The journalists got out the list of people who were ordered to represent the interests of the Ukranian ex-prosecution attorney in the administration of mine ‘’Zarechnaya ‘’ Gennady Vasilyev. Amoung them are accused of the death of Dmitry Kholodov, professional raiders and bankruptcy specialists, people who used to solve problems by coercive practices.

We would like to remind that on 12 October 2012 the Ukranian deputy Gennady Vasilyev (ex general procurer of Ukraine) filed a petition in Moscow Arbitrage Court for freezing of assets of Russian industrialist Victor Nusenkis. The appeal was dismissed on 21 November 2012.But Gennady Vasilye applied the same motion to the Kemerovo region Arbitration court.
It might have been a paradox, but the next day after the motion (22 November 2012) the judge of arbitration court Elena Kulebyakina grants the appeal, though there are two judicial acts from arbitration court of Moscow and from the court of appeal which were dismissed.
By the way Mrs. Kulebyakina is the richest judge in Kemerovo region and only the real estate purchased by her in recent 5 years is estimated by 700.000USD.

The mayor of Kemerovo region called this complete outrage.
As Aman Tuleyev said, this strange judgement can lead to shutdown of all coal mining and marketing plants of’’ Zarechnaya ‘’company.

Meanwhile on 26 February 2013 according to the judgement of Dushinsky and as the raiders suppose, the meeting of shareholders on which the election of new board of directors shall take place.
But the biographies of Vasilyev’s candidates clearly show that their main target is to ruin rather than to build up.

Timur Tazhutdinovich Alisultanov
This candidate was born on 22 February 1983 in Magdebourg,German Democratic Republic,in military family. But he returned to Makhachkala when he was a child.
According to the best traditions of his ancestors he is practicing in fighting.He is a master of sports of Russia in combat sambo and a member of Russian Sambo Federation.
This muscular man was working for ‘’CLARINE’’ joint-stock company company for some period of timeЭтот (the emitter was registrated in 1999) presencein this company is dated back to 2010. There is no ground to think that he left his previous place of work. «CLARINE» is not a private company. But this company is connected with wholesale trade. In 2013 the prosecutor’s investigation took place there. The aim of this investigation was «the meeting of mandatory requirements in the sphere of sanitary and epidemiological welfare and consumer protection» (

Next time Timur was noticed on Baikal self-contained paper mill. From the first sight the position of Timur Tazhutdinovich as a director of limited liability company “private security company of self-contained paper mill” seems to be a mistery.
But we can suppose that here the principle of combat brotherhood worked here, because Mr.Alisultanov is in close relationship with members of the union of troopers of Russia. And this union assists in recruitment.
His career as a head of “private security company of self-contained paper mill” started with the claim against self-contained paper mill.
It was guite logical. The mill was near to be closed. According to the claim the “private security company of self-contained paper mill” suffered from delays in payments. And in 2009 the self-contained paper mill was declared bankrupt after the claim of “SIBSTROYLES’’ limited liability company (

The company was slowly going down. The documents given to court informed that the vvvvvv is suffering from nonpayment. In 2009 the company was declared bankrupt and the insolvency proceedings by the motion of SibStroyLes started .
When two sides of the motion N А19-6836/2011 met on July 25 in the Arbitration court of the Irkutsk region the fight for the debts of vvv to its parent company started. The amount of debt was 7.68 mln rubles(;base=RAPS004;n=14448).
But Timur Alisultanov didn't follow noble aims, fighting with ccc What was the purpose of deteriorating the awful financial situation of the company? By the way in August 2010 private security company of self-contained paper mill adjudged the right of entrance into enrollment of creditors of coming down company . And Alisultanov did the trick. But by the mid of August 2012 the debts of ccc. Increased to 1,4billion rubles ,half of which was debtor's delay.
As long as taking away its money was not the main goal of private security company of self-contained paper mill in this fuss about debts,one can hardly be surprised finding out the private security company of self-contained paper mill in the Baikal self-contained paper mill emitter list the same year. Whence the own private security company of self-contained paper mill served as the source of the paper asset of Baikal self -contained paper mill It looks like raiding or more likely well-known «roofing» (a certain form of corrupt government protection)of ccc by extraneous structure,  which has stopped being a part of  ccc and moved to another hands.
And thus the parasitism requires not only the parasite ,but the donor the long agony of Baikal self-contained paper mill led to the death of private security company of self-contained paper mill. Anyway it seemed so from the outside perspective.
On 22 august 2012 the judgement of the motion № А19-1462/2012 of the arbitration court of the Irkutsk region declared ( private security company of self-contained paper mill bankrupt. And here some interesting facts reveal! The sum of debtor's delay to private security company of self-contained paper mill from Baikal self-contained paper mill at that moment was 15,36 mln rubles. And it is not the question of starving security guards: the January salary debt in 2012 did not exceed 1 mln rubles. Alisultanov as the head of private security company of self-contained paper mill collected a debt( which certainly couldn't  be collected)from ccc and gave the right of collecting this debt to the third side -Decron Management Limited. This fact increases suspicion of corporate raiding because it looks like the most standard way of catching control over company.
As to the payment to the employes, even in 2010 the cases of dismissal without service benefits  stated in labour contract happened
That time it happened due to liquidation preparations of private security company of self-contained paper mill. But the significant fact was that nobody was on the side of the employees. (The motion № 2-723/10 by the claim of M.V.Dementyev to private security company of self-contained paper mill dated back to 23.11.2010 -
It is obvious that Alisultanov can not be called a good manager anyway. Meanwhile understood the responsibilities of the head of the company as the defending the honor of  in sport competitions. For instance in August 2012 Timur Alisultanov won the 3 prize in Irkutsk region combat sambo sport competition. And this happened when the private security company of self-contained paper mill was near bankruptcy. The tranquility of Alisultanov trenching upon carelessness can be easily explained by the fact that he handed over the cccc to the offshore company(Decron)with the help of which  the Alpha company was concentrating some part of self contained paper mill debt in its hands.( Though there are no direct proves of this fact, the interest of Alpha in this matter is quite obvious.
Summing up ,it can be said that the reputation of  specialist of handing over the debts of one  company to the interest group  helped Timur Alisultanov him to join the "Kuzbass"company shairholder's council. If it is true, we can only guess the fortune of  14000 people working for mining, transport and engineering industry as well as Victor Nusenkis' kuzbass company profit .The question is who protects Alisultanov this time? Is it the idle interest of Vasilyev? Or was he the person to pit Raider audit against Kuzbass? Hardly ever anybody will  believe that Alisultanov understands at least something in coal-mining.

Ishkov Igor Victorovich
Born on 1July 1982 in Svetly city in Kaliningrad region.
Same as Timur Alisultanov he is fond of combative sports. He served in the army in the 61 Krasnoznamensk Kirkenessk  Northern Fleet marine brigade. In 2006 he became the leader of headquarter of Svetlovsk branch of Russian public organization "Young Guard of United Russia".The same year he became a member of federal political council of this organization.
As it became popular among those who wanted to make a political career, he graduated from the Higher School of Management and School of Municipal Management.
in 2007 he became the assistant of deputy of Kaliningrad regional Duma. At the same time Ishkov joined the presidium of Kaliningrad branch of Russian close fight federation. And he we can see the similarity with Alisultanov.But rather than he Ishkov preferred to live in Moscow even when he was getting ready to become the local deputy. Take for example his place of work in 2010,which is stated as a "National pensionary administrator "limited liability company. It is not easy to define when Ishkov became the head of Baikal ccc branch.But it is evident that the trooper brotherhood played its role here.
This creative person (for a certain period of time he was the member of the only rap singers group «Dogs family» and used graffiti as a form of  "street protest") .Ishkov doesn't play great role in administrating ccccc,he just supports Alisultanov as a devoted sportsman friend. His only resource is the party identification. But the "Young Guard of United Russia" is influenced by the local tendencies, and hardly ever Ishkov will be considered as a leader for the members of the party. He is just a reserve.

Vladimir Victorovich Morozov
He was born on 2 December 1966 in Kherson in the family of working man.
He graduated from Moscow Suvorov Military School, then Ryazan airborne school. In 1988 he became the member of the communist party. In 1991—1992 Morozov  served in the army in Azerbaijan,Caucasus region. He was specializing in accomplishment of missions. Some of these missions were assigned by infamous general Pavel Grachev .He used to serve for his mission in Abkhazia and Chechnya .He became a major and was granted a military medal "For the bravery" and "For the personal courage".
Nowadays not many remember that the name of Vladimir Morozov is not so famous for his military acts of bravery, but for the exploded within the country  murder of Dmitry Kholodov,the "Moscovsky Komsomolets" magazine  journalist. Kholodov was  blown up on 17 October 2004 when he opened the case with the explosive device inside of it.
The investigation was conducting different versions for a long time. For the single moment it seemed that the whole chain of consequences was untangled. During the 1990th the group of officers including Morozov was desperately trying to prove innocence, until finally on 26 June 2002  they were justified for the absence of prove in participation in a crime by Moscow Military Court. But the experts still have questions to this judgement.
if to believe to the initial Military Prosecution version, Vladimir Morozov using his position(he was the head of Air Landing Troops department in 1994) set up a watch for the journalist who ,according to the version, displeased military authorities.
Without paying attention to the details and motives of the assassin's paymasters, lets focus on one circumstance which was told about in the journalist's publications. He was talking about the dual role of the militaries in the events dated back to 1993.
"From the very beginning the troop under the command of Morozov had a mission of neutralization of opposition. Morozov reported about growing danger into the headquarters on time. When the troop got the order of defending the object from the enemy,it prevented the breakthrough of reactionary tempered group into the  non combatant crowd."-wrote the captain of Morozov. But this report did not reflect the other side of the truth.
The journalist of "Moskovsky Komsomolets " Ekaterina Deeva writes: "Vladimir Morozov told that Popovskikh assigned mission to take  away via the underground communications  from the White House  "a group of comrades". Among them was Vladislav Achalov. But Achalov stumbled, turned his ankle, stretched his back and could not go further. "The others managed to escape. Konstantin Mirzayants (the former accomplice of Morozov )helped Morozov.It was the long way. They left the underground communications in  Plushchiha. Among all the staff taken from the White House were boxes with documents-dirt about Yeltsin,Grachev.
According to the order of Grachev the recon element was implemented into the White House ,and Morozov was one of the members of this group. Taking into account the hesitation of general whom the president Boris Yeltsin asked for help, the dual play of militaries seems to be understandable.
That time they had to face their own conscience. But the boxes with the mudslinging mysteriously disappeared. But after this Morozov was chained to his military brotherhood not only with blood, but with national policy. If the words of Deyeva only a version, it sounds like true one. And this version explains the participance of Morozov in murder of too talkative journalist.
When the judgement of court connected with the justified for the murder of Kholodov was finally set in 2005,Morozov was working in one of the private companies "Anaconda". Security companies became his trace for the whole life.
And now he was given a chance to change his place of work, by becoming a respective shareholder.
The questions  to the newly made shareholders connected with the presence of officially justified killer of the brilliant journalist  among them become more and more serious. For instance what was the role of this cruel person de facto? Is he responsible for dirt from the mine? Or is his duty to minimize critics?

Victor Vladimirovich Finagin
Was born on 24 December 1984 in Kotovsk, Tambov region.
This young sportsman served in the army as a trooper. He also worked in military commissariat of Tambov. But in 2010 he appeared in the list of judicial bailiff-executors in Moscow, most probably in security unit.
Victor Finagin is a candidate in masters of sport in combat sambo. He is training at the Russian  Federation of sambo of Tambov region .This fact explains where he could get acquainted with the members of  Baikal ccccc, if they were not linked by the protection of people like Morozov before. Anyway life of Finagin has so much in common with the lives of Alisultanov and Ishkov.

Valery Nikolaevich Yuryev
Was born on 19 September 1957 in Mariupol in the family of workers
After school he entered The Ryazan higher air school which he finished in 1978.He served in the army in the trooping reconnaissance group and in GRU ,and finally became the 45  airborne forces group commander. It means that he was serving in the army in the same group as Morozov. That is why both participate in "Kuzbass mission". Together they form the group which can be called "airborne forces" which supplements "the Baikal mill group" adding to it some weigh and solidity because of the contacts of Yuryev and Morozov and their influence on security unit.
Yuryev has a long history of military service. He participated in battle actions in Dagestan, Afganistan,2 Chechen,Nagorny Karabakh, Azerbaijan,Armenian conflicts, he also participated in peacekeeping afford in Bosnia Herzegovina .
He is granted 2 military medals of the "Red star", two medals "For courage", one medal for "military service" and other awards.
Currently he is a very respected person respected among airborne forces, they even call him father. He is a chairman of Executive committee of the "Union of airborne forces of Russia" and "The international union of airborne forces". No wonder why Yuryev likes to add to his biography one very peculiar detail: the honorable chairman of the "Union of airborne forces of Russia " is Sergey Mikhailovich Mironov,the leader of "A Just Russia" party.
Valery Yuryev was a candidate  to Moscow regional Duma from  "A Just Russia "party and always protected his friend Mironov from criticism. Meanwhile he offers himself just a carefully-worded criticism to the side of  the "United Russia "party.
the interesting thing is that the difference in political opinion is not a barrier for his friendship with Ishkov, who supports "United Russia " party.
Valery Yuryev is a friend of a chairman of the "Central council of the Union of airborne forces " Pavel Popovskikh , who was also accused of murder of Kholodov. Popovsky was a commander of the recon element, when Morozov being a part of this organization was saving boxes with mudslinging information in October 1993.Yuryev is also a friend of Leonid Khrabrov  who was judged for mutiny attempt together with Vladimir Kvachkov.
After military service Yuryev was working at high positions in the security department of "Lukoil" and "Uralsib" companies. As to "Uralsib" it has just recently been inspected by Central Bank of Russia audit.
 In the beginning of 2013 the using of schemes for money laundering which allowed not only white washing but even using the bank as the terrorist cash common fund. The bank was fined and most probably we will never know how could this happened in such a solid credit establishment where once Yuryev worked.
Now Yuryev is working for the limited liability company "ASK". Maybe as a result of the Yuryev's work in 2012 the arbitration court decreased the forfeit ,which "AST" had to pay to the business owner Mikhail Maximov from 17.7 to 1.2 mln rubles( act from 18 December 2012 ,try N А40-13242/12-98-131;base=AMS;n=174032). The motives which the judge followed can not comply with rational understanding.
It is obvious that as a member of board of directors of MPU "Kuzbass" Yuryev will habitually take responsibility for the "economic security department."
Oleg Valentinovich Bakunin
Was born on 22 September in Bobruisk, Mogilev region.
Bakunin finished Ryazan higher air school. After military service he started the career of a businessman.

Alexey Gordon,