A new "star" among developers of mobile applications in just a single year - Iconic Mobile company with which the Russian state structures in a hurry to conclude contracts for large sums. In all the media face of the company is a 25-year-old "child prodigy" Alex Pospekhov and behind him "a gloomy shadow" is located the real owner and a member of Iconic Mobile Board of Directors Sergey Grechishkin - businessman living in London, who is known as the official sponsor of the opposition and the project Alexey Navalny - Fund to fight corruption (FBK) and "painted". Grechishkin also a "junior" partner of the ex-advisor of Finance Minister Otari Margania and chief administrative department of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Ahpolova. The result was a very interesting bunch. Initially, FBK and "painted" reveal corruption in awarding contracts for the supply of state structures of the software. Then, in place of "drop-outs", "corruption" of firms comes Iconic Mobile. The fact that the budget money went this company already organized Margania Ahpolov. The latter is perhaps the most nepuganye official. He did not hide the fact that for more than $ 5 million while working in the Ministry of Finance became the owner of the property value.
Bulk - cleared, Ahpolov - I organized, Grechishkin - received
Up until 2014, a little-known company for the development of mobile applications, "Aypadayzer" worked in Russia, which was created by a former employee of "Euroset" Alex Pospekhov. However, in late 2013 about Alexei remembered businessman Sergei Grechishkin - their parents are on friendly terms. I remembered, of course, is not just.
Grechishkin himself especially to "shine" can not in Russia, since much of "heritage" in the homeland. He was vice-president of the bank "KIT Finance", which formed a huge financial "hole" and the salvation which the government has started up 135 billion. Rubles. Thereafter Grechishkin moved to London, where he became an official sponsor of FBK Navalny. Sergey also organized in London rallies "For Fair Elections", appeared in the Western media sharply criticized preztdenta Vladimir Putin and the Russian government, and so on. D. With such a reputation it would be strange to expect a successful business in Russia. But it is quite another thing when a company is not hardened opposition, and the young "child prodigy" Alex Pospekhov.
As a result, related to English Grechishkin fund invested in "Aypadayzer" and based on that company's Iconic Mobile was founded in 2014. Her face and CEO Pospekhova done, and the real master was "an Englishman" Grechishkin (officially Iconic Mobile he is a member of the board of directors). The company began to carry out the work for the "core" structures, for example, made a mobile application channel "Rain", which is owned by Alexander Vinokurov - the former president of "KIT Finance" and a close friend Grechishkina.
Surprisingly different. From the first days of the birth Iconic Mobile began to enjoy extraordinary popularity among state agencies. Moreover, the former distribution of mobile applications for various departments and state corporations "dropped out" against their will. They certainly found compromising FBK and "painted", which, recall, sponsored by Sergei Grechishkin - host Iconic Mobile.
Here is one such example. FBK and "painted" suddenly took up some non-core topic for them. These two structures have thrown various agencies inquiries and requests about the "corruption component" and "conflict of interest" at the conclusion of government contracts to build mobile applications for the Moscow government, in particular in the framework of the project "Electronic Moscow". Subordinate Alexei Navalny "unearthed" that the head of Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow Maxim Reshetnikov could be a sign of Dmitry Andrianov - founder of CJSC "forecast", which won the tender for the development of mobile applications in the framework of "e-Moscow". The results of all this work were later published in the media. By this time it was done, "road" sponsoring company Navalny Sergei Grechishkina was cleared.
In no very strange coincidence, immediately after such investigations to replace the "questionable" the developers came to "white and fluffy» Iconic Mobile. It was with this company a major contract for the creation of "Electronic Moscow" mobile application was made. And there is no corruption in the FBK and "Rospile" have not seen.
Following the Moscow government in Iconic Mobile pulled other government agencies with contracts for hundreds of millions of rubles. Moreover, the case began to reach the point of absurdity. For example, Iconic Mobile has developed a mobile application for the conference "Information technology in the service of the military-industrial complex", organized by the state corporation "Rostec" and the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation. That is, a firm owned by British fund and oppositionist Grechishkin, to develop applications for the event entirely a secret military-industrial complex.
Why such a hurry state agencies to cooperate with the Iconic Mobile? The company has powerful lobbyists, which organizes all of these contracts. It has lots of links to government and other public bodies former adviser to the Minister of Finance (when the agency was headed by Alexei Kudrin) Otar Margania and head of the administrative department of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Ahpolov. Both have long been familiar with Grechishkin and are its "senior partners" for projects set. In particular, Margania Ahpolov and control financial flows state company "ALROSA" and send them to your liking. At one time the diamond money were properly belonging Grechishkin English fund Alcantara Asset Management LLP.
It seems that 15 years working in the Finance Ministry believes Ahpolov: his personal connections and communication Margania so great that you can absolutely nothing to fear. The head of the department for a career in the government became the owner of real estate worth more than $ 5 million, and without a twinge of conscience, "wrote" her straight out.
Rublevskoe Manor officer Ministry of Finance
Alexander Alihanovich Ahpolov was born in 1956 in the town of Ardon North Ossetia and his whole life to the service of the state. It is not a day was not a merchant or the head of a company, except, of course, the honorable position of head of "Community" public organization that unites graduates of the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University. Faculty of Economics of the University Ahpolov Alexander graduated in 1983 with his best friend Otar Margania and ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.
In 1994, Alexander Alihanovich went to work in the administration of government Ardon district and since then his career has gone up. Gradually, he was promoted to the small home to the head of the national control of taxes and fees, and from that position in 2001. "jumped" in the armchair of the head of the RF Ministry of Finance Department.
Here is the "dacha" modest officer with sputnikaTak looks "dacha" modest officer from the satelliteNot having worked for two years in Moscow, he became the owner of the estate Ahpolov on the ruble. In June 2003, the official Eternal acquired three adjacent plot of land (12 acres, 6 acres and two hundred) in the village Buzaevo Odintsovo District. The village is almost adjacent to the exclusive village of Gorki-2, and Ahpolova lands are located directly adjacent to Rublevo Assumption highway. With it, even made a separate check-in clerk estate. Incidentally, the cost of land weave in Buzaevo at that time was about $ 40 thousand. It is easy to calculate that the purchase of 20 acres was to do in the official $ 800 thousand. Seller (the contract is registered in the IUF 01.07.2003 for №50-01 / 20-48 / 2003-123.1) acted as Joint-Stock Company "Agricultural complex" Gorki-2 ", which then belonged and belongs still Andrey Klinovsky - in-law of former Prime Minister and opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov. Ahpolov long been friendly with Kasyanov and still neighborly visits him. Therefore, it is possible that areas on the ruble actually cost him cheaply. However, for what services? Mikhail Kasyanov will not just "give" $ 800 thousand.
Manor on the ruble Ahpolov acquired in-law of opposition leader Michael KsyanovaPomeste on the ruble Ahpolov acquired in-law of opposition leader Mikhail KasyanovIn any case, if he was able to Ahpolov two years of work in the Ministry of Finance somewhere to get $ 800 thousand, or such sum it for something thanked Kasyanov -. Corruption component, as they say, is obvious.
Despite the fact that all three sites since 2003 belonged Ahpolovu and are an indivisible whole, it is the official declaration of "modestly" indicates the two sites with a total area of 6.5 hundreds. For this to other lands had to make short-term manipulation - for a short while to rewrite them to relatives, then make them some meaningless barter transaction.
Mansions worth more than $ 4 million hides zaborOsobnyaki high cost of over $ 4 million hides a high fenceIn 2011 and 2012 Alexander Ahpolov decides that it is time to officially register the numerous buildings that have already been for a long time on the sites. This solution to the officer, apparently, it's at this time is not accidental. Just in the 2011-2012 year Russia was shaken by protests, which was among the organizers of Alexei Navalny, and sponsored them to other Sergei Grechishkin. In the same period, "ALROSA" (Ahpolov oversees the activities of the company from the state and member of management bodies) the transfer of large sums of money for the British fund advice Alcantara Asset Management LLP. It belonged to the fund the same Grechishkin.
As a result, the official Ahpolov registered a residential building area of 496.3 square meters. m (this is a big brick mansion, registration rights 50-50-96 / 075 / 2011-398 number), a guest house with an area of 108.8 square meters. m (cottage smaller number of registration rights 50-50-96 / 075 / 2011-399), as well as some residential premises, one floor of which - the underground (probably silo or storage for the money). All these buildings are surrounded by a large brick fence, behind which, in addition to the rooftops, seen many birch trees (apparently, even to the house not to forget the needs of the Homeland). Just like in the song - "I clearly - a patriot."
Looking at the real estate agency websites, you may find that now, in times of crisis, an area of 15 acres in Buzaevo with buildings like Ahpolova, sold for about $ 4 million. In official and land more, and the house interesting, respectively, and his estate expensive.
uneasy apartment
It would seem that having issued the real estate in the most prestigious and expensive place worth more than $ 4 million in the Moscow region, the head of the department should be quiet. But Alexander Alihanovich is not. Give him another apartment in Moscow. And so, to fit his mansion on the ruble.
The club house, which have Ahpolova apartment for $ 2 mlnKlubny house in which at Ahpolova apartment for $ 2 millionOctober 19, 2012 Ahpolov becomes the owner (registration number right 77-77-20 / 139 / 2012-350) flat area of 142.8 square meters. m (or Penthouse or 2-level apartment) in a house on the street №7 Presnya, right next door to the White House.
The building, where official became the owner of real estate is very difficult. Here is an excerpt from the announcement of the sale of apartments in it. "Luxurious small apartment house of club type, built in 2001, on an individual project. Execution of entrance - marble. The three-level security system. Private equipped courtyard with a fountain and a great place to relax. parking "is located on the underground level.
The cost of apartments in this luxury complex starts at $ 1.2 million, and housing Ahpolova "pull" somewhere in the $ 1.8-2 million.
However, at the time of purchase of an apartment protest movements have come to naught, Vladimir Putin became president again, so Alexander Alihanovich clearly embarrassed doroguschih choir at Krasnaya Presnya. So shy that he did not show them in more than one declaration of income. Just 21 December 2012 (two months after the purchase) officially ceased to be the owner of the apartment. But the family circle luxury apartments are gone. This apartment was rewritten spouse Ahpolova (annual income of 370 thous. Rubles) and have it display it in their income statements.
Of course, just in case the official "insure" against possible suspicions of unearned wages. In 2012, his annual income amounted to as much as 28.1 million rubles. In the declaration, the explanation given is: "a one-time grant for the purchase of premises, loan of money." That is, most likely, Alexander Alihanovich received from the state subsidy for the purchase of apartments. But this raises several questions. Firstly, bought apartments in the club house (at the rate of 2012 dollars a year) cost at least twice the official head of the department of revenue. Second, the subsidies are provided only to officials who do not have housing accommodation, while Ahpolova by that time there were two house a total area of about 700 square meters. m on the ruble. And thirdly, if the purchase is "transparent", why they not show apartment in the declaration and on the right to rewrite the wife?
It may be added that Ahpolov has consistently flies to Montenegro, and sometimes two or three days. We can assume that he has property there, too.
Thus, the humble head of the department, who worked all his life officer, during his service in the Ministry of Finance became the owner of the property, which is worth at least $ 5 million. In this case we are talking only about the assets that Ahpolov officially registered in his name. And as he had not yet recorded on, that's another story.
Why Ahpolov not afraid to officially be a very rich man, "cut" means the state company "ALROSA" and organize financial flows for the opposition sponsors? Simply, he is sure that, thanks to fellow students at the Economics Faculty of the University of St. Petersburg, went into the caste of "untouchables". Ahpolov mistaken or not - time will tell. Meanwhile, an official of the more "dark clouds".
February 3, 2016 the Central Bank revoked the license of the International Joint-Stock Bank (MAB), controlled by State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk. It turned out that the bank lost heavily subordinated to the Ministry of Finance Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Foreign Economic Association" Almazuvelirexport ". The decision on allocation of funds of large state-owned enterprises in a small bank took Ahpolov Alexander and his deputy Andrei clay. It was the last sign and stand on all the relevant documents from the Ministry of Finance. As a result, Ahpolov clay and made all efforts to make the country at their own expense MAB left "floating". But it failed. Now Ahpolov and clay are very experienced for what will be the reaction to the incident by the Finance Minister Andrei Siluanov.
Yuri Gvozdev