The progressive development of the "people's team" was interrupted by the "predators" from football in the face of inveterate mafiosi. The next batch of revelations and revelations was provided by the Cheka-OGPU and by a well-known sports journalist, author of books about football, Alexei Matveev.




During the investigation, questions arose for the investigation and the leadership of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation: why is Esaulenko given such a humane measure of restraint? And why was only Esaulenko charged, and not all the defendants in the case - Romantsev, Zavarzin, Panasenko? Did the big name of the coach save him from a completely fair, well-deserved retribution?

What is the fate of Spartak's long-suffering money, illegally transferred to foreign banks? Are they still in "free flight"? Was the then President of the RFU Koloskov called for interrogations? Was there pressure on the investigation by someone from the powers that be? Will it come to a "very humane and extremely fair" Russian court?

In this regard, I cannot but tell you about a very colorful personality in Oleg Romantsev's team - Yuri Zavarzin. He became the general director of Spartak immediately after the death of Larisa Nechaeva.

The career growth of one of the former Spartacus bosses (although it is strange to call this person a Spartacist, but it is necessary to follow the formalities) deserves close attention.

A plump folder of documents (it contains curious details) reveals in relief the "outstanding" personality of Yuri Vladimirovich Zavarzin. The master of "shadow" football graduated from the Moscow Higher Police School with a degree in law. A literate person. He worked in the authorities for eleven whole years, in the system of the Soviet traffic police. Further on, the policeman's path led comrade Zavarzin not just anywhere, but to the Razgulay production cooperative in the capital. In the restaurant of the same name, some former leaders of the Spartak club were very fond of relaxing (maybe they are still resting to this day).

The infamous Grigory Yesaulenko, who was charged in the framework of a sensational criminal case, is also considered to come from the bowels of Razgulay. According to the text of the police reports, Grigory Vasilievich owned a share of the restaurant, and his Chechen friends, militants, were listed as the owners of the establishment.

Kampashka regularly brought Oleg Romantsev to drink. Thus, "Razgulay" became a kind of residence of "thieves in law", where important personnel decisions were made over a cup. Romantsev was very, very proud that he had invited such “advanced” businessmen to work in the team. “For Spartak, Grigory and Yuri are a very valuable find,” the “legendary” coach did not get tired of repeating.

Judging by the squandered millions of Spartak currency by these gentlemen, there is no “more valuable”. Although the money was earned with the feet of wonderful football players who played as part of a popular team. But crisp bills were appropriated by club officials.

For ten whole years, Yuri Zavarzin, not without benefit, worked at Razgulay. It is clear that his career changed dramatically when Oleg Romantsev found a capable specialist in restaurant business in the aforementioned cooperative.

More precisely, Zavarzin was introduced to Romantsev by Grigory Esaulenko, who settled in the red-and-white club even earlier than Yuri. The performance took place in Razgulay, a luxuriously furnished reception always found the shortest way to the heart of Oleg Ivanovich. Overnight, Yuri Vladimirovich became "on his board."

Zavarzin did not immediately take the high post of general director of the popular club in the country. Larisa Nechaeva, who was alive at that time, worked in the position. After her death, Yuri Vladimirovich finally acquired the powers of the general director, before that he had been dealing only with general issues.

It is no coincidence that Esaulenko brought Zavarzin to Spartak. A few years earlier, Grigory had hit a man to death while driving a car. He got real time. It was Zavarzin who saved from prison, who worked in a high position in the traffic police. Debt needed to be returned...

In August 2001, Yuri Vladimirovich hastily took his work book from Spartak, and retreated to a certain LLC with the mysterious abbreviation "BVS-1". He left in the midst of tax audits of the financial activities of the Spartak club.

Experts found a lot of shortcomings in the bowels of the "people's" team. According to the testimonies of the tax authorities themselves, they literally spent days and nights in the Spartak office, restoring bit by bit the accounting documentation. After all, many data turned out to be suddenly lost by the club's employees. In March 2003, the same criminal case was opened, about which our resource spoke in detail.




And the former policeman Zavarzin, out of harm's way, moved to his colleagues in Dynamo, which has long been considered a stronghold of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and for some time the FSB. There, apparently, not without reason, he counted on the help of influential people from law enforcement agencies. They, according to Yuri Vladimirovich, should have reasoned with the investigators, who at first zealously undertook to expose the financial fraud of the leaders of Spartak.

- Zavarzin tried to put pressure on the young investigator Denis Ochkal: they say, the matter is very difficult, - said the tax police officer. “Maybe he should be handed over to the investigation unit of the FSB?” They will figure it out there, according to the former general director of Spartak. It is clear that he had well-established personal connections in the special services. Counted on patronage. He understood, he got into a bad story, he wanted to enlist the support of the powerful of this world. Otherwise, he risked going to places not so remote.

In Dynamo, however, he did not stay long. Again, finances did not grow together. The chairman of the board of trustees of the eminent team (he was also the head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation at that time) Sergey Stepashin even started checking the notorious financial activities of the Dynamo club. True, neither the fans nor even a narrow circle of specialists saw the results of the check.

And without an audit, a rather bleak picture emerged. At one time, the famous businessman Alexei Fedorychev, by the way, an ardent fan of Dynamo, allocated more than 50 million euros for the needs of his favorite team. Some of these funds were used to buy almost the entire composition of the Portuguese national team, not just anyone, but the “stars” of European football. Dynamo of the early 2000s was revered in the football community as perhaps the richest, most respectable club. With quite healthy ambitions - to be at least among the leaders of the domestic championship.

Suddenly, in the course of the season, having the aforementioned Portuguese masters in the line-up, the Dynamo players were sharply “blown away”. In terms of the game, as a result, the result. "White-blue" suddenly went bankrupt! The players, left without a salary, gave interviews left and right on this occasion. The famous goalkeeper Sergei Ovchinnikov was perplexed: how could this be? On the eve of the season, the management promised stunning contracts in terms of money, but does not fulfill its obligations ...

A similar situation then caused a legitimate murmur from the sports community, first of all, people close to Dynamo. Where, one wonders, have gone the rather large funds granted by Fedorychev? Most likely, they were "worked out" in the same way as in Spartak. After all, the president of the club and the chief accountant are the same as in the camp of the “red-whites”: Zavarzin with Panasenko. A little later, Romantsev pulled himself up to them in the role of head coach. And the company was reunited almost in full force after the "adventures" in Spartak. The methods of work, of course, have not changed. Why change them?

How was the money "worked out"? Yes, very simple. The funds, apparently, were sent to Western offshores to personal accounts. Moreover, when you feel the "unobtrusive" guardianship of people from reputable departments - the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB - you can be calm and confident. With such a “roof” there is nothing to be afraid of, they certainly won’t come with checks ...

Fans of the capital "Dynamo", of course, did not stay away from the loud scandal. They demanded the immediate resignation of Zavarzin. With a sudden lack of money, a dull game and with Romantsev on the coaching bridge, the Dynamo team almost flew out of the major leagues at the end of the season. And the fans of the team came to the stands of the old stadium in Petrovsky Park with eloquent posters: "Dynamo" - without Zavarzin! And Yuri Vladimirovich soon retired from the club.

Alexey Matveev

To be continued