has recently received an interesting video accompanied by some no less interesting information. Our contact had accidentally recorded the Kazakh President’s daughter Senator Dariga Nazarbayeva at the shores of Monte Carlo in the close proximity of the Dilbar yacht belonging to Russian oligarch of the Uzbek origin Alisher Usmanov.

According to our contact, Dariga was observed on the board of the yacht as well. If so, the question arises – why is Dariga Nazarbayeva travelling in the company of Alisher Burkhanovich? Clearly, not to gamble in a local casino. It is most likely that the parties had come together to discuss much more important topics.

As we know, the most important issue on today’s agenda is the power transit in Kazakhstan. And we suggest that it is this topic that now occupies the central place of Dariga Nazarbayeva’s conversations. Not knowing the contents of these conversations, we can only presume what these people can talk about. But, given the current situation, such assumptions are not ungrounded. Dariga Nursultanovna has not much space for a strategic maneuver and it is not too hard to see it.

First of all, let us remind you that the current political advancement of Dariga happened, to a large extent, under necessity. Nazarbayev’s daughter did try to retire on political pension and was already looking for a new place of residence in London and/or in Geneva. However, upon her father’s request, she was forced to return to Kazakhstan. Most likely, because she was given to understand that the chances for a quiet Western life simply did not exist. It is either she is brought to the Prosecutor’s Office or she brings all the others to the Prosecutor’s Office. So, she will have to fight for the power. And, for this fight (or, rather, war), she will need the serious and high-powered (in the literal sense of the word) allies. Those who have special persuasion skills. And not only that.

Alisher Usmanov fulfills all these requirements. Those who know him well say his persuasion skills are impressive. And he has, without exaggeration, strong connections in all kinds in the social and political groups. Both in Russia and in Uzbekistan.

Given the fact that Dariga is increasingly frequently named her father’s successor, certain conclusions are hard to escape, but we will not voice them based on the scant information at our disposal. Our readers may come up with their own conclusions.

As for the video recording we received, according to our contact, it was made on January 11, 2019, in Monte Carlo. It features Dariga Nazarbayeva with her grandchildren and, presumably, their nanny.

We ourselves will not try to identify the persons in the video since the visibility is poor. However, we have no doubt that it is Alisher Usmanov’s yacht Dilbar that was recorded on it.

According to the data of (a site where one can track the ships’ movements), yacht Dilbar, during those days, was at the coast of France. She started her journey from French port Antibes to the native harbor at Barcelona on January 15, 2019.

On this site, we have also found a photograph of the Dilbar yacht moored to one of Morocco’s docking facilities. The photo was shot on January 12, 2019. We will remind you that the recording was made on January 11.

Alisher Usmanov’s yacht, by the way, is pretty chic. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes it as the biggest one in the world – her length constitutes 156 meters and the gross register tonnage is 15 917 tons. Usmanov got it in 2016 from German shipyard Lurssen. The price of the yacht is kept confidential, but the experts say it may be close to $600 mln.

Below is the video recording sent to