Ex-owner of the company “Euroset” Evgeny Chichvarkin now lives in London; he severed himself from the party "just cause". He explained the act with farness of his location from the decision-making center. The party explained demarche of the businessman as an offend by co-chairman of "just cause" Gozman, who earlier criticized the thesis of Mr. Chichvarkin for the party program.

In December 2008 Mr. Chichvarkin moved to the UK and reported on his withdrawal from the "Just Cause" in his blog. "I would love to work in the "Just Case", as well as in Russia, if only the" werewolves in epaulets” did not want to put me in jail and take away my money “, said Evgeny Chichvarkin, - besides, I did not manage to work from London". Mr. Chichvarkin asked not to “associate him” with "Just Cause" any longer. In the party they said to “Kommersant” that they had not received any statement of withdrawal from the party of the businessman, but a month ago that he sent them a letter. In the letter Mr. Chichvarkin acknowledged that the idea of participation in the "Just Case" being exiled in London “turned to be utopian”. "I do not think I could be a full-fledged member of the party" - summed up the businessman, asking to remember him kindly.

In the party his withdrawal was explained by offensive feeling towards Leonid Gozman. Let us recall, that being a member of the political council of Moscow branch in "Just Cause" in January Mr. Chichvarkin sent a proposal with a new party program. He wrote a detailed paper on the economy, politics and civil society development ("Kommersant" published the thesis on January. 28), in which he declared that "the Party has no future if it does not express its position clearly and strongly on these issues." in response to him Gozman said that the statement on behalf of a political party should be more balanced, "We should not make obviously unrealistic proposals." In addition, co-chairman noted that there were no members in political council of the party willing to discuss the proposal of Mr. Chichvarkin. Yesterday the party member said the businessman "overreacted to the reaction of Gozman”, he got offended by the co-chairman. However, co-chairman of the party Georgy Bovt told “Kommersant” that "he has not heard of any resentment against Gozman from Chichvarkin”. At the same time Mr. Bovt considered his resignation as "a loss" for the party, he noted that "there is no other comparable business figure in the capital today”.