Our author, well-known journalist Alexei Matveev, specifically for the Cheka-OGPU and Rucriminal.info, reports the details of football.


The former head of the "big" CSKA, Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Mikhail Mamiashvili, unlike Nikolai Tolstykh, preferred to do without security. Apparently, he expected to stand up for himself in case of danger. Without body armor and all-powerful guards. He had only an indirect relation to football - he led all of CSKA.

But, probably, he forgot who kept the football club at that time. Namely, the natives of Chechnya. Without a doubt, Mikhail Gerazievich could have paid with his life - from a bullet, as if fired, there would hardly have been salvation.

On a serene May morning, Mamiashvili's official car was riddled with bullets, Mikhail found shells from them in the car. Everything happened on a busy track, the famous athlete was even forced to shoot back from annoying pursuers. Fortunately, there were no injuries and no hospital bed.

The reason for the "disassembly" could be the conflict between the head of CSKA and the Chechen businessman Shakhrudi Dadakhanov, who at that time was the president of the army football club. The businessman rented space for a clothing market. This is the territory of the army sports complex, which is on Leningradsky Prospekt of the capital.

According to Mamiashvili, a native of Chechnya refused to pay money for rent. The head of CSKA lived by the law, not by the rules. He insisted on keeping the law. Moreover, other sports teams, and not just football players, also required money from rent. Dozens, if not hundreds, of sports disciplines are being developed in the depths of the army club.

Strangely, after a while, the Olympic champion for some reason denied the "Chechen trace" in the ensuing car shootout. Although the logical version of events is too obvious. Agreed with bandits? Not jokes after all, and not setting. Everything could end very badly. Mikhail did not report the incident to law enforcement agencies, he “buried” this story in himself. Carelessness? Or persistent disbelief in the forces of law and order? Rather, the second. Still no one would be found.




In addition to functionaries with a big name, the burning interest of representatives of crime is, of course, caused by the players themselves. Especially the leading players. By the definition of bandits, this is "the most popular commodity." The hunt for talent, or rather, the ransom for them, is crazy. From blackmail, threats to the use of total violence.

Football masters have long been at gunpoint with the "lads". In thieves' jargon, no one succeeds in "jumping off", with very rare exceptions. After all, the well-being of near-sports businessmen directly depends on the successful, or, on the contrary, unsuccessful game of the audience's favorites.

In all major cities there is an underground sweepstakes where bets are accepted on the results of championship matches. Huge sums with five or six zeros are spinning there. Of course, the leaders of this or that club play a key role in such games. It is they, according to the mafiosi, who should do the result they need.

Further - a matter of technology, representatives of groups compete. In a word, who will fool whom. Often, the fighters of the organized crime group (now the OPS), and not the coaches, as is commonly believed, give instructions for winning or losing a particular fight. Of course, you can’t always guess here, football, even with such a “cover” is sometimes unpredictable.

The desired result is carefully forged on the sidelines long before the starting whistle of the referee. And the mafia vigilantly guards its valuable product - the leading football players. "Leads through life", trying to increase profits by hook or by crook. Masters are forced to play according to unspoken laws.

The transitions of players from team to team are also strictly regulated by the “brothers”. Nobody dares to disobey them, otherwise you can make a lot of trouble.

At one time, Oleg Veretennikov, one of the best scorers in the Russian championships, who now works in Slutsky's coaching staff at Rubin, ignored the opinion of the "fighters of the invisible front".

He set out to move from Uralmash to a more impressive team - Volgograd Rotor. No approval from above. "Countrymen" from the organized criminal group were not too lazy to visit Oleg in his Volgograd apartment. They beat from the heart. Forward restored health for more than six months. This is the price for an "unauthorized" mafia crossing.

Later, Oleg Veretennikov's peaceful walk near his house with his little daughter almost turned into a uniform tragedy. Some "thug" splashed acid on the child and the player himself. The baby was urgently sent for treatment to Israeli doctors, and the football player himself got it.

Alexey Matveev

To be continued