For long, horses have been a Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov’s passion. Kadyrov pays millions to keep his stable of the thoroughbreds and race them.

One of his first acquisitions was Established Gold, which he purchased for a reported $300,000. And it was nothing compared to $10 million he invested into building a brand new racing course in Grozny, main city of Chechnya. The hippodrome, built within a short period of time, was completed right in time to celebrate Kadyrov’s 31st birthday in 2007.

In 2007 Kadyrov spent a reported $4 million to buy Gitano Hernando. He paid the same price for Sweet Ducky, which U.S. officials barred from racing.

It is difficult to say how many horses are there in Kadyrov’s stable. Reports say about 50-55 horses, most notably: Bankable, Mourilyan, Gitano Hernando, Sweet Ducky, Baritone, Established Gold, Hergibas, Storn Chipaza, Royal Quiet, Galtan, Dorian Crown, Khwarazm, Bronze Canon, and Mikhail Glinka. According to sources, Kadyrov has been licensed to race in the UK, UAE, South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong.

Keeping one horse costs something from $1,800-$3,200 a month. This includes wages to trainer and vet, forage, trimming and so on. If we assume Kadyrov has 50 stallions and spends only $1,500 a month on each, it will give a sum of $75,000 a month or $0,9 million a year.

It is rather expensive to race a horse either. If a stallion competes in London, the round trip will cost $10,000. Taking horse abroad means paying for quarantine, paperwork, forage and so on. This will add $3,000.  The trip to the USA, or Australia will cost several times more.

Kadyrov’s official salary is slightly less than $4,500 a month, or $54,000 a year.    

His stallions sometimes win large prizes. For instance, Gitano Hernando came sixth in Dubai World Cup this year, bringing Kadyrov $200,000. However, the leader of Chechnya said that all money, except payments to the trainer and jockey, went to a Chechen-based charity. Named after Kadyrov's father, Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation is chaired by his mother.