Beitar Jerusalem FC owner Arkadi Gaydamak is going to sue US businessmen to whom he wanted to sell the club, according to the reports.


“I didn’t go deep into it. There were buyers who made an offer, as far as I know. They confirmed their intentions, and then disappeared. My lawyer is going to file a lawsuit against them. He knows all the details,” said Gaydamak to IzRus on-line publication.


The reports say that Israel Shelo, Gaydamak’s lawyer, will sue Dan Adler and Adam Levin for $2 million in damages. Adler and Levin signed the deal with Beitar chairman Yitzhak Kornfine. Under the deal, Adler and Levin had to pay $4 million for the club and cover the club’s debt of 0.5 million Israeli shekels ($100,000).


“Actually I personally have not run the club since last year. Club manager Yitzhak Kornfine told me a month ago that he was holding negotiations with US businessmen. Yesterday he informed me of an agreement which they reached. This agreement has been signed,” said Gaydamak on 14 July. But the purchasers turned out to delay payment without any explanations and then literally disappeared.   


Gaydamak acquired the soccer team 6 years ago. Having poured about 200 million shekels ($50 million) into it in the first three seasons, he brought home two national championships and two cups of Israel. In the end of 2008 the oligarch lost interest in the club, because of 2008 crisis which hit hard his business empire, or because the club became useless for Gaydamak after he lost the election of the mayor of Jerusalem and left the country for almost 2 years.