Offended by the fact that he was called names, the ex-cop declared a vendetta to his colleague, deciding not only to bury the career of the offender, but also to hide his opponent behind bars.

Do you think this is a showdown in some village on the southern borders of our Motherland? Not at all. This is another scandal among the directors of TransFin-M - Alexey Taicher, who, it seems, has finally stopped returning to the real world. Because of what, he lost control over the processes in the company squeezed out from Russian Railways pensioners. Details in the investigation.

Oleg Stanislavovich Borisov (aka Davidyan), Deputy General Director for Security at PJSC TransFin-M, against Ivan Alexandrovich Blagodatskikh, Deputy General Director for the Development of the Corporate Block and the Operation of Operating Companies at the same PJSC TransFin-M.

Prior to the current high-profile scandal with a real threat of landing the Blagodatskys, Arkady Rotenberg hardly knew them by sight. Although the names of these hot leasing top managers must have been on his lips, since too often in the last couple of years, showdowns among the tops of TransFin-M attract the attention of not only law enforcement officers at all levels, but even the country's leadership.

This time there is a squabble between his power bloc (Viktor Shendrik, director of the Russian Railways security department, and the already named Oleg Borisov) and the commercial bloc (Aleksey Taicher, Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of PJSC TransFin-M, as well as his friend and "right hand » Ivan Blagodatskikh) threatened Mr. Rotenberg personally with real image and financial losses. The big boss had to personally intervene in the conflict.

However, now Mr. Rotenberg is reaping the fruits of his own promiscuity in personnel policy. The problems began with the arrival of Rotenberg in Russian Railways.

After the change of Vladimir Yakunin as head of the monopoly to Oleg Belozerov, the Rotenberg group began a massive entry into the most tidbits of Russian Railways. The task was global - to take into private hands the maximum possible.

At the same time, the new team immediately had personnel problems, since the pieces of the monopoly that the Rotenbergs had their eye on were so large that there were not enough of their proven personnel. I had to collect by the bottom of the barrel. Of course, not by ads, but by recommendations. Some of the positions were closed, having enticed the ex-tops of the Russian Railways, who were well versed in the situation.

So, for example, the "promising manager" Alexei Taicher, who until 2018 headed the largest "daughter" of Russian Railways - "Federal Freight Company", was assigned a delicate task - to squeeze the most profitable asset from the Welfare Fund - the leasing company "TransFin-M". What Taicher did even better than planned, privatizing the company without investing his own funds. At the same time, Taicher divided the company’s shares worth 40 billion rubles “in fairness”: 70% for himself, and distributed the rest among members of his team who helped to seize the asset. The legal 10% of the shares also went to the hero of our article, who upset the oldest Rotenberg, the brawler Ivan Blagodatskikh.

The second "hooligan" - Oleg Borisov - got into TransFin-M through the power unit of the Rotenberg group. No one brought him, but Viktor Shendrik himself.

Shendrik Viktor Viktorovich came to Russian Railways at the time of the formation of a new Rotenberg-Belozerov team and immediately to a strategic position - director of the security department of Russian Railways. His track record was impressive - a veteran of the Central Security Service of the FSB of Russia, a graduate of the Golitsyn Border Institute of the FSB.

As a source told, Shendrik immediately began to form the power block of the Rotenberg group, in order to achieve his goals as soon as possible - to put under his personal control the safe transfer of Russian Railways assets to private hands. He managed to do this so effectively that he did not forget about his personal interests.

Russian Railways now serves a private security company controlled by Shendrik, from which 10% of all Russian Railways orders are dripping into the personal pocket of the director of the security department. To those few who are trying to challenge his positions, Mr. Shendrik does not hesitate to state directly that he “knows many generals from the Lubyanka”, with whom he is “in touch at any moment” and can solve all the problems that arise.

The privatization of TransFin-M, as conceived by Shendrik, was also supposed to take place under his personal control. To conduct an audit before the transfer of assets, a former employee of the UEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Oleg Borisov, was sent to the company, after the scandal with General Sugrobov, he was left without a job.

After TransFin-M, with the direct participation of Oleg Borisov, was squeezed out of the Welfare Foundation, he was promised a permanent unofficial income. Up to a certain point, the leadership of TransFin-M, represented by the nominal director Maxim Anishchenkov and the gray treasurer of the leftist schemes, Ivan Blagodatsky, fulfilled the agreements.

At least 1 million US dollars fell monthly into the personal accounts of Borisov and his family members outside the Russian Federation. Against the backdrop of huge the theft of structures involved in the contracts of Russian Railways, 1 million dollars a month is not much, especially since the ex-policeman Borisov quickly got used to a beautiful life and began to prefer flights abroad exclusively by business jet. He felt himself so master of the situation that, being drunk, which happened to him often, he allowed himself a lot of excess. Including publicly mocking his direct boss, Viktor Shendrik, giving him a nickname - "Dunduk" - and calling him "stupid and wooden, because he was never an opera, but only rode with a machine gun all his life."

But over time, payments became less and less, and Borisov became nervous. Having decided that he could already “solve questions” himself and restore the cash flow to his personal pocket, Borisov conducted an investigation into the activities of Ivan Blagodatsky. In the summer of 2022, having identified signs of commercial bribery in several transactions, Borisov went to "explain for abuse."

Blagodatskikh could not stand such insolence from the security guard and publicly humiliated Borisov, remembering both his nationality (the real name of the former police officer Davidyan) and the lack of proper education, which together allegedly makes Borisov incapable of managing a large company.

Insulted, Borisov decided to take revenge and set in motion the collected materials. Without agreement with his leadership, he contacted his ex-colleagues from the GUEB in order to bring Blagodatsky to criminal liability. The conflict went so far that even Aleksey Taicher failed to resolve it.

Saving his "right hand" - Blagodatsky - from arrest and realizing that the strings are drawn to him personally, Taicher went to Arkady Rotenberg for help. After the intervention of the big boss, the conflict was frozen, but the daddy with compromising evidence, they say, got "where you need it" and stayed to wait for her time.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued