In the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service in the Republic of Ingushetia, a new head may soon appear - a former investigator, and then an operative of the "M" department of the FSB in the Republic of Ingushetia Buzukashvili Nizami Semenovich. According to the source of, all the officers of the FSB for the Republic of Ingushetia, who served with him, know why Buzukashvili N.S. was fired from the security forces under not the best circumstances. The formal reason, of course, is "of one's own free will." But the true reason is known to everyone and it is banal. As our interlocutor said, Buzukashvili was exposed by the internal security department of the FSB for Ingushetia in an attempt to get 8 million rubles from a local resident. Of course, the Chekists from Ingushetia did not begin to endure a quarrel in public, this is not accepted. And this state of emergency was quietly hushed up, and the "werewolf in uniform" was fired from the security agencies.

It should be noted that the father of our hero, Semyon Buzukashvili, is also a former FSB officer and served for a long time in the UFSB in Ingushetia. And Buzukashvili Jr., using his father's connections, always avoided trouble.

So, while studying at the FSB Academy, our hero was expelled several times for poor progress, but dad Semyon always came to the rescue and resolved the issue. Thus, after his dismissal from the FSB, Buzukashvili Jr. was assigned to serve in the FSSP. And immediately to the post. deputy head.

And this is not surprising. According to, the leadership of the "M" department of the FSB for Ingushetia was implicated in a corruption scandal. But Buzukashvili Jr. did not give up his own and took over everything. And for this, of course, the leadership of the "M" department, as a token of gratitude, presented him with a consolation prize in the form of a leadership position in the federal government.

The fact is that the former head of the UFSSP in Ingushetia Gordanov A. I, who was recently convicted under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (embezzlement), in 2018 he was on the hook at the department "M" of the FSB for the Republic of Ingushetia and at the request of the head of the department "M", who is currently the deputy head of the FSB for the Yaroslavl region, was appointed deputy Gordanov.

And after the recent resignation of the head of the territorial Office Shatin M.A. Buzukashvili Jr. is already acting head of the Department. At this time, his father Semyon Buzukashvili, having connected all the connections of former and present Chekists, is putting serious pressure on the director of the FSSP of Russia, Aristov D.V. as well as to the head of the Republic of Ingushetia, Kalimatov, to appoint his son to the post of head of the Department.

And what happens. As a result, Buzukashvili may become the chief bailiff of one of the regions of the Russian Federation, who, according to his position, is called upon to execute decisions of the judiciary. We can only imagine how he will do it.

We will follow the continuation of this story.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued