The media and social networks are full of "debriefing" of the indistinct actions of some "father-commanders" of the units participating in the SVO. But for some reason, no one talks about, at times, simply catastrophic failures of individual representatives of civil administrations. One of these anti-heroes, of course, should be considered the chairman of the cabinet of the Kharkov region Andrey Alekseenko, who fled from the Kharkiv region. During the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the pre-cabinet failed to organize the necessary evacuation of the civilian population. Alekseenko's subsequent actions turned out to be interesting. The figure, having launched a large-scale PR campaign for his rehabilitation, at the same time prepares the ground for a return to his usual corrupt activities: to schemes of cuts and kickbacks. Details at

A little background. At the end of December 2021, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory opened a criminal case under Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Receiving a bribe". The person involved is Andrei Alekseenko, at that time the mayor of Krasnodar. The previous position of Andrey Anatolyevich was the first vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory. Working in this position, Alekseenko successfully monetized the “shadow part” of the Kuban construction business for many years. Conducting “separate negotiations”, organizing problems for “uncomprehending” developers, transferring, with the help of administrative resources, some of them to the “unfair” section, the first Kuban vice-governor managed to build a clear corruption scheme to receive kickbacks and other “thanks” from leading construction companies working in the region.

The bribe-taker was caught on another gift - an Italian hunting rifle worth more than 1.5 million rubles. The prominent Russian corrupt official managed to avoid arrest and placement in a pre-trial detention center solely due to the intervention of the governor of the region Kondratiev, who, having called his patrons in the capital, was able to "resolve the issue." However, the investigation of Alekseenko's corrupt activities was not terminated. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation took the case from their Kuban colleagues. There was an understanding that the law enforcement officers of the Krasnodar Territory could successfully destroy it. At the request of the interested regional leadership.

But then, “for good luck” Alekseenko, the NWO began. The bribe taker frequented Moscow. Where, in the end, he was offered an alternative: prison or Kharkov. For the upcoming heroic service, a version was even developed with a different interpretation of the bribe gun - like, it was a cute "birthday present". This means that in the case of a successful new job, the defendant would be released from criminal liability.

On August 19, Alekseenko, having received, in fact, a criminal indulgence, went to the Kharkov region, taking his fellow soldier friend (and at the same time an accomplice in cutting resort lands) the former head of the Tuapse district Vitaly Mazninov. Who was promised the position of the head of Izyum.

But no successful activity happened. Mazninov disappeared from Izyum immediately after the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Which, however, was a private matter of a private person, because he did not manage to get any positions.

But there are a lot of questions to Alekseenko, who fled from the region, as the chairman of the cabinet of ministers, that is, an official.

Indeed, during the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andrei Alekseenko did not complete his only work, which was mandatory in that situation. We are talking about the evacuation of the civilian population.

Having reached his native Krasnodar Territory, Andrei Anatolyevich took up his usual business: PR. Presenting himself in the media, in social networks, as ... a hero and a benefactor.

On September 13, a video about the Kharkov "everyday life" of the hero was posted on Youtube. Under Chicherina's song "Sparta", viewers are invited to look at the fighting former mayor of Krasnodar, the former first vice-governor of the region, and already, apparently, the former chairman of the cabinet of Kharkovskaya. "Heroic Service" was filmed from three cameras by employees of the PR pool, which Alekseenko always carried with him. In the frame, there were cookies handed out to the soldiers, against the backdrop of a washed armored personnel carrier with a brand new ironed tricolor. In general, the video was about the fact that the pre-cabinet was steering the region practically from the front line.

But after the failure of the official to evacuate the population, which led to a considerable number of tragedies, more serious arguments were needed than the handed out "carrots". After all, the curators-federals, amazed by the cowardly and inept behavior of Andrei Anatolyevich, could calmly initiate the activation of the frozen bribery criminal case. And, therefore, it was necessary by all means to get into the true heroes. Our heroes are irresistible.

This was best done through paid "independent" interviews. In an extensive dialogue with journalists of the regional tab of Komsomolskaya Pravda, the official talked about how he took out “everyone who wanted to leave in personal transport and transport of the administration.” And then the question is: how much can you take out like that, even if it's true? What to organize buses, minibuses, flatbed trucks at worst did not have the authority? You are the head of the Cabinet, - all the transport workers are under you !

Other "details" of the heroic removal of everyone in Alekseyenko's car were even more impressive. His armored car, it turns out, was shot by the vushniks in such a way that all the wheels were lowered, and then “everyone who wanted” was already taken out under bullets on the rims. Armored cars weigh under five tons. This is how he will move on the rims? Especially on country roads. But this is not yet the final apotheosis. In stories about his unparalleled heroism, Alekseenko skidded into the realm of space science fiction.

His car, it turns out, also stumbled upon the tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which were smacking at it with direct fire. But the driver managed to save the passengers. The miracle, of course, helped, - Alekseenko explained the improbability of the event to overly gullible journalists. It is high time to introduce the concept of "miracle" into military regulations. Without it, how to explain frank nonsense.

Shooting with direct fire is almost 100% hitting the target - any novice tanker will tell you that. From real experience, we can say for sure that in this case, a warm lump of metal, decorated with sequins from broken armored glass, will remain from the passenger car. But, if Alekseenko is put inside, then apparently nothing will be done to the car. For an inevitable miracle will happen.


But this is not the end of the abomination. Alekseenko, it seems, has already convinced himself that he is a hero. And after exploits, how not to take advantage of the fruits of glory? And what "fruits" for Andrei Anatolyevich are the sweetest is well known: money, cuts, kickbacks, unlimited power.

After the failure in the Kharkiv region, it was time for Alekseenko to “work hard” in these areas familiar to him. True, now we have to start small, specifically - from the Tuapse district. At one time, Alekseenko jumped into the chair of the vice-governor precisely from the Tuapse district administration. And in all subsequent years, the district did not let go of personal control. It was thanks to his protection that the area turned out to be the most "manure" in terms of corruption, the professional unsuitability of local officials and the sawing of the most valuable resort lands. On the spot, the process of this most ambitious sawing in the history of the Kuban was driven by the faithful Janissary Alekseenko - his brother-soldier Vitaly Mazninov. As a result, this head, unique in terms of crime, was also demolished from his post, but “on his own”.

Recently, Vitaly Mazninov is often seen in Tuapse. Tuapse residents, who will not forget the “sadly bright” period of Maznin’s rule and Alekseenkov’s “curatorship” in the region, note some oddities in the behavior of these characters. Recently, Alekseenko and his friends were gathering at a famous hunting lodge near the Shaumyan Pass. Then there was another last supper: Mazninov and a number of "friends-officials" were seen in one "underground" Tuapse institution for negotiations ... Then there was a festive excitement in the district administration. The bureaucratic servants happily whispered just about those landmark decisions that were discussed during these friendly gatherings.

Alekseenko and his accomplices discussed the issue, no less, about the new head of the district, whose candidacy urgently needs to be presented in the region. Although in principle it was not clear how these retired goat drummers could influence this decision. Such personnel decisions, it seems, are entirely the responsibility of the governor.

Roman Trushkin


To be continued