Trilogy of a journalist, writer Alexei Matveev - especially for the Cheka-OGPU and


 Part 3




A similar story to Veretennikov happened to the former captain, then Lokomotiv coach Dmitry Loskov. The rise of the career of a talented midfielder was swift: CSKA called him to him. But the "brothers" who took care of the Rostselmash club, in which Loskov began his career, whispered ominously to Dima: "If you leave Rostov, your family will not be happy." The then transition to the camp of the army fell through. Later, representatives of crime and those who are close to football agreed. The midfielder ended up in another metropolitan city - Lokomotiv.

Олег Долматов

The mafia stubbornly did not want to let the talented goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin go from KAMAZ to Spartak without the so-called "compensation". The leadership of the "red-whites" then paid "black cash" to the very sticky Chelny guys, and they left Ruslan alone. In any case, no one bothered the goalkeeper in the capital.

In the unhealthy atmosphere of the Russian championship, amazing things happened that were incompatible with common sense. Here they compete not so much on the green lawn, and anything can happen.

Suddenly disappeared, for example, the wife of the then mentor of the army Oleg Dolmatov - Natalya Nikolaevna. Lovely couple, loving hearts. They harmoniously complemented each other.

Natalya Nikolaevna went to visit the grave of her daughter, who had died untimely. The usual trip turned out to be a tragedy for the family and, above all, for her husband, Oleg Vasilyevich. Natalya Nikolaevna disappeared, no one saw her again. They turned everything and everything upside down, involved detectives, operatives, volunteers, etc. In vain. Not found so far.

- Not just like that, but due to someone's malicious intent, the woman was most likely kidnapped, - suggested the vice-president of FC CSKA Avalu Shamkhanov (who worked, by the way, in conjunction with Shakhrudi Dadakhanov, both natives of Chechnya). In the face of Oleg Dolmatov, the rivals saw a powerful competitor capable of seizing leadership in the national championship for a long time. I think what happened to his wife is an order implemented by representatives of the sports mafia. Targets and goals? Clearly, to deprive our coach of peace of mind, to unsettle, thereby inflicting a serious blow on the team. How can a specialist work in an extremely heated atmosphere? When there is no loved one around?

Strange, but for some reason, the detectives with whom I had a chance to communicate with the possible abduction of Natalya Nikolaevna Dolmatova rejected the hypothesis. In their opinion, potential kidnappers would have already declared themselves, demanding money either from Oleg Vasilyevich himself or from the leadership of the CSKA football club.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the action with the possible kidnapping of the coach's wife was planned and prepared for a long time. After all, big football is literally crammed with "shadow" money. Dozens of bloody "showdowns" have already taken place on this basis.

And the situation in CSKA itself was not cloudless at that time, moreover, it was explosive. After all, the club was headed by immigrants from Chechnya, Shakhrudi Dadakhanov and Avalu Shamkhanov, who, judging by operational data, did not always get along with the law.

It is possible that some "thugs" decided to take revenge on all the leaders of the army team, including the head coach, in such a wild way (perhaps, mindful of old deeds).

The same Dolmatov worked together with the vice-president of CSKA Avalu Shamkhanov back in the Novorossiysk "Chernomorets". There, the mafiosi dealt with the president of the club, Vladimir But, by shooting him on the threshold of the house. All because Booth turned out to be a clean, intractable person. He tried not to let notorious villains into the team. He paid with his life for his principled position.

Thus, the thread of what happened with Natalia Dolmatova may well stretch to the south of Russia. However, these events may not be related. Nevertheless, law enforcement officers, as often happens, did not fully, perhaps, did not work out this version at all. But in vain.

... According to the same Shamkhanov, in the leagues below the level, chaos is generally going on. In broad daylight in Vnukovo, the leaders of the Nalchik Spartak were beaten. The team was heading to Smolensk for a match with the local Kristall. The bandits demanded that the southerners "surrender" the game to the Smolensk people. Petersburg arbiter Taras Bezubyak was beaten in the entrance of a residential building, because of the beatings he ended up in the hospital. Apparently, he refused to fulfill someone's "order", to fuse one of the teams during the match.




Aleksey Safonov, a well-known football agent in Russia, also became a victim of criminals. Heads the agency for the employment of players. A man with a name, like an honest, incorruptible, almost fanatically devoted to football. Nearly two dozen qualified specialists work under the supervision of Alexei Nikolayevich.

According to Alexei, he always rejected behind-the-scenes "games". Not for him. And therefore, he never relied on personal protection. What for? If you attract strong guys, it means flaunting your financial viability. I eat defenders he didn’t need it, he doesn’t keep money at home ...

On that ill-fated day, security would have been very useful. Before settling into a new role as an agent, Aleksey Nikolaevich at one time worked as a sports director of the famous Khimki club, which plays in the Premier League. For personal reasons, Safonov left the team. In general, ordinary care, nothing special.

And now, four bandits with knives and firearms burst into Safonov's dacha, which is not far from the Spartak base in Tarasovka. On weekdays, it happened when, for obvious reasons, there were fewer neighbors than usual. Why did you open the door? Well, I would lock myself from the inside, there is a high probability that they could burn the house along with the guests. Alex couldn't let that happen.

“They put a weapon to the head of a two-year-old son,” Safonov still recalls with a shudder. They were looking for money, something else. I remember that only five thousand rubles were available, and the youngest son's nanny had a small amount. They took it. He threw them the keys to the jeep, they say, take it, just don’t touch the children. The eldest son was still at home. He is a fighter by nature, he barely persuaded me to put aside the bat with which he rushed at the bandits in order to protect us.

Who did the order come from? Safonov does not exclude, namely from people close to the football club. After the voluntary resignation of Alexei, the team suddenly lost ground, fell to the bottom of the standings. Khimki lost eight games in a row. Probably, in someone's "bright minds" the thought flashed: bah, yes, this is the work of Safonov! Atu him! "Run" was required to remember the Khimki "brothers".

- Apparently, someone decided that on the eve of leaving the team I persuaded the players to “surrender” the matches. And for the "agreements" to have personal financial gain, - Alexei recalled. - Insanity. That is, in the eyes of my "well-wishers" I suddenly turned from a friend and loyal employee of the club into an enemy who intended to send the team down a division. Get rich at the same time.

According to Safonov, there is a category of people for whom it is enough to throw a cry - “face”, and they are ready to do anything with a person. Up to the murder. "Thugs" of such a warehouse do not control their actions.

The performers were given a clear instruction: push him, maybe the team will play again, rise in the table. They were beaten with rubber hammers. On the knees, on the face. Well, they didn't hit the temple. Before striking, the sports director was handcuffed. Fiends. The action of intimidation was organized. They set up a raid for a robbery. Maybe, indeed, according to the half-wits, there was “left” money lying around in the house? So it seemed to the customers-tormentors.

- Parents, having arrived at the clinic, first passed me by, not recognizing their own son, - says Alexei Safonov. The face, swollen from beatings with hammers, almost did not fit on the pillow. A little later, I was transferred to CITO, and I was recovering in the hospital for about a month. Having learned about the incident, the Khimki players visited, even players from other teams came. I laughed it off: are you going to the mausoleum?!

Alexey Matveev