A Rucriminal.info source said that the son of the first president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Pyotr Karimov, became the victim of a major scam in Russia. The story is not over yet, now he is being threatened.

In January 2022, Karimov Pyotr Islamovich turned for advice on obtaining Russian citizenship to the company Inferno and the director of the company Konstantin Korolkov.

Korolkov took payment for the collection of documents for citizenship in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. Having access to the original documents of Karimov, Konstantin Korolkov learned that Pyotr Islamovich had dollar deposits in Master Bank. This bank's license was revoked in 2014 and depositors can receive part of their deposits through the DIA. Since 2014, Karimov has been unsuccessfully trying to return his dollar deposits, but payments are postponed without reason, and for guaranteed receipt of payments on deposits, it was proposed to share with the DIA in the amount of 50 percent of the total amount.

Korolkov Konstantin said that he is the son of the Minister and has the opportunity to speed up the process of receiving Karimov's deposits from the DIA, but he estimated the payment for his services at 6 million rubles.

After receiving money from Karimov for speeding up the payment of the DIA, Korolkov began to threaten him with deportation from the country, and began to set his own conditions for demands to return the money. In the DIA, Korolkov made an attempt to get the money from Karimov Petr, bypassing Karimov himself.

Korolkov's behavior did not arouse suspicion exactly until the moment he brought Karimov a certificate of knowledge of the Russian language. Korolkov was asked the question: “How was the certificate obtained if Pyotr Islamovich did not pass the exam?” Korolkov, citing a possible mistake, took the certificate, but Karimov, suspecting something was wrong, managed to make a copy. The certificate contains the seal of the Department of Internal Affairs, the signature of the head of the Department of Internal Affairs, the number and name of the person to whom the certificate was issued. After some checks, it was possible to establish that Korolkov Konstantin forged the certificate. And Inferno doesn't exist.

According to a Rucriminal.info source, Pyotr Islamovich found out that Konstantin Korolkov is Pavel Igorevich Bershadsky, who created a financial pyramid in Yoshkar-Ola and deceived depositors. In addition, he is engaged in forging migration documents, deceiving migrants. On the wave of the SVO, it is engaged in forging military tickets, forging letterheads, seals and signatures.

It also turned out that in January 2022 Bershadsky P.I. was under house arrest while moving freely in carsharing cars.

In response to demands to return the money, Pavel Igorevich Bershadsky began insulting the family of the President of Uzbekistan Karimov on various websites and social networks, especially the first wife of Islam Abduganievich, information about which is still classified at the state level.

Insults and threats from Bershadsky himself and his family rained down on Petr Karimov and his relatives.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov

Source: www.rucriminal.info