Andrei  Truskov was born in 1968.  He was a  classmate of Alexander Svetakov. In 1990  Truskov and Svetakov established Absolute LLP. Truskov dealt  with large companies that sold computers and office equipment, in particular, with Sergei Mavrodi's MMM and   Arkhadi  Angelevich's Pragma.
Since 1993  he has been a board member of  Absolute Bank
In 2005 he became a shareholder of Absolute holding company engaged in real estate business, consumer production and electronic equipment import.

Source: Vedomosti


  Absolute Bank closed corporation was established in April 1993. Major shareholders of the bank at the time   were  Alexander Svetakov, Gleb Galin and Andrei Truskov. All of them  had earned their capital on commercial detail business in Moscow. At the end of 2005  International Finance Corporation  purchased 7.5% of shares for  $ 10 million. In spring  2007  KBC Group purchased more than 90% of company's shares.

Source: AK & M, 30 August 2005

Having sold the bank,  Absolute Group went to construction market. In 2008 the company started construction of  B + office complexes  in two industrial areas of Moscow. Analysts say that these land plots can accommodate more than one million square metres of premises. Placon Property Management company controls the projects. The first land plot that had an area of ​​1.4 hectares was located in 1st Magistralny alley. Absolute Group bought it from  Russian chocolate  company that  abandoned an idea to build  its production enterprises there.  Absolute  Group constructed Magistral Plaza business centre measuring ​​50 thousand square meters.

Source: RBC daily, 15 February 2008

According to Finance magazine, in 2010 Truskov's  wealth was estimated at 7.3 billion rubles. He was  ranked 369 in the list of Russia's richest businessmen.

Source: Finance, 14 February 2011