How long have you heard the news about Rosnano? New technologies, projects, clearing the balance from the heavy legacy of Chubais, new criminal cases against Chubais and his members of the Board? None of this, unfortunately, is and never will be. Why? Details in the article

According to our sources, the new leader turned out to be just a dummy, without ideas, without a team, without experience and hardware weight. The old board members left the Chubais team, new ones come in, work for a maximum of six months and leave. The company is shrinking, leaving competencies behind its perimeter.

Анатолий Чубайс проходит лечение в Германии

At the same time, already in October 2022, RUSNANO bondholders will be in for a small shock: on October 13, 2022, the redemption of the RUSNANO-6 issue in the amount of 9 billion rubles should take place, then on October 16, 2022 - the redemption of the RUSNANO-7 issue in the amount of 9 billion rubles, on October 20. 2022 - redemption of RUSNANO-BO-002R-03 issue in the amount of 12 billion rubles. A total of 30 billion rubles, which the company does not have. It should be noted that the nominal values ​​of the bonds of the RUSNANO-6 and RUSNANO-7 issues are backed by state guarantees, which only means the loss of the coupon for the issue holders. The owners of the bonds on the issue of RUSNANO-BO-002R-03 most likely will not receive anything.

The current situation greatly irritates the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, which is strenuously trying to find a way out of their current situation.

As the telegram channel of the VChK OGPU wrote earlier at the end of last year, two decisions were at stake:

First. The state will additionally capitalize Rosnano by 230-250 billion rubles, creditors receive their investments and interest; Rosnano managers continue to receive their insane salaries, another 10-15 projects will be invested, which will end in losses, write-offs and arguments about the lack of demand for innovations.

Another way: The state will pay exactly as much as it should pay (about 120 billion rubles), and creditors will have to receive the remaining money through bankruptcy proceedings.


Then, in December 2021, no decision was made, the state decided to wait, especially since there were still 10 months left until the next default.

Today, the situation has cleared up: the absence of any results, the extremely unconvincing report of S. Kulikov to the head of state, the general economic situation make it almost impossible to implement decisions on the first option. It became obvious that no money would save Rusnano, and the state had neither the desire nor the opportunity to start new experiments.

When implementing the second option, details are important and they began to appear. It seems that the responsibility for restoring the functionality of the development institution will be entrusted to one of the largest creditors of Rosnano - Promsvyazbank.

This option allows the state to get rid of several headaches at once: not only the problem of management and current projects is automatically solved, but also Rosnano's debts to the defense bank. It is very important that in the implementation of this scenario, the problem of Rosnano moves from the state level to the corporate one: the responsibility of the state is limited to obligations under the state guarantees provided, and the sanatorium (PSB) receives all the powers necessary to solve the problems of Rosnano. It is assumed that, based on the results of the financial recovery, PSB will independently decide on the future fate of Rusnano: either classic bankruptcy, or restoration of solvency and further development of the company.

Looking forward to October? Not long left.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued