Middle name: Borisovich


Place of birth: St. Petersburg



Date of Birth: March 17, 1982

Father - Zingarevich Boris Gennadievich

Uncle - Zingarevich Michael Gennadievich

Wife - Zingarevich (Domankova) Ekaterina

Daughter - Maroussia August 22, 2013


Anton Zingarevich received a classical education in the UK in the Cass Business School at City University London and practiced in the investment fund Fortress Sports Fund. He was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Regents Business School. Supervised the department of financial analysis in Ener1 (New York, USA).

He headed the office of Ener1 in Russia.

From January 2013 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "Holding Energostroyinvest".

June 2, 2014 years- came from the board of directors of the football club "Reading". Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HC “Atlant” MO.



The new that businessman from St. Petersburg Anton Zingarevich bought the English football club "Reading" for 40 million pounds, instantly spread not only in Russian, but also in Belarusian mass media. And if the Russians are discussing the profitability of investments more, the Belarusians are interested in a completely different aspect: it turns out that the young millionaire is the husband of our beautiful Katie Domankova!

Recall, Kate is one of the most successful models of Belarus. While being a schoolgirl in 2006 she won the "Supermodel of the World" competition in New York. And in 2009, we wrote about Katya's wedding and that she met her future husband online on "Odnoklassniki" website, where Anton saw her picture ... Now, thanks to the information on the football deal, it became known that the guy from classmates is a millionaire, a founder of the investment company Thames Sports Investment and the Director of the company Ener1, engaged in the development of batteries for hybrid cars. Anton is 29 years old, he is the son of one of the richest people of Russia Boris Zingarevich, occupying the 130th place in the "Forbes" list for 2011 (by the way, Boris Berezovsky is on the 136 place of the list). Anton's father is the owner of a paper mill, "Ilim Pulp" and the company Ener1.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda". 19.02.2012


Top model of the brand Victoria's Secret Ekaterina Zingarevich is the second half of the Russian tycoon Anton Zingarevich, who bought the football club, "Reading", won the British public, having caught the unspoken name of the main "football wife" of this season.

British mass media unanimously sent to the stock two main local football fashion trendsetters of recent years - the wives of English football stars Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney. In their place in the rankings of local tabloids came Anton Zingarevich wife Catherine. Belarusian beauty, which is the image of a charming angel, is a face of the brand Victoria’s Secret, will now captivates the attention of the British public in the pages of the local football press. Having taken the rated place of the main football wife of the current football season, Catherine now become the object of attention of the paparazzi on delight of the curious eyes of the local audience.

"Express-Gazeta." 23.04.2012


30-year-old son of Russian billionaire Anton Zingarevich intends to buy another football club - Gdańsk "Lehia". Currently Zingarevich is the owner of the British "Reading".

Rumors of the acquisition of shares of Gdansk "Lehia" by the son of Russian billionaire Boris Zingarevich appeared a few weeks ago, when it was reported that the current owner of the club Andrew Kuchar is considering proposals for the purchase. The potential buyer was also called immediately - 30-year-old owner of the "Reading" Anton Zingarevich, and the amount of the transaction is estimated at approximately € 600 million.

Anton Zingarevich is a co-owner of the St. Petersburg Company "Ilim Pulp", owned by his father. The company is the largest pulp company in Russia and one of the largest in the world. A graduate of the Leningrad Institute of Pulp and Paper Industry Boris Zingarevich together with his brother Michael began a serious business in 1991, and succeeded in it.

"Gazeta.ru” 25.07.2012


Anton Zingarevich gets round Gennady Timchenko in the fight for the largest contractor of FGC.

One of the largest contractors of the Federal Grid Company (FGC) - "Energostroyinvest-Holding" of Alexander Abramov and his partners, is sold. But it was just bought not by Volga Resources of Gennady Timchenko, but acquired by a consortium of investors, led by the son of co-owner of "Ilim-Pulp" Anton Zingarevich.

"Energostroyinvest-holding", which was interested in Volga Resources, acquired a consortium of investors led by Anton Zingarevich, told "Vedomosti" the representative of "Energostroyinvest-holding."

FGC is a coveted client for both, "Stroytransgaz" and "Energostroyinvest-holding." The former Chairman of the board of "Stroytransgaz" Sergey Makarov said this spring that projects in the sphere of energy construction bring the contractor about 60% of the proceeds, and called the company's largest contractor of FGC (the largest contract - the construction of networks of the fourth unit of the Kalinin nuclear power station).

FGC has been a major customer of “Energostroyinvest-holding” for a long time, but a dispute broke out between them in 2009: the contractor accused FGC in nonpayment. Subsequently, companies reconciled. In 2011, FGC is still the largest customer of "Energostroyinvest-holding," says a representative of the company: holding ranked the first place in terms of FGC won competitions at the end of 2011 (32 billion rubles.) and the second place for the development of capital investments of FGC (21 billion rubles.).

"Vedomosti". 07.12.2012


Businessman and famous football fan Anton Zingarevich going to buy a hockey club - Sub-Moscow "Atlas". The transaction amount is not disclosed.

"This week we will settle all financial details that are resolved in my favor. Football and hockey - are different things, of course, but “Atlas” also drew my attention," - told Zingarevich the TV channel "Russia 2".

Information that Anton Zingarevich intends to buy "Atlas", has appeared in April of this year. Minister of Sports of Moscow region Oleg Zholobov said that control of the hockey club will gradually move to Zingarevich, in the hockey season 2013-2014 he will finance the "Atlas" by 75%, area - only by 25%. Zholobov did not call the club's budget for 2014, but said that in 2013, the club has planned expenditure of 1.5 billion rubles.

Anton Zingarevich is the son of another famous St. Petersburg businessman Boris Zingarevich. He supervised the department of financial analysis in Ener1, led Ener1 representative office in Russia, since January of this year - the chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "Energostroyinvest Holding ".

«DP.ru». 06/26/2013


Russian businessman Anton Zingarevich is negotiating on the sale of the English football club "Reading" to Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi. This is reported by the British mass media.

For the Championship Club (second-best English football league) Sagi is willing to pay a nominal sum of £ 1, and to repay debts to the team in the amount of £ 38 million.

Currently Zingarevich is the largest shareholder of "Reading" (51%). Club President John Madejski owns a 49% stake. In case of sale, Zingarevich and Madejski will remain at the club as minority shareholders.

ITAR-TASS. 05/27/2014


Russian businessman Anton Zingarevich left the board of directors of the football club "Reading", reports BBC News. FC stands in the English Championship (second division on the strength of England - RBC approx.). Now Zingarevich is the largest shareholder of "Reading" (51%). Club President John Madejski owns a 49% stake.

Zingarevich acquired a controlling stake of "Reading" in 2012. In the season-2013/14, "Reading", advocated by Russian striker Pavel Pogrebnyak, was unable to break into the Premier League, finishing in seventh place result. The fact that Anton Zingarevich wants to sell the English football club after 18 months of ownership of the team, became known in October 2013.

"RBC". 02/06/2014


English football club Reading, the controlling shareholder of which is Russian businessman Anton Zingarevich, was bought by a group of three businessmen from Thailand, reported BBC.

According to BBC, Thai businessmen bought a 100% stake in the club in the proportion of 50, 25 and 25% each. Zingarevich owned controlling stake in FC Reading - 51% of the shares. The owner of the remaining 49% stake was president of the club, John Madejski. Despite the sale of their stake, Madejski will remain at the club and will be the co-chairman of the Board of Directors on a par with one of the new owners of the club.

The transaction amount is not called. Earlier, The Reading Chronicle reported that Zingarevich is willing to sell his stake in the club for a nominal price - £ 1, in condition that the investor will assume the obligation to pay the debts of Reading (about 38 million pounds).

"Vedomosti". 09/23/2014


After the "Atlas" has not received financial guarantees for the next year, the Moscow Region club began to sell players. Despite the fact that the owner of the team  Anton Zingarevich promised that "Atlas" will not come off the championship and will certainly finish the season, the club needs money.  Alexei Zhamnov chose the selling of the leaders as the main and the only source of income. "Atlant" have already left five players, and other KHL clubs show interest to several hockey players.

"Chempionat.kom" 12/17/2014


Honest Friedman went to war against roguish Zingarevich.

Money for the Russian energy sector went in the direction of English football.

29-year-old Anton Zingarevich got into extremely unpleasant situation, where the Russian energy and the leadership of "Alfa-Bank" figure. This, in turn, accuses the company «Energostroyinvest-Holding» (ESIH) that belongs to a consortium of investors led by Anton Zingarevich, of fraud, due to which the bank suffered significant losses. Despite numerous attempts to resolve the issue with bank guarantees on a personal level, even after the personal intervention into a dispute with Mikhail Fridman, "Alfa-Bank" sued the entrepreneur in December last year, who also is the son of Boris Zingarevich, former partner of Dmitry Medvedev, and one of the founders and owners of Russia's largest pulp and paper company "Ilim pulp".

According to Forbes "ESIH" builds and maintains facilities for power generation, including working with the state of FGC UES. She gave to Zingarevich company advances in the amount of 10 billion rubles. In "ESIH" said that in general, on agreements with customers bank guarantees for 12 billion rubles were provided. Alfa - Bank also was among the credit institutions, which issued bank guarantees to the holding. The bank said that they have provided a guarantee of 5 billion rubles. When "ESIH" did not hand over objects into operation on time, FSK demanded payments under this guarantee from Alfa Bank.

Where advances of FGC could be? Forbes source, familiar with the claims of Alfa Bank, says that the bank suspects "ESIH" management in the withdrawal of funds abroad. In 2012-2013 Anton Zingarevich sponsored English football club "Reading", which he acquired in January 2012 and sold in September 2014. He also bought a hockey club Mytishchinskiy "Atlas", which had problems with financing. As previously reported, Zingarevich initially funded "Atlas" together with the Moscow region, and then the region stopped giving money. Last season, the club has had problems with financing. According to the source, familiar with the situation in the team, Zingarevich Jr. did not work out the planned investment projects in the suburbs - this is the main reason for the lack of money in the "Atlas", because of which the club may withdraw from the championship 2015/2016 period.

According to a source, close to Alfa-Bank, the bank received a call from the government with a request to help "ESIH" in a difficult situation, and co-owner of "Alpha groups" Mikhail Fridman even met with Boris Zingarevich to resolve the conflict. But it was not possible to agree, although, according to sources, Zingarevich was offered to lay a stake in the pulp and paper factory "Ilim Palm." Alfa Bank declined to comment on it. In "ESIH" said that they do not have such information.

Ruspres, 02/03/2015


In the business world of Petersburg drew attention to the television reports, released by resources of "NMG" on billionaires Boris and Mikhail Zingarevich and Zakhar Smushkin. The latter are co-owners of the largest timber corporations "Ilim", where Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev worked, and for attacking media, force stands close to Vladimir Putin, Yuri Kovalchuk. We found a hero, because of which broke the information war. His name is Anton, he is 32 years old, he is the owner and chairman of the OJSC "Energostroyinvest-holding" Board, the son of Boris Zingarevich.

- It seems that the media attack covertly suggests to shareholders of the Group "Ilim" using the shares of "Ilim" in debt provision? - "Fontanka" asked him.

 - I cannot judge, but everyone understands everything - ably agreed Zingarevich Jnr.

The company "Energostroyinvest Holding" was purchased by Anton Zingarevich on borrowed funds in December 2012 at the structures of the chairman of the board of Evraz Group Alexander Abramov. The deal is estimated by experts at $ 500 million, but the estimates did not include company's problems - at that time the debts to the banks have already made up 12 billion rubles. Real holding price fit into the figure of $ 70 million.

OJSC "Energostroyinvest Holding" was the leader of the design and construction of power grid facilities in Russia until 2014. In recent years, a group of 20 companies put into operation 20 thousand km of transmission lines, its divisions worked from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. The holding has 7,000 people working. Until 2014, the company carried out annually about 15% of works of the investment program OJSC "Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System" in the amount of about 30 billion rubles.

In St. Petersburg, the corporation has three companies - OJSC "SevZap NTC", LLC "The new engineering company" and OJSC "Sevzapelektrosetstroy". In regard to the latter, bankruptcy proceedings were introduced in January this year, and the city prosecutor's office keeps a check on the arrears of wages to its employees in 100 million rubles.

As for the overall situation, currently, working on the most of objects is stopped. Holding is "lying on its side." Today the staff is reduced to one thousand of employees. Claims of banks for guarantees that they have issued on budgetary contracts of "FGC" are about 12 billion rubles, of which Alfa-Bank - 5.5 billion. Debt load is amounted if $ 14 billion. Of them: the "Globex" bank - 7.8 billion, Bank "Saint-Petersburg" - 3.5 billion, Sobinbank (owned by the bank "Russia") - 1.3 billion. On the website of the Moscow Arbitration Court the claims of MTS-Bank, VTB and MDM-Bank can be found.

We have listed this sad list to Anton Zingarevich on the phone.

- Yes, there are problems. The Company is not able to carry the obligations that it has historically existed. Nor can we service the loans in full, - he confirmed.

"Fontanka.ru." 03/03/2015



How do Russian billionaires play foreign soccer.

"Reading" of Anton Zingarevich.

Anton Zingarevich, a son of co-owner of the "Ilim", bought 51% stake in the British "Reading" in 2012. Purchase cost him £ 25 million.

At the end of the season-2011/12, "Reading" was released in the Premier League, but a year later left it. In September 2014, Zingarevich sold its "Reading" stake to a group of businessmen from Thailand. The transaction amount was not called, but according to British mass media reports, the Russian was willing to part with shares for £ 1 on condition that the buyer will pay the club's debt, which was estimated at £ 38 million.

The magazine "Kommersant Dengi" №19 from 05.18.2015


Guarantees of Alfa Bank were transferred to the criminal case.

An investigation into the management of "Energostroyinvest Holding" was started.

As the "Kommersant" knows, the Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow CAO started the investigation against the GC leadership of the OJSC "Energostroyinvest-holding", co-owned by Anton Zingarevich, a son of a former board member of "Rosset" and co-owner of the "Ilim" Boris Zingarevich. The fraud case was initiated at the request of Alfa-Bank, which, according to the investigation materials, gave to GC their guarantees under its agreements with the state FGC UES. The applicant claims that company has not complied its obligations, and the damage, caused to him, is estimated at more than 2 billion rubles.

The Interior Ministry confirmed to "Kommersant" the fact of a criminal case against the leadership of "Energostroyinvest-holding". It is being investigated in relation to "the result of unidentified persons from holding managers" at h. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale) for now. Alfa-Bank addressed with a statement of the commission of the crime against him in economic security and anti-corruption department of State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow addressed in spring of this year.

It follows from this statement, that from May 2013 to February 2014, Alfa-Bank has provided "Energostroyinvest-holding", "represented by its actual owner Anton Zingarevich" bank guarantees in the amount of 5.6 billion rubles, which were necessary for the company to enter into contracts with the state OJSC "Federal Grid company of Unified energy system" (FGC UES). GC has concluded a general contract for the construction of high voltage transmission lines and other facilities of network construction, received from the customer advance payments in the amount of 10 billion rubles. However, the contractor performed not all of its obligations before FGC UES, as a result, a state-owned company demanded from Alfa Bank payments under guarantees.

Co-owner of "Energostroyinvest-holding" is Anton Zingarevich - a son of former board member of "Rosset" and co-owner of the "Ilim" Boris Zingarevich. Company of Zingarevich Jr. build and maintain electric power facilities, and its largest customer was the Federal Grid Company, which accounted for 85% of the holding contract. Anton Zingarevich acquired more prominence in 2012 after the purchase of English football club "Reading" for £ 25 million. After playing a year in the Premier League, the club was flown out from it, after that he was sold to a group of Thai investors. In 2013, the businessman bought a hockey Mytishchinskiy "Atlant", which, according to mass media reports, sometime later left without funding. In August, the Federal Tax Service appealed to the Moscow Arbitration court for bankruptcy of "Energostroyinvest-holding."

The newspaper "Kommersant" №167 from 09.14.2015


The loan did not go to the benefit of the substation.

The case for embezzlement "Globex" initiated.

As the "Kommersant" knows, the investigative department of the Ministry of Interior launched an investigation into the management of the GC "Energostroyinvest Holding", which is co-owned by Anton Zingarevich, son of a former board member of "Rosset" and co-owner of the "Ilim" Boris Zingarevich. Management team is suspected of embezzling of 1.5 billion rubles, received from a subsidiary of VEB - the bank "Globex". This money was intended for the construction of the substation «Beloberezhskaya" in the Bryansk region, which was not built.

The loan was issued in December 2013, but after a few months, according to bankers, the borrower has ceased to maintain it. Checking of the safety management of the bank came to the conclusion that the loan funds have not reached the contractors, some of which, mentioned in the documents of the borrower, in addition, did not conclude contracts with structures of EIH for execution of works on the substation at all. And 1.5 billion rubles, received from the "Globex", say the inspectors, were transferred to "Setstroykomplekt" LLC first, which is also included in EIH, from there - to "Energostroyinvest-holding", after which they were taken out of the holding structures. Moreover, it was found during the audit that the under the construction of the Bryansk substation holding company took out a loan also in the Bank of Moscow, but even so, "Beloberezhskaya", which was planned to launch in August 2015, was never built.

Note that this is the second case, initiated against EIH management. Last September, as "Kommersant" informed, DIA on the CAD of Moscow at the request of Alfa Bank filed a case under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). There it was about a bank guarantee in the amount of 5.6 billion rubles to Anton Zingarevich. Guarantees were necessary to conclude the contracts with the Federal Grid Company. However, according to the case, concluding contracts and receiving advance payments, the contractor has not fulfilled their obligations, and the state-owned company demanded to pay the guarantee from a credit institution. The damage, caused to the bank, is estimated at more than 2 billion rubles.

The newspaper "Kommersant", 10.19.2015


Alpha presses Zingarevich brothers with searches.

After complaints from Alfa Bank for 2 billion rubles to Anton Zingarevich, even grandparents of a businessman were searched in St. Petersburg. Powerful structures throw all of their competitive advantages to return the debt in crisis.

In this case is studying the fact, that from May 2013 to February 2014, Alfa-Bank has issued to "Energostroyinvest-holding" (as well as its member companies) 10 bank guarantees for 5.6 billion rubles for the conclusion of contracts with "FGC UES" for the construction of high-voltage power lines, and other objects. The Company received advances of 10 billion rubles, but were unable to complete the necessary work, as the result, the Federal Grid Company has demanded part of its guarantees from Alfa Bank - on 2 billion rubles.

Alfa-Bank has listed 2 billion rubles to "UES FGC", and then turned to law enforcement agencies. The credit institution felt that the leaders of "ESIH" brought holding assets that served as collateral for bank guarantees and "FGC UES" advances - to structures, affiliated by it. As a result, the holding companies began to go bankrupt, and Alfa Bank was not able to satisfy their claims from the assets of "ESIH".

"Energostroyinvest-Holding" was established in 2002 and until now has been one of Russia's largest builders of substations and power lines. The company is owned by a group of businessmen through the Cyprus offshore, among them is Anton Zingarevich.

... At the same time other powerful financial institutions have their own views on the fight against business opponents. For example, in March 2015 Yury Kovalchuk, who controls Sobinbank (owned by Kovalchuk bank "Russia"), which "ESIH" owed 1.3 billion rubles, also declared a war to Zingarevich brothers. But, unlike the Alfa Bank, Kovalchuk specializes in media pressing. So, on the first and fifth channels, as well as on Ren TV, then went 15 full plots, dedicated to business projects of Zingarevich brothers. It was reported that "the historic buildings of St. Petersburg are under the threat of demolition," "Zingarevich brothers bought half of Russian forests and brought them abroad", "Billions of debt of Zingarevich brothers flowed in the offshore."

"Fontanka.ru" 11/18/2015