Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov won the latest action in the metropolitan court to protect the honor and dignity. At this time the "Just Cause" and the party political council member Boris Nadezhdin must pay him 50 thousand rubles each for saying that Mr. Luzhkov wanted to capture the fatty pieces of Moscow suburbs for building, and for his wife, Elena Baturin could enrich herself more." Meanwhile, the mayor brought the similar action against the State Duma Deputy Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and the latter summoned a thousand witnesses.

In the suit, Yuri Luzhkov claimed that the statement of Boris Nadezhdin connected his work with the business interests of the «Inteko»CEO Elena Baturina», and «discredited him as a senior official of the city, and did not correspond to reality." As compensation for moral harm inflicted the mayor demanded 500 thousand rubles to be collected from the party, and from Boris Nadezhdin as well.

Mr. Nadezhdin asked a number of documents proving the construction works on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region made by the firms that Elena Baturina managed. In addition, he applied for witnesses subpoena, who were making decisions in connection with the construction activities of Mrs. Baturina - her husband, her brother Viktor Baturin and deputy of Mr. Luzhkov, Vladimir Resin. In addition, the Party member demanded to proove Yuri Luzhkov's suffering caused by his remarks.

However, none of the motions by Mr. Nadezhdin were satisfied by court, moreover, the court obliged him to refute the words that Mr. Luzhkov «wanted to capture the fatty pieces of Moscow suburbs for building, and for his wife, Elena Baturin could enrich herself more”, and sought in his favor 50 thousand rubles from Mr. Nadezhdin and the party "Just Cause", on the site of which the statement was published. The Party member called this court's decision and the case itself "a farce and spectacle." "All my requests were rejected, the court refused even to discuss whether Elena Baturin was the wife to Yuri Luzhkov. It is not clear even what I should deny», he said and promised to respond. «I will stand with a big cap in hand in front of City Hall, to collect 50 thousand for Luzhkov. Besides that, I will turn to the Constitutional Court for protection of my right to freedom of speech, opinion and political debate. "

At the same time, a scandal erupted at the trial on the suit of Yuri Luzhkov to the State Duma Deputy Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky and VGTRK (All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company). The ground to the suit served the statements of the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party about corruption in Moscow. Lawyer of the party member Sergei Belyak has already presented to the Savyolovsky court of Moscow a 286-sheet vindication of Mr. Zhirinovsky rightness, at the next meeting he will submit a folder with the law-enforcement authorities' responses on the state of corruption in Moscow. In addition, according to Mr. Belyakov, a list of thousands of witnesses has already been compiled, including several dozen members of the State Duma, famous artists and public figures. "The judge asked us not to call all the witnesses at the same time, so that the court would not turn into Babel, but the case may result in the Nuremberg trial against the Moscow corrupt officials", said the lawyer.