In December 2018, former Senator Andrei Khazin and ACTING Director General of FSUE "Main radio frequency center" Dmitry Loktaev were appointed new advisers to the Governor of St. Petersburg.

Career of Andrei Khazin, who took the post of Deputy Chairman of "Elbim Bank" at the age of as much as 22 years!, leave it later and I would like to tell about second Advisor to the Governor, whose career is as obscure and controversial as the first.

Crown of courage-modesty

So says the Arabic proverb. Apparently, Dmitry Loktaev loves and respects its text, because if the reader tries to find on the Internet any information about Dmitry Sergeyevich, he will be surprised to find that 40 years of more than fruitful work fits into a few stingy lines from the biography, which we will give below ourselves.

Dmitry Loktaev was born in Leningrad, after school he entered the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, which eventually received the degree of candidate of economic Sciences.

In 1999, at the age of 20, he immediately became the financial Director of the publishing house "amphora". Having worked there for two years, Loktaev found a new place - he was appointed Deputy General Director of the Insurance company "Help". Then he was appointed CEO of the company. And in 2011 he moved to the place of Deputy General Director of SO "Zhiva". Two years later, Loktaev is the General Director Of the Fund for capital repairs of St. Petersburg (until 2015). And since 2017 - ACTING Director General of FSUE "Main radio frequency center".

Little, isn't it? we decided to dig a little deeper and look closer – what kind of person will give advice to the Governor of the cultural capital of Russia.

A talented person is talented in everything


What does a graduate need to get his first job? Sure, experience. If you have no experience, then you have to show that you are a real expert.

Apparently, Dmitry Sergeevich was a good specialist. Only such a conclusion arises when you realize that, as a student of the 3rd year of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Dmitry Sergeevich successfully enters the publishing house "amphora". Immediately to the position of CFO.

Like any unbiased reader, we immediately assumed that Dmitry Sergeyevich really was able to prove his financial literacy to the management of the publishing house and take not the easiest position in the company. However, the impression is ruined "OOI "Support", which was wholly-owned by the founder of the abovementioned "Amphora".

You can call it coincidence, but the owners of "OOI "Support" are some of Loktaev Viktor Loktev and Valentina.

Since the father of Dmitry Loktaev name is Sergey Viktorovich, Victor Stepanovich can be a grandfather, and Valentina - grandmother of our successful third-year student.

Moreover, having been a little financial Director of "Amphora", Dmitry Sergeevich becomes the General Director of "Babushkin" "OOI "OPORA" And manages the organization from 2003 to 2004.

Insurance company "Help»

Since we follow the chronology indicated at the very beginning of the article, the next item is "Deputy/General Director of Insurance company "Help".

But even here we came across the shortcomings of the data collected in the beginning. It should be added that from 2001 to 2007 Dmitry Sergeyevich was the Deputy General Director of "insurance company "Help" then till 2011 was the General Director in the same place.

But that's not all. Since 2006 Dmitry Sergeyevich was the General Director of CJSC so "help", from 2007 to 2011 he headed LLC " CSI "Help", and from 2010 to 2011 he managed LLC "FA"Help".

Why so much"help"? While we recommend the reader not to think much about this fact, because a detailed description of the schemes of management and ownership of companies, we will do a little below.

Not one "Help" fed

There is not enough in the biography and description of other enterprises managed by Dmitry Sergeevich.

From 2011 to 2013 he managed LLC "Financial design", LLC" RSO Help", LLC"Symbol". About these companies we will also discuss below.

From 2013 to 2015, Dmitry Sergeyevich held the position of General Director of no "FKR MKD SPB" (the same Fund for capital repairs, the founder of which is the Administration of the Governor of St. Petersburg).

With the beginning of 2018, and currently Dmitry Loktaev acting General Director of FGUP grchts and mid-2018 is the Chairman of the Board of DNP "KOOP Lake."

Divide and conquer

Managing enterprises is not bad for professional growth and becoming a successful businessman, even such a large number of them, as in the portfolio of Dmitry Sergeevich. Doubly not bad if they all belong to you and your family.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that when describing the career of Dmitry Loktaev, you can often read the phrase "...the son of a well-known businessman Sergei Loktaev in the business environment of St. Petersburg...".

When you look at the diagram below and wonder at the figures of the authorized capital of these enterprises, keep in mind that these schemes name "well-known businessman" Sergei Loktaev no. We could not find at least some information about the success of Loktaev senior in the field of business, and therefore we began to closely examine the scheme of enterprises of the Loktaev family, trying to understand where the money came from in such a short time.


"Petrostroyinvest" can be considered the jewel in the collection of Dmitry Loktev.

Recall that Dmitry Sergeyevich is closely associated with the insurance company "Help", where he was General Director until 2011. Apparently it is there that he earns his first serious money, because in 2007 Dmitry Loktaev founded LLC "Petrostroyinvest" with an authorized capital of 20 million rubles.

A year later, Dmitry Sergeevich increases the authorized capital by another 32 million, and by 2011 it is already 639 million.

The contributions to the Charter capital of LLC "Petrostroyinvest»


To date, the authorized capital of the enterprise is still the same 639 million rubles., and on the balance of the number of 1.09 bln.

Financial engineering

In the same 2011, when the authorized capital of Petrostroyinvest increases to 639 million rubles, another company receives a financial infusion of a huge scale.

OOO "Financial engineering" was founded in 2011, the company "OOI Support" (co-founders Viktor and Valentina Lokteva) with a registered capital of 10 thousand rubles., then in the same year Dmitry loktaev of included in the founders and replenishes UK 97.9 million.

Contributions to the authorized capital of LLC " Financial design»


Arithmetic. Thus by 2011, Dmitry makes UK both companies almost 737 million RUB Almost a billion!

But that's not all. If you look at the share of Petrostroyinvest's participation in another "family" enterprise, you can proudly say that we will step over a billion for sure.

Insurance company "Help»

Insurance company "Help" (hereinafter "Help") was established in 2003, a kind of ZAO "Severo-Zapadnaya industrial Union" with the Charter capital (hereinafter - CC) 10 thousand.

Less than a year later, the founders include CJSC "so pomosch" and increases the criminal code by 120 million.

What does to "Help" is Dmitry Loktaev?

Recall that in 2007, Dmitry is the only founder of "Petrostroyinvest" with the UK - 20 million rubles In the same 2007 the same "Petrostroyinvest" is part of the founders discussed in this part of the article WITH "Assistance" and adds to its authorised capital by RUB 158 million!

Thus Dmitry Loktev creates a "Petrostroyinvest", making him RUB 20 million, followed by "Petrostroyinvest" makes 158 million in "Aid". At that time Dmitry Loktaev was 28 years old.

Arithmetic. Keeping in mind the 737 million above, let's say that we can add 20 and 158 million to them, and it is possible more, because the share of Petrostroyinvest IN so "Help" subsequently increased to 407.5 million rubles.

So "Help" and "Alive" - family business

Along with the "Petrostroyinvest" the founders included the OOO "North-West industrial Alliance" and "CSI "Help". Both companies are linked does Lokteva, because the first belongs to Alla Yurievna Lokteva (founded in 2007 UK 20 million), and the second Alexander Loktaev (founded in 2007 Alla Lokteva from the UK 8 million).

In fairness, I must say that 2011 was a successful year for all members of the family Dmitry Loktaev.

Arithmetic. In 2011, one hundred percent share of Alla Yurievna in the" North-Western industrial Union " amounted to 870 million rubles, and the share of Alexander Loktaev in the "CSI" Help " was 502.7 million rubles.

If you add the authorized capital of companies in 2011, you will get the following:

Dmitry Loktaev - 915 million - 1.16 billion rubles.

Alla Loktev 870 million roubles.

Alexander Loktaev - 502 million rubles.

Total: 2,278-2,53 billion rubles.

2011 was really productive, because in the same year "Petrostroyinvest", "North-Western industrial Union"," CSI "Help" and "Financial design "create LLC" Insurance company "Zhiva", contributing each 226 million, 174 million, 99 million and 121 million rubles, respectively.

Arithmetic. To the total "family" amount can be added 620 million rubles and get that in 2011 the amount of authorized capital was equal to 2.9-3.15 billion rubles.

At the moment all the above businesses (except "Financial planning") are the current and most retained their UK at the level of 2011.

FA "Help»

If the amount of 3 billion rubles for Dima, Alla and Sergei Loktaev you feel great, then will see you again surprise. In June of 2010 (a year before "lucky 2011") WITH "Help" (which belongs to Dmitry, Alla and Alexander Loktev) and "Northwest industrial Union" (owned by alle Lokteva) to jointly establish, OOO "FA "Help" with a registered capital of 5.7 billion rubles.! The "Union" of Alla Yurievna contributes 5.1 billion RUB.

But this strangeness does not end, because after a little more than six months of existence "FA "Help" liquidated, while the liquidator of the company acts Loktaev Dmitry (in January 2011).

Successful businessman

So where could these billions come from in such a short period? And Dmitry, Alla and Alexander Loktaev founded companies with huge authorized capital and appeared out of nowhere?

Perhaps the reason for everything is the same name and older companies.

Back in 1995 and 1998 were founded the same name with the above described LLC: JSC " North-Western industrial Union "and JSC "SO"Help".

The founders of these companies we could not find, and they are "closed".

However, when you consider the meteoric rise of young Lechaevich, a huge amount, which participated in the organization of the new company and direct the figuring above, CJSC to the founders of the "family" of companies, it is possible with high probability to say that origins is the most "successful in the business circles of the businessman" Sergey V. of Loktaev.

The surprising fact is that there is even less information about him on the Internet than about other family members.

Everything that you learn, having tried to find information on Sergey Viktorovich, will be the following:

He was also born in Leningrad. In 1978 he graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (LPI). M. I. Kalinina, candidate of technical Sciences. In 1984-1991-worked in LPI as a senior lecturer, senior researcher, associate Professor, then-Director of the joint Russian-Austrian company; since 1992 worked in the Bank" Petrovsky", since 1996 - managing branch of the Bank; since 1998 - Chairman of the Board of JSC" St. Petersburg investment Technohimbank"; Chairman of the Board of JSC "Bank"Alexander".

Thus, Sergey Viktorovich until 1991 was a senior lecturer, since 1992 went into banking and three years later founded (probably) CJSC "SO "Help".

Is the banking activity of Sergey Viktorovich Loktaev connected with the successful take-off of CJSC "so "Help"? - the question of a separate article, but let's go back to the Advisor to the Governor.

DNP "Cooperative Lake»

Cottage non-profit partnership "Cooperative Lake" is located in the village Borzoi Istrinsky district.

This object is interesting because the founders of this partnership are Lomov Mikhail Andreevich, Loktaev Dmitry Sergeevich and Monosov Andrey Leonidovich.

Andrey Leonidovich is the son of Leonid Anatolyevich Monosov, the well-known distributor of budget funds in the field of construction of Moscow and the head of the investment portfolio of AFK Sistema.

We only slightly remind the reader that Leonid Monosov in 2007 headed the Department of the city order of capital construction of Moscow, thereby took control of all Moscow buildings.

Passed through the company the entire document for contractors. About half of the company's orders are municipal, about 10%- Federal, and 40% - from commercial structures, among which a special place was occupied by INTECO Elena Baturina and ARKS.

At the same time, Leonid Monosov himself is associated with the Monarch company, which he controlled. In some subsidiaries of the concern, the co - founder is his son, already known to us through a partnership with Dmitry Loktaev in the "Cooperative "Lake" - Andrey Monosov.

On the website of the insurance company "Help" Loktaev stated that " Monarch "is one of its key customers, which may indicate that the cooperation of Andrei Monosov and Dmitry Loktaev on "Cooperative" Lake " is not an accident.

The ARKS and Vladimir Lavlentsev

Infrastructure holding ARKS in the Moscow market exists with


I would like to draw the reader's attention to an interesting fact: on the website "Help" provided that one of its key customers, as in the case of "the Monarch"'th Monosov, is holding "ARKS" (Vladimir Lavlentsev).

Thus, St. Petersburg "Help "and Moscow" ARKS " are closely linked. The latter, in turn, is the largest contractor in Moscow and is also closely connected with the Monosov family through the construction business.

We would not be interested in the company "ARKS", if not for one detail - back in 2011, Vladimir Alexandrovich Lavlentsev after dismissal from the Moscow city hall went to work for his father, becoming Chairman of the Directors of ARKS'a. Most likely, against the background of business cooperation then met Dmitry Loktaev and Vladimir Lavlentsev.

It should be noted that Dmitry Loktaev and Vladimir Lavlentsev could meet even earlier, because the first since 2004 worked in the government of Moscow (was the first Deputy head of the Department of the city order of capital construction, worked in the Department of architecture, construction, development and reconstruction), and the second in 2009 was appointed the General designer of the city target program "Electronic Moscow" on a voluntary basis.

General in the biography is also the fact that from may 2013 to October 2014 – Vladimir Lavlentsev worked as Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg for housing and communal services (supervised in the regional government the solution of issues of municipal economy, housing policy, housing, improvement and energy), and Dmitry Loktaev from November 2013 to 2015 was the Director General of the Fund for capital repairs of St. Petersburg. According to some publications, Loktaev and Lavlentsev at that time were already familiar personally, so, most likely, it was the Vice-Governor who invited Dmitry Sergeyevich to head the regional operator of the capital repair Fund.

If to cause almost synchronous change of places and cities of work by friendship, whether it is possible to bring under this rule and the last appointments? Both again in Moscow - Vladimir Lavlentsev from 2015 to 2018 was the chief Federal inspector for Moscow office of the Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal district, and Dmitry Loktaev is acting Director General of FSUE "Main radio frequency center" for unknown reasons hired by Mr. Zharov. It is also unclear where the new Minister of digital development of Socks in the era of national projects…


Summing up, I want to return to the question that we asked at the very beginning of the article: "what kind of person will give advice to the Governor of the cultural capital of Russia?".

The person who all the administrative labor activity jumped between senior positions in the companies belonging to "family"?

The man, who, being in the position of chief designer of the "Electronic Moscow" agreed to a state contract on development of "Electronic office of the mayor of Moscow" under Yuri Luzhkov, the deadlines of which were only 20 days worth of 23.29 million RUB and was cancelled immediately after the arrival of Sergey Sobyanin?

A man who is remembered in St. Petersburg not for success, but as the official who, in fact, failed the regional capital repair programme?

The man who runs FSUE'om in Moscow, and at the same time gives advice to the Governor in St. Petersburg?

The editorial Board does not know the answer to this question and offers to solve this riddle to the inquisitive mind of the reader.


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov