The statements, made by Viktor Bout, a former Soviet AF officer accused by the US of selling arms to Columbian terrorists, in a Thai jail, will be suppressed at his trial, US District judge Shira A. Scheindlin rules in Manhattan. The judge concluded that the US authorities had threatened Bout, thus inducing him to make involuntary statements.

Earlier the Russian Mafia reported about the Bout’s case. The defense team won the pretrial bid to bar Bout’s comments to Drug Enforcement Administration officers immediately after his arrest in Thailand. The lawyers claimed that he had requested to speak with the US representatives next day after the arrest, because he had not been in a good frame of mind and needed to speak with a lawyer first. However, the agents deceived him saying it was impossible and threatening he would be a subject to “disease, hunger, heat and rape” in case he failed to cooperate.    

Bout has pleaded not-guilty. He has denied trading arms and said he specialized in legitimate selling of aircrafts.

The prosecutors plan to request reconsideration of the decision.

The trial will be heard on 7 September.