She graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 197 . After the university she worked as an engineer and research officer in Minenergo and Minatomenergo of  USSR at start up and setting up of nuclear power plant units.

She is a co-owner of the audit company «Micropol-consalting», and also owns consulting  company «Finstroykonsalting» and «Ecodom» llc, which provides intermediary services related to real estate and land - mainly in the prestigious Odintsovo district near Moscow. She is married and has 2children.

Her husband  Leonid Tukhtyaev is a cо-holder and chairman of board of directors of “Sudostroitelny bank”.

Together with her husband she wrote a book for children «Zoki and Bad »- « a manual for children to educate their parents», its sequel «Zoki and Badi school» was recently published.


 It was  found out that  in September 2011 there was  set up an agreement on the lease of a forest plot  of  0.54 ha. between woodland management of Moscow region (represented by the deputy director of woodland management  Nikolay Kobzev) and "Ecodom" llc (represented by the director of the company Irina Tukhtyaeva).And the only road leading to the nearest townships is situated on this forest plot .Thereby it was clearly noted  in the clause of the contract  (article 3.4-п), that: "the landholder has no right to restrict the access to the road to the private and legal bodies …". The same road which happens to be the only way to get to the townships. But, as it is seen from the situation, this burden in the agreement did not prevent the appearance of the first private road in Rublyovka.

 "We were trying to talk to Irina Tukhtyaeva, but, to put it mildy, the talk finished with nothing. The result is the following: everybody will pay for the driveway", — was noted in "Diplomat". It is to be noted that Irina Tukhtyaeva is not only a powerful businesswoman but also a wife of Leonid Tukhtyaev, who ,According to the information from  mass media, is the chairman of board of directors of “Sudostroitelny bank” and the President of the Federation of Aeronautical Sports of Russia .
Source:  04.07.2013

At the 23rd km.of Rublyovo-Uspenskoye highway not far from Daryino village there is a group of townships to which leads the only road laid in cut-through. People leaving in this area were using the road for years until it appeared to be in the range of interests of Irina Ivanovna  Tukhtyaeva.

She introduces herself as a famous writer. Indeed, together with her husband ,the owner of «Sudustroitelny bank» Leonid Tukhtyaev, Irina  issued a book for children  «Zoki and Bad», but  further  she did not reach any significant results in her creative career . Her family succeeded in business more. Together with her husband Leonid and his brother German Tukhtyaev she owns an audit company «Micropol Consulting». With German Tukhtyaev «this writer» also owns one more audit company «Finstroykonsalting». And since 2011, the main commercial project of Irina is the "Ecodom" LLC , which provides intermediary services related to real estate and land - mainly in the prestigious Odintsovo district near Moscow.

The businesswoman -«writer»-suddenly switched to the  common road- under the agreement №50-0317-03-05-0504 on 04.10.2011,she rented the land property with cut-through in  the Federal Forestry Agency , which was under the possession of  woodland management of Moscow region , improved the road, though initially the road was built by the citizens of «Diplomat » and «Hermitage» townships. Doing this, Irina “built a new way” to her township, and as unexpectedly for the locals as she did this, Tukhtyaeva installed  toll bars on the road ,informing everyone that since  8 July 2013  each car using this road will be obliged to pay to her company “Ecodom” for the drive-through. The gain is 1500 rubles per month from each passenger car, «registered» in the nearest townships, 100 rubles per passenger car  and  500 per lorry for single passing.

Tukhtyaeva was not authorized to build and open any private road. According to the law the payment for the pass-through can be collected only in if there is an alternative road. And in this case there is no such road. And Tukhtyaeva does not want to build another one. But the authorities only waved this information aside. There is no wonder in such reaction-but this project with private road was lobbied by Timour Timofeevich Klinovsky ,who will be discussed later.

Understanding the useless of asking the local authorities for any conceivable explanation, the citizens of townships addressed direct to the culprit of this complicated situation.But,as they later said,the talk turned out into the showdown of the style of 1990th.Translating into literary language, the author of  the book «Zoki i Bad» told the visitors, that everybody should pay like one o'clock, and those who do not agree with this matter of fact, will deal not only with her husband, but also with her  previously convicted brother German, and also with Timour Kalinovsky, whom the locals consider as criminal authority.

Source:, 12.07.2013