Biography: Was born March 27, 1959 in the Greek village of Santa in the Georgian SSR.


He moved to Rostov-on-Don after his military service. He graduated from the Faculty of Logistics of Rostov Institute of National Economy.

In 1980 he came to work at Don state tobacco factory. He passed a way from the worker to the deputy director. Was elected as the CEO of "Donskoy tabak" in 1993. The company, led by Savvidi, received fame in 2011 with the release of several brands of cigarettes, clearly intended for children and adolescents. Release of the new brand was accompanied by an active advertising campaign, also aimed at a teenage audience. April 12 The FAS Commission imposed a fine on the company for using of minors in advertising images.

In March 1997 he was appointed member of the Board since April 1997 - the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Social Development of the Rostov Commercial Bank (Rostovsotsbank).

In 2003 Savvidi was elected to the State Duma. Four years later he was elected in it repeatedly, in 2012 failed to become a deputy once again, in spite of great efforts.

In August 2004, Ivan Savvidi founded a management company "AGROCOM Group". The holding "Agrocom Group" includes, in particular, the factory "Donskoy tabak" and the international Rostov-on-Don airport.

He was a president of FC "Rostov" from July 2002 to July 2005. The activity of Savvidi on this post was receiving a mixed assessment of the fans. In 2003, "Rostov" reached the final of the Cup of Russia, where he lost to Moscow "Spartacus" with a score of 0: 1. Despite the loud statements of Savvidi, this final was the only achievement of the club during his presidency.

Since January 2006, - the president of the football club SKA (Rostov-on-Don). SKA got the right to play in the first division of Russian football with him, from which, however, was forced to leave due to financial problems after the 2008 season. Offer of Savvidi about the merger of SKA (Rostov-on-Don) with FC "Rostov", financed from the regional budget, was rejected.

Since June 2004 Savvidi is the president of the Association of Greek public associations of Russia (AGOOR). He is also a public figure of community of Pontian CIS. On his initiative and support an annual pilgrimage to the monastery of Sumela Monastery in Trabzon became possible since 2007.

On the Local cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church in 2009, was the representative of the Rostov diocese of laymen.

In 2012, acquired the controlling stake in the Greek soccer club PAOK.

Wife - Kiriyaki Savvidi.

The children - sons Georgis and Nikos.

Awards Order "For Services to the Fatherland» of IV degree (21 February 2008) - for achievements in legislative activity, strengthening and development of the Russian statehood

Order of Honor (13 December 2003) - for labor achievements and many years of diligent work

Medal of the Order "For Services to the Motherland» II degree (6 September 1999) - for outstanding contribution to the socio-economic development of the city of Rostov-on-Don, and in connection with its 250th anniversary




Ex-deputy of the State Council of Tatarstan, a cousin of the deputy of the State Duma of the "United Russia", Irakli Savvidi was arrested in Greece. He is suspected of organizing the murder of two former employees. Savvidi himself previously addressed an open letter to the President of Tatarstan, in which he said about the persecution from the part of the Ministry of Interior.

Irakli Savvidi was arrested in Thessaloniki (Greece) on 21 January. The reason for the arrest, according to a local newspaper Kathimerini, has become a requirement of Russian special services, who suspect Savvidi in the organization of the two assassinations. The issue of his extradition to Russia is solving.

In the edition, 55-year-old Savvidi is called a "doctor" and "businessman". Kathimerini also states that he is the brother of Russian deputy Ivan Savvidi.

Irakli Savvidi is really a doctor: he once worked as the chief doctor in "Santa" sanatorium in Tatarstan. Until March 2009 Savvidi also held a deputy chair in the State Council of Tatarstan. However, they are not native with Ivan Savvidi, but, according to Regnum reports, cousins., 22.01.2010


June 6, 2011 in the park behalf of October Revolution was opened a monument to the first secretary of Party Committee Bondarenko, who ruled on the Don 18 most 'stagnant' years - from 1966 to 1984.

Many members of the "United Russia" (Mayor Chernyshev also) spoke kind words about the "good" communist. The master of the celebration was glowing himself close-up - State Duma deputy Ivan Savvidi. The monument was sculpted by his initiative, his money and was placed on his land - in the park of the October Revolution, which was rented by companies of Savvidi for 49 years.

This is - already second monument in a row, by which Savvidi has decided to decorate Rostov-on-Don. The first is near the Central Market. It is - a sculpture of Dimitry of Rostov, constructed in 1999. It was not easy with the installation of this monument. A scandal occurred. Apparently, those were different times ... So, in November 1999, "Gazeta Dona" published my article.

"The parishioners of the Cathedral of the Rostov defended the monument of Dimitry of Rostov, and the first attempt to carve a sponsor's name in plain facade failed.

The scandal erupted in the morning on 7 November. To the monument, on which the names of the authors are indicated with a modest inscription at front, came people in working clothes. They slipped the central square of the facade with a white paint. It only remained to carve a gold lettering. They already brought a Slavic ligature with a pencil: "The monument is built on funds of the collective, led by I. Savvidi". If the case was brought to an end, it would be much easier to read the name of Savvidi than the name of St. Demetrius. This outraged parishioners of the cathedral. People gathered at the monument in protest. TV showed the plot about this.

... Ivan Ignatievich Savvidi sued the "Gazeta Dona". Strange but true: only by the claim of the General Director of OJSC "Donskoy Tabak", the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, we were finally able to restore the truth., 09.06.2011


The company "Donskoy Tabak" under the leadership of the Russian State Duma deputy Ivan Savvidi - manufactures and sells cigarettes for children and adolescents.

Cigarette brand "for children and teenagers» are - Kiss, Sweet Dreams, Play, Senator, Continent.

The company, believing that it would be more difficult to approach an adult audience in a fierce competition, chosen the easiest way and the most malleable audience for the majority of their brands. Children and adolescents. That drawn to bright, promising a complete lack of challenges and endless fun at all times.

And as a cheerful upbeat codes: General Director of OJSC "Donskoy Tabak" is Ivan Savvidi - a member of the party "United Russia", deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, awarded, among others, at the celebration the anniversary of the DECR, on July 25 this year in the Danilov Monastery the Order of St. Seraphim of Sarov of III degree "in recognition for his services to the Russian Orthodox Church", as reported by Mr. Savvidi personal website. (For reference: "In 2003, before his election to the State Duma I. Savvidi rewrote 78% of "Donskoy tabak" on his wife, and left the post of the General Director..."

Third Rome, 26.08.2011


While investigators continue to deal with financial fraud, which the former president of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin is involved, information about his new partner in crime appeared in the press. As it turned out, one of them was the former CEO of the company "Donskoy tabak", and now a State Duma deputy Ivan Savvidi. Thus, the information is circulating in mass media recently that Mr. Savvidi with the help of the former Bank of Moscow's top managers, including the former president of the Bank of Borodino, in 2006-2007, was actively pulling funds from the Russian Federation abroad. Moreover, Ivan Ignatievich made this withdrawal of assets through the company OJSC "Donskoy Tabak", controlled by him, which 87% is owned by the wife of the deputy - Kyriaki Savvidi.

Ivan Savvidi started these frauds, related to the funds of the Bank of Moscow, in 2006. Only in July this year Ivan Ignatievich led through an affiliated company of "Donskoy tabak sales and marketing," $ 12 million (Swift dated 03 July 2006). Moreover, the output scheme was quite sophisticated, because the money "flowed" abroad through this LCC on the so-called loan agreement with the Swiss company Proper Investments GmbH through the Bank of Moscow. By the way, as it turned out, "firm-liner» Proper Investments GmbH also belongs to the wife of the deputy Savvidi and his son.

Moreover, on behalf of the Proper Investments GmbH this loan agreement was signed by none other than Andrei Savvidi, which is the nephew of Ivan Ignatievitch.

Moscvu-post, 23.09.2011


In the hands of Ivan Savvidi - the owner of a controlling stake in FC PAOK of Thessaloniki - passed for one-year one of the largest hotels in Thessaloniki - "Macedonia Palace", which is located right on the waterfront of the city.

As a result of the tender, announced by the Social Insurance Fund (SIF), which took place on February 4, 2013, the company «Black & White», representing the interests of Ivan Ignatievich Savvidi, suggested, compared with other candidates, applicants for a monthly rent of the hotel the highest amount equal to 95 000 euros. For comparison, «Aenaos» offered 81,000 euros, and «Grecotel» - 51.000 euros., 05/02/2013


The Board of Directors of the Greek tobacco producers cooperative SEKE unanimously approved the sale of 34.18% of the tobacco factory Sekap to OJSC "Donskoy Tabak", said the co-operative message. The main owner of the group "Agrocom", controlling "Donskoy Tabak", Ivan Savvidi confirmed "Vedomosti" the information on purchase.

Sekap factory, according to the company site, is located in Xanthi, offices - in Athens and Thessaloniki. SEKE, according to Greek mass media, owns 34.18% of the factory, another 50.36% - at the Greek state agricultural bank ATEbank. Who owns the remaining stake, couldn't figure out, Savvidi didn't talk about it. Savvidi says that his structures made an offer on purchase of more than 80%, but the response has not been received. Savvidi doesn't disclose terms of the deal.

Vedomosti, 03.19.2013


OJSC "Donskoy Tabak" of Rostov businessman of Greek origin Ivan Savvidi won the auction on the purchase of helicopters Bell 429, announced by the Chelyabinsk regional property fund. As reported «URA.Ru» today, 21 May, the press service of the regional Ministry of Industry, the buyer had bought the aircraft at the initial price of 245 million rubles. Besides "Donskoy Tabak", "Sigma-finance" participated in the auction, also belonging to structures, close to Savvidi. However, the company has just created a semblance of competition, and didn't make a single step to raise the prices.

The government of Chelyabinsk region on the initiative of the then Governor Mikhail Yurievich bought the Helicopter three years ago. It cost the regional treasury in 289 million. The aircraft can accommodate up to 7 passengers and has been certified by the most stringent safety requirements of category "A". The cab includes a flat floor and leather seats for the convenience of passengers; a vibration absorption system is installed. The flight range is 800 kilometers at a cruising speed of 273 km/h., 21.05.2014


As soon as the Ministry of Interior of Tatarstan publish information on absentee arrest of Irakli Savvidi (, as a suspect in the commission of serious crimes asked the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev for help. Not hoping that his words will be reported to the recipient, Savvidi chosen an "open letter" as form of address (, in which he made public many mysteries of the "rules of the game", established in Tatarstan elite. I have no doubt that Irakli Vladimirovich reserved the most powerful arguments.... And it has not yet involved such a "considerable resource" as a cousin of Savvidi - State Duma Deputy Ivan Savvidi, not ordinary, not the last "cog" of "United Russia".

The development of events promises to be very interesting and deserving a closest attention., 2014


The hotel complex "Tanais" (formerly Radisson SAS Don Hotel), belonging to the Sberbank of Russia, is sold at the fifth attempt at the auction, organized by the Southwest branch of the Russian auction house (RAH). Winner of the auction was the group "Agrocom" of Ivan Savvidi.

According to the director of AN "Parus" Maxim Khmel, Rostov businessman Ivan Savvidi showed interest to the object (main asset is - a group "Agrocom"). "I have reason to believe that Ivan Savvidi bought "Tanais". As far as I know, the hotel was the object of interest of another large group of companies. But, learning that they will have to compete with "Agrokom" for the object, the applicants chose to refuse from the purchase," - said Max Khmel.

RBC, 12.11.2014


Ivan Savvidi - Rostov businessman and politician, founder of the group "Agrocom" of companies, which includes a number of enterprises, including cigarette manufacturer "Donskoy tabak", where he began to work at the time as a simple worker, and headed the plant after 13 years. A deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, and was twice elected as a deputy of the State Duma. For several years, Mr. Savvidi was included in the list of billionaires of the "Finance" magazine, the last time his name appeared in the ranking in 2010, while his fortune was estimated at 9.4 billion rubles. Entrepreneur considered to be very original and even outrageous man on Don. He led and financed football clubs SKA and "Rostov" in different years,  once arranged the broadcast one of the matches between them on the big screen, and arrived there himself astride a horse. And after a while, he said in press that "football was forced by the government of the region upon him," and became a member of the Stewardship Council of the hockey club "Dynamo" (Moscow). And in 2012 he became the owner of the Greek FC "PAOK", paying 10 million euros for it. At the same time, is considered to be a big fan of the "Viagra" girl band and even, according to rumors, he encouraged the appearance two girls from Rostov in this team: first, Tatyana Kotova (which, incidentally, was advertising products of one of his companies - mineral water), and then Meseda Bagautdinova. Is it true or not, we will not state for sure, but in 2008, for example, the popular girl band performed at the New Year celebrations in Rostov-on-Don, and just Ivan Savvidi paid for this "banquet".

KP, 15/01/2015


Cyprus offshore entrepreneur Ivan Savvidi initiated an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of OJSC "Rostov-on-Don Airport" to reelect the Board of Directors. At the moment, only the opponents of Mr. Savvidi, which is already more than two years he has been fighting for control of the airport, are presented there. Offshore expects to put in the new board three representatives that will allow it to block large transactions, and thus to control the movement of assets of OJSC.

Kommersant, 01.24.2015


The owner of «Donskoy Tabak» Ivan Savvidi with a partner deploys a food chain "Variety" in the Crimea. By the end of the summer they are going to open about 60 stores in the region.

Rostov GC "Millennium", which owns a network of shops "Assorti", intends to expand their presence in the Crimea, told RBC a co-owner of the company Mikhail Sichinava. According to him, until the end of the summer "Millennium" will invest about 250 million rubles of borrowing funds in the opening of a hypermarket in Sebastopol and six supermarkets - two in Sevastopol and Yalta, one in Alushta and Simferopol. Except them, the company is going to open in the region 50 small-format stores "Assorti-Express" with an area of 200 square meters. The expansion of the Crimea "Assorti" started last year: the company opened seven supermarkets in Simferopol, putting 120 million rubles in them.

Sichinava calls a founder of the holding "Agrocom", a businessman of Greek origin Ivan Savvidi as a partner in this project. According to Sichinava, GC "Millennium" is under control of his family and Savvidi structures on an equal footing. Savvidi in a recent interview with the newspaper "Kommersant-Rostov-on-Don" has confirmed that his company is involved in the development of the Crimea "Assorti" chain stores. On a personal website of Savvidi, "Millennium" is listed among the assets of "Agrokom". It had failed to contact with the businessman himself yesterday and the representative of "Agrokom" said only that the GC "Millennium" is one of the partners of the holding.

RBC, 15.04.2015


A charity, similar with the bribe, detected in the Rostov football.

Football club "Rostov" is not a stranger to dubious financial transactions, and in some cases - diametrically opposed. On the one hand, a criminal case on the withdrawal and embezzlement of 35 million rubles by the vice-president of the club Alexander Shikunov is yet on hearing. But, as it turns out, the money is not only driven from the club in unlawful manner, but also gets there in a mysterious way. For example, 100 million rubles, which former owner Ivan Savvidi recently allocated to cover the debts of the club, are very similar not with the charitable help the club, but with a bribe to the governor Vasily Golubev for help in solving business - issues. Especially, that the surname of Savvidi was previously mentioned in the context of the scandal with using of private planes by the Governor, taking off from the airport, owned by the entrepreneur.

Ruspres, 21/08/2015