The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and continue to publish letters from the pre-trial detention center, a member of the Police Ombudsman team, lawyer Yevgeny Moiseev.

"Hello comrades! A new "leader of the opposition" is in touch - Yevgeny Moiseev. This is the end of our investigation. And for the second time in October. The first time it was finished on October 19, 2022, but apparently they read my publications on the VChK-OGPU channel and realized that they were in a hurry. Resumed. On November 1, they finished again, presenting a new charge. Let's see what happens after this post.

Now to the point.

I, Yevgeny Moiseev, and my relatives, Irina Andina and Vasily Fedorov, are accused of deliberately falsely denouncing the Police Ombudsman Vladimir Vorontsov. Qualification goes according to part 3 of Art. 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, like we also artificially created some kind of evidence of his guilt.

Now let's deal with the accusation. Well, let's have a laugh together.

As an artificial creation of evidence, we are charged with:

1. giving knowingly false testimony with subsequent illegal refusal of them in court;

2. submission of Irina's correspondence with Vorontsov, which is not evidence.

Yes, according to the investigation, Irina illegally refused Vorontsov's slander in the Lublin District Court. And they do not care that by virtue of the notes to Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, this is an absolutely legal action.

And the investigation writes, in serious terms, that the rejection of Vorontsov’s slander in the Lyublinsky District Court was planned even before May 13, 2020, that is, before the SSB officers arrived in Mordovia and began to persuade her to falsify evidence in the Vorontsov case. Generally to everything. Before the start.

In general, where Vanga and Nostradamus studied, I taught. How else to take this crazy accusation?

In short, they did not come up with anything smarter to drag the case to the Lublin court and against us.

Can you imagine? The illegal refusal of Vorontsov's slander took place in the Lublin District Court, which means that the deliberately false denunciation ended there. That is, a deliberately false denunciation began on May 13, 2020, when Irina filed an application against Vorontsov in Mordovia, and ended on October 20, 2021 (1.5 years later) in the Lyubinsky District Court of Moscow, when she told the court that she had to slander Vorontsov in connection with illegal pressure on her from the CSS officers and GSU officers.

This is the logic of these Krivolingus. And something tells me that our petition to send the case to the Torbeevsky court of Mordovia (where the application was filed against Vorontsov) will be left without satisfaction not only by the Moscow prosecutor's office, but also by the capital's judges, including the Moscow City Court. And it doesn’t matter that the same Moscow City Court has repeatedly indicated in its decisions that the place where the crime under Part 3 of Article 306 of the Criminal Code was committed is the place where the application was transferred to the police officer (see, for example, cases No. 2017).

And now the correspondence with Vorontsov.

According to the investigation, Irina provided real correspondence with Vorontsov as evidence of his guilt, which is not evidence. That is, she presented evidence that is not evidence.

First, how can evidence be evidence that is not evidence?

Secondly, how can something that was created naturally be created artificially? After all, Irina presented a real correspondence with Vorontsov.

Mdaaa ... And now they will shove this cotton into the court? Moreover, to the capital's court, which is already ready, apparently, to pass the sentence we need for the CSS officers and GUS officers. But because any other normal court will immediately terminate the criminal case against us on a rehabilitating basis, and even at the first preliminary hearing.

Not a single normal judge will believe that the criminal prosecution of Vorontsov on the episode of Irina Andina was carried out for 1.5 years only on the basis of her unfounded statement. Well, how? After all, correspondence with Vorontsov is not proof. So, right?

That is, the criminal prosecution of Vorontsov in this episode was unfounded, unsubstantiated. It turns out that criminal liability under Art. 299 of the Criminal Code, it is necessary to involve both the investigator Kostin, who issued a decision to initiate a case against Vorontsov, and the investigator of the First State Investigation Department, who charged Vorontsov in this episode, the investigator of the Investigative Committee Rogozyansky, who included this episode in the indictment.

Let's be honest: the whole story with our criminal prosecution looks something like this.

Stroganov, Krivoshein and Kruzhilin, head of the GSU SCH, are walking along Red Square. And then they have the wildest diarrhea. All in white trousers. And white trousers become, shall we say, not white. And everyone sees it. But then their subordinates come to their aid, as well as Moscow prosecutors and judges. And they begin to rake this goo out of their trousers to make the trousers clean again. But now everyone is already dirty from head to toe (crooked linguses, etc. prosecutors and judges). And everyone stinks wildly, but they continue to clean their trousers. And the trousers will never be clean!”