Major Russian political intrigue - who will be the next president? - is resolved, a  confidential source inside the Kremlin told the Russian Mafia ( The information has been confirmed by other insiders. Current Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin will reclaim the presidency in December vote. Putin was sworn in as a president in 2000, serving two consecutive 4-years terms.

A month ago it was still the great unknown for the sources in Kremlin. Being approached by, top figures in the administration of the president and prime minister were helpless, shrugging their shoulders: "It seems that neither Medvedev, nor Putin has decided on that yet". Now the situation has changed dramatically.

A major banker and former high-profile official, who talks with both Putin and Medvedev regularly, said: “A month ago Volodya and Dima sat down to talks and dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Putin will be the next president. Before the decision was made, both had been very angry and nervous, now they are different people, smiling and telling jokes”. 

 Here is the list of sources, that confirmed the information: a major St Petersburg businessman, who has been a Putin's friend for over 20 years, a high-profile officer at the interior ministry, who is a Medvedev's friend, and a number of officials. All of them say Putin will retake the presidential office. For them the presidential vote in December is no longer an enigma. Putin will again lead Russia.

Recent statements made by prime minister Putin hints to the fact that election campaign has started. His speech, as well as his unexpected appearance at the bikers' rally in Novorossiysk, riding a motorcycle, has resembled that of the candidate to the presidency.   

Sources have been unable to comment on Medvedev's future after the elections. "After the question with presidency has been resolved, Medvedev cheered up. Dima is in a good mood, because he knows for sure he will be doing well. He will remain one of the leaders of the country. Second after Putin, but still influential politician regardless whichever job he picks".