Nurgaliyev was born on October 8, 1956 in Dzhetygar in Kazakhstan in the family of militia officers.

In 1974-1979, he studied economics at Petrozavodsk State University.

In 1979-1981, he worked as a schoolteacher of physics.

In 1981-1995, he worked for the KGB/FSB in Karelian ASSR. He worked his way up from the security officer in a district to head of anti-terrorist department.

In 1995-1998 Nurgaliyev served in the central office of the Federal Counterintelligence Service, and then in the FSB as chief inspector of organizational inspectorial administration, and head of the inherent security department.

In 1998-1999, he was chief of the main control directorate of the Russian President.

In 1999-2002, he headed the anti-smuggling and anti-drug trafficking division at the Department of Economic Security of the FSB. He also was Federal Security Service chief inspector.

In 2002-2004, he was first deputy Minister of the Interior. On December 31, 2003 he was appointed acting Minister of the Interior.

On March 9, 2004, he became Minister of the Interior.

Since February 2006, held a post of a member and deputy chairman of the National Antiterrorist Committee of Russian Federation.

In the period before March 1, 2011 under the guidance of Nurgaliyev took place one of the largest department reforms since 1917 - the militia changed its name and became known as the police.

May 21, 2012 Russian President Vladimir Putin during the announcement of the new government structure announced the appointment of a new interior minister. He was the former head of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

On May 22, 2012 - Deputy Secretary of Russian Security Council.

He is a candidate of economic sciences (thesis - "Economic aspects of formation of business in modern Russia").



Order of Merit for the Fatherland, III and IV degree

Medal of Honour

Order of Saint Blessed Dmitry Donskoy, I degree (2005, ROC)

Order of Akhmad Kadyrov (2006, Chechen Republic)

Honourary Citizen of the Republic of Karelia

Award named after Yuri Andropov

General of the Army

He is married to Margarita Nurgaliyeva and has two sons, both of whom work in law enforcement agencies.

According to the tax declaration for 2010, Nurgaliyev’s earnings reached 4.1 million rubles, and his wife’s revenue amounted to 925 thousand rubles. In addition, the Minister owns a 1.5 thousand square meters land plot and has a 182 square meters apartment in shared ownership with his wife. His wife also owns an apartment of 36 square meters.

Source: Wikipedia.



In 1981, Nurgaliyev engaged in service in the State Security Committee of the Karelian ASSR. In 1992-1994, he served under the leadership of Nikolai Patrushev, Minister of Security of Karelia, who later became chief of the Federal Security Service.

Source: Kommersant, March 11, 2004


In June 2004 Nuraliyev’s nephew, who had had too much alcohol, prompted a scandal and publicly beat up a woman in a nightclub in Serpukhovo. When militia officers arrived and found out who the culprit of the turmoil was, they preferred to hush up the case. But even before that, his nephew had been arrested for driving a car without license plates and had been involved in drunken fights in Russkaya Troika.

Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets, June 22, 2004.


In spring, 2005 Nurgaliyev declared the militia operation that had been held in Blagoveshchensk on December 10-14 2005 a "legitimate and justified" one. The militia intended to identify the participants of the fight, which resulted in three militia officers being injured. Hundreds of townspeople were illegally detained and beaten. Even according to official figures, 341 people were considered victims of the operation. Ten militia officers, including the head of the Blagoveshchensk GROVD, chief of operational riot police squad, and deputy chief of the city criminal investigation faced charges of abuse of office.

Source: Kommersant, March 30, 2005


In June 2005, Beslan Mothers Committee members accused Nurgaliyev and a number of officials of “negligence and inaction in the days of the Beslan tragedy”. They appealed to Nikolai Shepel, the prosecutor in the case of Nurpashi Kulayev, with a petition asking to initiate a criminal case against mentioned officials.

Source:, June 21, 2005


In August 2009 Nurgaliyev’s ministry posted a notice on the official website of state purchase contracts as to a new tender available for the purchase of furniture on means of the federal budget. The ministry was going to buy furniture and office furniture worth 24.4 million rubles. The acquired items had to meet certain requirements. For example, furniture should be made of rare wood, be decorated with hand-carved ornaments, and head and foot should be coated in gold of the highest standard.

Source: Interfax, August 19, 2009


In autumn 2009, Nurgaliyev’s name was mentioned in connection with a video message to Prime Minister Putin that was uploaded to the Internet. The message was from Aleksey Dymovsky, a militia major from Novorossiysk, who used the video to point out numerous cases of office abuses by UVD senior officers.

Nurgaliyev instructed to suspend Dymovsky from duty for the period of the inspection to be held upon the order of the Minister. Media reported that it was held during two days. According to the official representative of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, cases of abuse mentioned by Dymovsky were not confirmed. After this the major was dismissed from office and subjected to an inspection which was aimed at incriminating him for libel under Article 129 of the Criminal Code. Meanwhile Dymovsky’s video message entailed a series of similar appeals by other law enforcement officials in which they publicly asked Vladimir Putin "to introduce order to Russian militia."

Source: Vremya Novostei, November 10, 2009


Nurgaliyev’s home telephone number is registered as the phone number of Hedge-3 Ltd. Scope of the company includes "financial mediation not included in other groups" meaning "placing the customers’ money" into profitable assets. It is not known who the clients of Hedge-3 are and what their money is invested in. But Russian tourists have seen a woman who looks like Margarita Nurgaliyeva, the Minister’s spouse, in a luxury hotel Bahraini Banyan Tree Desert Spa & ResortBanyan consists of several luxurious villas. One night stay costs about 50 rubles. But usually guests leave far more extravagant sums of money in local restaurants and spa.

Source: Sobesednik, February 20, 2010


On July 31, 2010, Margarita Nurgaliyeva was involved in a car accident, which killed the driver and passenger in the service vehicle VAZ-2104. According to eyewitnesses, Volkswagen Multivan, in which Nurgaliyeva was traveling, had the lightbar on and did not let the other car pass and turn as it should have according to the traffic rules. At full speed, the Volkswagen Multivan rammed the VAZ-2104. Traffic militia officers who arrived at the scene of the road accident were not allowed to investigate by their more senior colleagues.

Source: RBK, December 24, 2010


In 2011, Rashid Nurgaliyev personally awarded retired Lieutenant-General Sergey Kucheruk the medal of Merit in management, II degree. Dmitry Medvedev dismissed Kucheruk as head of Kuban GUVD after the massacre in the village of Kushchevskaya.

Source:, February 24, 2011 


A car accident that happened 1.5 years ago, on the Kaluga highway near Moscow, is still one of the most terrible secrets of the Interior Ministry. All the details of the tragedy that claimed the lives of two people, hidden so carefully, what did not dream of any espionage operation.

In order to ensure that no living soul has not learned the truth, the Interior Ministry even went outright lawlessness. All materials of pre-investigation checks on the direct orders of the Minister Nurgaliyev were removed and hidden in the vaults of the main control of own safety. This was done in the name of a single goal: information about participation of Nurgaliyev wife in road accidents shouldn't go to the reporters.

In the late evening of 31 July 2010 on the 22-th kilometer of the Kaluga road, turning to Nicholo - Khovanskoye Cemetery, two cars faced, "Volkswagen Multiven" and VAZ-21041.

The passenger of "Zhiguli" Victor Abasev died on the place. The driver Ratmir Nikolaev, without regaining consciousness, died that night in a Moscow hospital number 7. The driver and two passengers of "Volkswagen" get off with injuries of varying severity.

Leak on the participation of Nurgaliyev wife in an accident leaked to the press yet. However, journalists have not managed any confirmation  - wrote carefully: "according to some data."

And Nurgaliyev himself, and the Interior Ministry did not comment on this information. They also didn't respond on the journalists' requests. On mine - limited formal replies (along with the prosecutor's office). "Kinship of participants of the accident has not been the subject of studying during the pre-investigation", - wrote to me then-prosecutor of the Moscow Region Alexander Mokhov.

Investigator Haritonova succeeded to bury the check only from the second time. The first decision of refusal had to cancel. Moscow Region prosecutors showed her a number of shortcomings: no medical researches were assigned, for example; traffic police employees, visited the site, were not questioned.

Not that the prosecutors so strictly protected the law; rather the opposite. They played a completely different role in this story, helping colleagues in the police to put the cross on the case much safer. All final documents in advance informally coordinated with the supervisory authority.

I do know that the coordination of this assistance takes the first deputy of the regional prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko - the one hero of gambling scandal; he is now awaiting an extradition to his homeland from Poland. Another hero of the scandal, arrested last summer "solver" Oleg Sudakov, asked him to do it.

"Moskovskiy Komsomolets". 03/27/2013


More recently Nurgaliev stated that cane system in the Interior Ministry is over. Now Minister once again promises: to finish the system of cane, with which he has committed six months ago.

Through reform, Nurgaliev assured that the selection criteria have changed drastically; "Best of the best" went to the police. Now we hear again: the selection criteria are imperfect, will be changed urgently.

Ministerial memory is selective: it escapes from just what is unprofitable. That was about his former assistant Oleg Sudakov; Rashid Nurgaliyev successfully managed to forget.

This happened immediately after the Major Sudakov was arrested on sensational gambling-profile case. For 10 months of sitting in detention facility "Lefortovo" Nurgaliyev protégé not only not waited for transmission from a former boss. On the contrary, in his native MIA he was officially disown, hurried and shyly.

Rashid Gumarovich has a remarkably zealous (to yoga) relation to their publicity: it seems the minister is afraid of journalists more than all the crime together. For the sake of the purity of the reputation he is ready for any folly: up to lies and outright wickedness.

What did Sudakov is not clear for myself until the end. From scraps of his stories, I can conclude that it was used as a developer and performer of sensitive special operations. Being an absolute adventurer by nature, Sudakov was able to do something that the staff operatives were not able to do: the law on operational and investigative activities and official instructions did not displease him much.

In this capacity he came to the attention of Rashid Nurgaliyev. It happened in 2003, when Nurgaliyev only moved from the Federal Security Service in the Interior Ministry, becoming the first deputy minister - the curator of the whole of the criminal militia of the country.

I remember well how Sudakov told me about regular meetings and conversations with the future Minister; details were not disclosed specifically, but from the context it was clear - Nurgaliyev needs a dedicated and knowledgeable people.

He was even given a certificate of senior assistant of Nurgaliyev - albeit in a different surname: Igor Romanov. I saw this document myself, when in autumn of 2003 Sudakov-Romanov flew to Nizhny Novgorod on the direct order of Nurgaliyev.

Apparently, Nurgaliyev remained satisfied of Sudakov work. He was prematurely awarded the rank of Major. In autumn of 2003, Nurgaliyev by secret order even awarded him a nominal gun: for the performance of especially important state tasks (Order 0029 of 22 October 2003).

"Moskovskiy Komsomolets", 10.04.2012


By decrees of the President on the eve of the expiration of his reign will be awarded the orders such prominent figures of public administration, as the Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, the head of the presidential administration deputy Vyacheslav Volodin and Alexander Beglov, and etc.

Probably, apparatus etiquette involves the distribution of awards at the end of cycle rotations. In the presidential administration cannot remember such a mass awarding the orders of the staff. In addition, the negative consensus has developed with regard to some orders submitted to the leaders and their ability to execute their duties in the community. This is especially true for Nurgaliyev and a police reform, allegedly held by him. None of the resonant scandals, none of the high-profile terrorist attacks did not lead to the resignation of the minister. Now he gets another award from the president. In full accordance with the principles of surrealism.

The logic of such rewordings can be found only if we assume that Nurgaliyev and Surkov are awarded in defiance of public opinion, trying to show that there is no public opinion. More precisely, to show that serious people - presidents - do not respond to shouts from below. So it was for many times. Vladimir Putin in 2005 awarded the judges who participated in the YCOS case, and in 2008 - the CEC employees for well-conducted elections.

"Vedomosti" 28.04.2012


Vladimir Morozov, will take the post of Ivan Glukhov, implicated in a corruption scandal

Post of the head of "GUS GU MVD" is vacant since the beginning of July. Engaged in its December 1999 by Major-General of Justice, Ivan Glukhov resigned on the background of claims to the GSU work and the number of resonant criminal cases. A new Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev sought Glukhov layoffs for several months. The former head of the investigation department of the Ministry of Interior (and fellow student at the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University Dmitry Medvedev) Vladimir Cojocar opposed Glukhov retirement. How "Vedomosti" wrote, relationships of Kolokoltsev and Cojocar did not exist when the last was a chief of the Metropolitan Militia to the Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev.

At the end of January 2012 still Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev announced Glukhov a severely reprimand for "serious shortcomings in the organization of administrative activity" in the preliminary investigation units, "in spite of the seemingly prosperous picture." Head of GSU went on vacation aster that, and the sources did not exclude that he will not return to work. However, on February 22 he came from vacation and continues working.

"Vedomosti". 31.07.2012


The driver of ex-Interior Minister Nurgaliyev exposed as a gang leader. He could use car minister for transport of stolen goods

Exactly one year ago, last May, Rashid Nurgaliyev was dismissed. The most unpopular interior minister in modern history left behind a very heavy legacy. For a long time the current heads of the Interior Ministry will have to lick their wounds, repairing and cleaning the system, halfway dilapidated by him.

Despite all the communiqués of Nurgaliyev about victory over police corruption during his rule - it is, on the contrary, has grown up to a disgrace, hitting all authority from the general - to the sentry.

By days Rashid Gumarovich was able to see this almost on a personal example. On the eve of his "Godin" Moscow police officers detained a group of their colleagues from the Interior Ministry. They convicted of theft of a large consignment of goods. Alexander Kovalev a chauffeur of ex-Minister headed a group.

A 35-year-old driver of the central carpool Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Kovalev detained in Lyubertsy district. During the search of his SUV "Nissan Patrol" boxes of goods, previously stolen from the warehouse of a company in Solnechnogorsk, were found. Another part of the goods (cigarillos, coffee, tea) was in the car of his friend who was driving for Kovalev - 28-year-old warrant officer from the battalion of private security in Moscow CAA Dmitry Amelin.

Police officers, who detained the stolen goods, do not hide: they stopped the car for a reason, on a tip. Boxes of groceries were kidnapped in Solnechnogorsk in December last year. They were brazenly taken from the warehouses, using false invoices (Total damage -5 million rubles). At the same time the local Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case under article "theft".

The investigation also fulfills the use of official cars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in their crimes: especially on the part of Kovalev. Until the police detention police Warrant Officer Kovalev worked as Nurgaliev driver for several years. According to our sources, mostly, he was using the "family" car, including work with his wife, Margarita Nurgalieva.

(Let me remind you that this is not the first scandal with Nurgaliev car park. In August 2010, "Volkswagen" of his convoy, where the wife of the Minister was traveling, got into an accident. The driver and passenger of "4-ki "Zhiguli", faced with them, died. The materials of the check were simply hidden by the order of the Minister to keep them away from press.)

Although Nurgaliyev is no longer a minister, car fleets of service vehicles of MIA continue to serve him. I saw with my own eyes a BMW jeep with a police escort. It turns out that the family attached transport is preserved.

"Mosckovskiy Komsomolets". 05/23/2013


In Abkhazia continues the confrontation of the authorities and the opposition. The intervention of Russian officials yesterday did not bring results.

On the same day, Surkov and Nurgaliyev met with opposition leaders. "The talks are encouraging," - said after that Khajimba to their supporters. Another opposition leader - Gabniya Vitali said, "the Russian side has behaved very nicely." "Ankvab have no moral right to return to his office, and it should be reasonable," - said Gabniya.

... The opposition had planned the speech at least the last six months, it restrained conscious of their own unpopularity among the people, said Yana Amelina, leading researcher of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. Opponents of Ankvab has no other program, except to the resignation of the president, and revitalization of their activities related to the fact that finally there was a steady opposition alliance of pro-Western NGOs and liberal journalists, associated with the West. Events in Abkhazia in addition to destabilizing the situation in the country could have a negative impact on the Russian-Abkhaz relations; as a matter of fact have openly anti-Russian character, says Amelina.

"Vedomosti". 05/29/2014


Deputy head of the Omsk police Rinat Nurgaliev is fired.

The reason was driving drunk.

Colonel of Interior Ministry lost his job "due to gross violation of service discipline." Official representatives of the local police department said this to Omsk edition of "Kommercheskie Vesti".

The scandal erupted around Rinat Nurgaliev last spring yet. May, 9, colonel, who according to "Novaya Gazeta, the nephew of former Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, was stopped on the road by traffic police officers of Omsk. The reason for stopping has been called the creation of an emergency situation.

During a medical examination as reminiscent of the "Business News", it was found that at the time of arrest Nurgaliev was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. In summer court fined Nurgaliev at 30 thousand rubles, and deprived him of the right driving on a year and a half.

Rinat Nurgaliev himself denies guilt and tried to appeal against the judgment, but without success.

"Echo Moscvy". 12/26/2015