluntarily" leaves the Federation Council, reported the Vice-Speaker of the House, the head of the Commission for Control over reliability of data on income and property, Yuri Vorobyov, reports TASS. Lebedev term of office expires in December 2016.

In early April, the senator became a defendant in check, related to his declaration of income and property. According to Vorobyov, after the application verification commission stops checking and passes all the cases in the Regulations Committee. At the end of 2014 Lebedev has declared one of the highest household incomes in the Federation Council - 97.2 million rubles, as well as, in particular, 13 properties with a total area of 2 thousand 208 sq. m.

April 4 reported that the Federation Council initiated an additional check against Lebedev for reliability of provided declaration of income and property. According to the newspaper, the reason for checking became checking data of manager of the president on issues of combating corruption. Wherein, members of the commission aren't reporting, what violations are they talking about, but the publication sources claimed that it is a question of undeclared assets.

"RBC". 04/29/2015


The dispute between the principal owners of TGC-2 (the largest producer of heat and electricity in the North-West of Russia), the head of the group "Sintez" Leonid Lebedev and minority shareholders, whose interests are represented by Prosperity Foundation, around the money of the company, continues for a long time. Minorities accuse "Sintez" in an attempt to dilute their shares, rejection of the offer and the uncontrolled withdrawal of money abroad by concluding non-transparent contracts with offshore partners. Now the Foundation has managed to attract managers of Lebedev to the financial liability, but it is early to set the final point in the case.

According to "Vedomosti", the arbitration court of the Yaroslavl region sought to former members of the Board of Directors of TGC-2 $ 12.8 million in favor of the company, told the director of the Corporate Governance of Prosperity Capital Roman Fil'kin. The decision was taken on Monday. The claim was partially satisfied; it follows from the arbitration courts database.

"Rospres". 09/30/2015


As “Kommersant” knew it, Andreiy Korolev is declared wanted - the general director of OJSC "Territorial Generation Company N2" (TGC-2), the largest thermal power companies in Central and Northwestern Federal Districts. Investigation evaluates the damage from the activities of Mr. Korolev and his staff in of 2.6 billion rubles. In TGC-2 they call the prosecution of their unjustified.

According to investigators, Mr. Korolev, acting in the interests of the group "Sintez", owned by the senator Leonid Lebedev and TGK-2, in November 2009 passed all the regional power complex, which produces heat and electricity for the residents and businesses of Tver on loan to OJSC "Tver municipal systems" (TMS), including three power plants, heat networks, boiler houses, buildings and so on. Conditions of rent, according to investigators, were initially unprofitable to Tver power companies, which in addition to lease payments owed to pay for TGK-2 its service of an agent in transactions in wholesale electricity market. As it turned out already during the investigation, monthly payments of Tver "daughter" reached 302.2 million rubles, and for two years she gave the parent company almost 5 billion rubles. Investigation is confident that TGK-2 payments deprived TCS "sources of revenue for generated and sold energy." As a result, TKS could not pay "Gazprom Mezhregiongas Tver" LLC for 730 million cubic meters of gas and was bankrupt in 2012. The total damage from the management of TGC-2 action, according to the investigation, was 2.6 billion rubles.

"Kommersant". 01/12/2015


For Hotin this purchase can become the sixth in the last few years. Last year, the Hotins bought the company "Polyarnoe Sianie" from ConocoPhillips and "Rosneft" for about $ 150-200 million, "Negusneft" at Leonid Lebedev for $ 150-200 million, and before that they became the owners of the company "Dulisma", Exillon Energy and "Irelyakhneft".

"Forbes". 01/22/2016


VTB shall recover from TGC-2 almost 10 billion rubles under the loan agreement in 2014. The power companies do not see the reason for the early repayment of a loan, issued on the refinance of previous loans, until 2019: TGC-2 allowed only one late and had already returned to the timely payments. The criminal case against its general director could effect on the bank's decision. VTB 24 has filed a lawsuit to recover 9.8 billion rubles from TGK-2, according to the files of the arbitral tribunal.

"Kommersant". 02/09/2016


The largest heat power capacity of the Northwestern and Central administrative districts, OJSC "Territorial Generation Company N2" (TGC-2), continues creating problems and generate losses for its owner, a former senator from Chuvashia Leonid Lebedev. The problems began at a time when the German company RWE declined to be a Lebedev partner on the company management, shifting all the problems on the group "Sintez", owned by the former senator. In fact it turned out that "Sintez" can not afford to pull alone undertaken investment commitments in the amount of $ 800 million, also increased their activity minority shareholders, combined in Prosperity Management group of demanding to buy back 25% of the shares for an amount of about 20 billion rubles. Unwitting victims of conflict of Prosperity (and, in particular, its chief investment officer Alexander Branis) with Leonid Lebedev became CEO of the company Andrey Korolev, who escaped abroad after the charges of fraud against him. The criminal case against the director, in turn, has forced another lenders of TGK-2 to worry. The subsidiary bank VTB - VTB-24 filed a lawsuit to recover from the company almost 10 billion rubles.

 "Rospres". 02/10/2016