Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Time of action:

 Today. The period of the special military operation. A level of basic readiness has been introduced.

An object :

  The Western High-Speed ​​Diameter is the transport artery of the North-West, along which hundreds of thousands of people, cars, and goods move daily.

At the facility, according to the contract, it provides protection to the Defense TB private security company, which is covered by the "SPB transport gang" RODIONOV-SELEZNEV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-KOMYAGIN-LYZIN-GAEVSKY.

   According to the law on anti-terror and under the terms of the contract, trained employees must be at the facilities. However, in fact, more than half of the employees of the Defense TB private security company are not. That is, they do not know how and do not have the right to use special equipment, they lack knowledge and skills on how to act in emergency situations. It is worth noting that such employees are paid much less than trained ones. Yes, and the training itself is also a costly undertaking. Thus, Defense TB, putting our lives at risk, actively saves on the safety of residents and guests of the region. And saves quite a lot. It is also worth noting that VIP motorcades constantly move along this route. The amount of the contract for protection is about 100 million rubles. Taking into account the fact that in half of the cases people who are not certified work, and sometimes there are no employees at all at the facilities due to a shortage of personnel and systematic non-payment of wages in the Defense TB private security company, then half is stolen. Total - about 50 million rubles.

   And what about the control bodies - the FSB, the Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rostransnadzor, in whose jurisdiction is, including ours, security? Apparently they don't know what's going on. Why ? Attention: Curtain! The fact is that the Defense TB private security company is under the roof of SELEZNEV, who everywhere declares and sells services for unlimited possibilities in terms of friendship with law enforcement agencies. And the requirements of the customer - in this case LLC "Highway of the Northern Capital" - does not respond and is not going to improve the situation: to train employees; fulfill the terms of the contract.

   It remains only to guess whether part of the stolen money really goes somewhere due to the lack of checks and control measures, or is it a coincidence. It is also interesting who will fit in with SELEZNEV and whose heads will fly from their posts in the event of an emergency at the facility? Naturally, a whole set of articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in the spirit of the "transport gang of St. Petersburg" RODIONOV-SELEZNEV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-KOMYAGIN-LYZIN-GAEVSKY - accompanies this story. Here and theft, and cashing out money, and withdrawing funds abroad.

   Also, in addition to the fact that our lives are endangered, there is one more aspect: the officials of the customer, and in this case it is Northern Capital Highway LLC and Western High-Speed ​​Diameter JSC, will also not be able to stay away, if something or happen at the objects entrusted to them. And taking into account the recent incident in the south of Russia, the most severe measures will probably be taken against all those involved.

  On behalf of the residents and guests of our region, we appeal to persons and government agencies that have the opportunity to influence this situation to take measures and stop the criminal impact on our security of the splinters of the "SPB transport gang" RODIONOV-SELEZNEV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY-KOMYAGIN-LYZIN-GAEVSKY.

To be continued


Timofey Zabiyakin