Magazines and exhibitions at Russian Railways, the yacht in Britain
Assets family Yakunin veiled Cypriot offshore
The original of this material© navalny, 09.02.2016, We reveal archives by Yakunin - new contracts and yacht Railways Andrey Yakunin, photo, illustration: via navalny
Some strange movement is taking place around the former head of Russian Railways Yakunin. Just last Friday, we read news that revoked the license of a bank "Millennium" pocket bank Railways, where the board was the wife of Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin Natalia. On the same day searches Sergei Mikhailov, a former board member of the Russian Railways, sitting on the advertising and PR-contracts with RZD is already a decade. Well, call FBK employees to testify.
I do not want to turn into a political scientist, a psychic and assume that the same for all of these events is, any man jumped, and how much quarrel conditional security forces with conventional liberals or specific to a particular Yakunin Putin. Is there any likelihood that an old man Yakunin, our old favorite and constant investigations of the hero, really seriously come from? Of course, there is.
Yakunin - a symbol of corruption in Russia. If someone decided to paint the emblem of corruption - it would have flaunted Vladimir Ivanovich in a fur coat and clock, in-house porters or domestic chapel, braided network of offshore companies and the endless spiritual braces.
That seems to be how much can one person well, or family to steal? How many times can crank out the same scheme that operates on the same principles, with the help of the same people? And how long can such a model exist?
We wrote a lot about what the family business Yakunin, frontiruemy eldest son Andrey Yakunin, is inextricably linked with the Railways. First, we found a network Station hotel, then e-tickets for trains and booking system, and then geogrids per billion rubles.
At some point, penetration Yakunin, RZD Jr. gained some unimaginable scale - to stay in the station hotel Andrey Yakunin offered through the payment system of Andrey Yakunin, after buying a train ticket also through the payment system Yakunin. Everywhere commission and service fee, all decorated in the same offshore.
Investigation on the fact we do more, and some of them remained in the archives of FBK shuboderzhavnogo after retirement. Who will blow the dust off some of them. Fortunately investigate business Yakunin and his environment is simple and nice. Its offshore empire arranged so uncomplicated that could expose him triumphantly any fifth-grader, not to mention the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigator.
As most of our readers will remember, Business eldest son Andrey Yakunin is decorated by two Cypriot offshore - VERLYS NOMINEES LIMITED and V.R.L. NOMINEES LIMITED. This is not guesswork and no speculation, it is sufficient to study the list of "projects" on the company's website VIY Management, check the owners of legal entities, and there are our old friends from Cyprus - Lawyers family Lissiotis. In the offshore, formally owned by them are also decorated Yakunin estate in Akulinin.
Compromat.RuCottage Vladimir Yakunin in AkulininA closer look at these offshore are some more interesting assets. You will not believe, but they are again linked to Railways.
For example. Who went to the peregrines, certainly I saw this magazine:
This is a monthly publication with a circulation 80,000 copies. Million magazines a year. History, though free for passengers, but the money for advertising they take quite decent:
Compromat.RuMedia Kit Journal "Peregrine"The publication of this journal is engaged LLC "Reklamotiv". He also publishes the magazine "SACVOYAGE CB", the monthly circulation of an instance of which 400 thousand. Distributed in the compartment and SV wagons.
"Reklamotiv" LLC produces other publications railway running on Railways from 2010 to the present moment.
The owners of this company are hidden behind the Cyprus offshore TRUBAN CO LTD. Until recently TRUBAN CO LTD was the sole owner of "Reklamotiva", and after the resignation of Yakunin's share fell to 18%.
Compromat.RuLtd. "Reklamotiv", an extract from the registerFor owners of the Cyprus TRUBAN CO LTD does not need to go to a fortune. These are the same denominations, which all the family assets recorded Yakunin.
Compromat.RuTruban Co. Ltd, an extract from the Cyprus Register of Legal EntitiesBut that's not all.
Like any self-respecting a huge corporation with an unlimited budget Railways annually organizes an infinite number of useless forums, conferences and trainings. All this has been a special contractor - "Business Dialogue" Company. Let's look at their website:
Since 2012, this company does not organize virtually nothing but a variety of rail and other transport gatherings.
Here he Yakunin on the organized "Business Dialogue" forum "1520 Strategic Partnership":
Compromat.RuVladimir YakuninOnly in the last year of "Business Dialogue" won the tender for 1 billion rubles, the bulk of the money - 677 500 000 - was a contest of Railways on the right to organize the participation of JSC "Russian Railways" in exhibitions and conferences, as well as the organization, carrying out and provision of exhibitions and conferences of JSC "Russian Railways" from 2015 to 2017.
It would be strange if such a great thing, as the organization of events, moved past the clutches yakuninskoy family and their entourage.
According to the extract from the register of legal entities, 25% of the company owned by the Cyprus offshore TRUSSLAND CO. LTD.
Compromat.RuOOO "Business Dialogue", an extract from the registerWho owns TRUSSLAND CO LTD? With one time:
Compromat.RuTrussland Co. Ltd, an extract from the Cyprus Register of Legal EntitiesAgain, they are our old friends, the owners of cottages in and around the business Akulinin Andrey Yakunin. For journals and conferences of nearly one billion rubles next hidden sons, friends, in-laws and the porters, Vladimir Yakunin. Who exactly and in what proportion - we can not say (on that and nominee shareholders), but it has absolutely no value. Yakunin stuck to two more eternal in a row - press and corporate events. Corruption in its purest form.
Oh if investigators MIA took to search and investigate yakuninskie affairs, we give them the golden key to his corrupt empire. Step by step instructions and training manual.
Look yakuninskuyu empire here. This tattered building in Cyprus:
That's the door to offshore empire Yakunin.
Behind it sit two lawyers - cute grandfather eighty years - Renos Lissiotis and his daughter fashion figure Faith Lissiotis. About which we have repeatedly written.
Compromat.RuFrom left to right: Renos Lissiotis, Lissiotis Faith, Giorgio Armani and Vera LissiotisTechnically, on paper, these lawyers - dollar millionaires. In fact, they are not millionaires, and those people, who instead of Renos and Vera Lissiotis agreed to put their names and signatures. Sami lawyers live much more modestly, their firm takes less than 1,500 euros a year for the maintenance of foreign companies.
Compromat.Rulaw firm Lyssiotis Law Sample agreementLissiotisy offer to issue any company on denominations (in itself). Between them and the real beneficiaries signed a piece of paper, called a trust deed. Thus, nominal shareholders alienate themselves from the real property rights.
Compromat.RuDetail of a law firm contract Lyssiotis LawRussian investigators do not think it necessary to explain that due to the close relations and cooperation between Russia and Cyprus, are in for a few days can get information about the holders of the trust deeds, about who really owns the assets recorded in the offshore. There will be names and signatures, and passport information, and bank accounts - lawyers stores all the data of the beneficial owners.
Similar information can be found in banks, where all of these companies served. Tip - check Piraeus Bank and Bank of Cyprus. Wonder whether the vice-president of the latter - and the KGB Colonel Putin's old friend Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, ask him.
Compromat.RuVladimir Strzhalkovsky, deputy chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank of CyprusIn general, if you have the desire and political will - yakuninskaya corruption may be disclosed to irrevocably and completely within two or three months.
And if the investigators want to see what the millions of dollars spent Yakunin family (besides Akulinin and estates in London, of course), here's another one of our finds. Sailing yacht Lady Mariposa.
Compromat.RuYacht Lady MariposaThat's the son, grandson and granddaughter of Vladimir Yakunin at the helm of the yacht:
Compromat.RuIgor Yakunin (left), Andrei Yakunin (top right) and Pauline YakuninThere is nothing to investigate, and the fact of ownership of the yacht in the UK Yakunin family did not hide.
Compromat.Ru"What boat?" asked his son Andrei Yakunin. "Daddy's. Lady Mariposa"Yakunin mentioned as owners of thematic publications, and even a site yacht was originally registered to Andrey Yakunin personally.
And here is the last routes yakuninskoy yacht. All routes are the most patriotic - Kizhi, Valaam, Uglich ...
Yakunin Jr. all noble patriot. Not only is that a citizen of Great Britain:
Compromat.RuAndrey Yakunin is listed in the list of voters in the UK (vote may only British citizens)It also won some nasty things about Russia writes:
Compromat.RuFacebook Andrey YakuninIn fact, it's not all that we have survived the years of investigation yakuninskoy Empire, and we will continue to publish the archival investigation. Sooner or later, the criminal cases Yakunin and his accomplices will be instituted, and no foreign citizenship does not help them to escape punishment. Investigators engaged in work on the case Yakunin, luck and a fair wind! [...]