A businessman, the founder of the auto company Inforkom, was shot dead in the Moscow region. According to sources of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, the body of Alexander Rusetsky with a gunshot wound to the head was found in his Mercedes the day before. The car pulled onto the side of the road near the village of Kalachevo in Domodedovo. The businessman died on the spot.

Alexander Rusetsky is the founder of Infocom - Autoservice and a number of other companies.

Infocom-Autoservice describes its activities as follows: “The largest truck service station, the largest dismantling of European-made trucks, a unique spare parts warehouse and top-level professionals.”

Correspondents of Rucriminal.info and the Cheka-OGPU became aware of some details of the murder of Alexander Rusetsky, the founder of the Inforkom auto company. Investigators consider 67-year-old native of Belarus Alexander Kongalev to be the main suspect. It was he, judging by the cameras and the testimony of witnesses, who was the last to get into the car with the businessman, who was found shot dead in his Mercedes on November 15. Now the suspect is in touch, giving interviews to journalists and discussing versions with mutual friends of the victim. The latter told us that Kongalev is clearly "in the insole", but he voices interesting versions and details of Rusetsky's life.

It is known about Alexander Kongalev that he is the son of the Hero of the USSR, intelligence officer and Red Army soldier Fyodor Kongalev. He said about himself that he studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Minsk Institute. There he met Alexander Rusetsky. In narrow circles, the man does not miss the opportunity to boast that in his youth, undercover, as a teacher, he “performed state tasks” in Ethiopia. Returning from a business trip, he again met with Rusetsky, who at that time managed to serve a term (about seven years) for extortion. An experienced classmate suggested that he invest in a car business in the Moscow region and Kongalev gave him about 150 thousand dollars from the sale of real estate. Here is what his friends cite from his drunken stories about a mutual friend.

“Everything started from scratch and before my eyes. Alexander Rusetsky assembled a team of smart guys: his accomplice, craftsmen and "artists". It was a very profitable business, very soon stolen heavy trucks from all over the country began to arrive at Sasha's Domodedovo. His guys interrupted the numbers best of all, “drawn” new documents, and then these cars were sold at a price twice as expensive as they were bought up. Until now, as I know, most of the cars that passed through Infocom are illegal. I was the main shareholder and investor until Mikhail Niken came along. This is a man with great connections and money, he was almost the mayor of Podolsk. (In an interview, the co-founder of Infokom said that he was only the nomenclature of the Central Committee of the CPSU and became disillusioned with the authorities when, after another raid on the Lubyanka, he was advised to find a roof among the bandits). Instead of my 150 thousand dollars, he invested several million in the Rusetsky case. I, of course, was removed from the business, but I was not offended. Sasha did not deprive me of interest, until recently my money was in his file. A year and a half ago, we closed this issue with him - he gave me 6 million rubles. Ask the accountant Sasha Mikhalych, we are even.

“There was also an incident with my son. He worked for Rusetsky and was caught stealing some spare parts. In fact, 300 thousand, but Sasha said that it was 600. I didn’t say a word against it, I brought my son, he apologized on his knees, he understood for the rest of his life that it was impossible to steal from my friend. I promised him to return 600 thousand, but a little later, my wife has cancer and recently had her kidney removed. Sasha was aware, he got into position. This debt was not a subject of discussion, much less a cause for conflict.”

“I visit Moscow about once a month for customs matters. I always stay with Sasha in the office. Came here last Friday. The commandant settled me in room 214 in a hostel next to the Infocom base. We sat together and drank. Sasha complained about his wife Tanya, they say, grumbling. She doesn't have the cleanest background. They met in Belarus, under not entirely romantic circumstances. But he fell in love and got married. At the same time, he continued to walk, he has many children from different women, God rest his soul, but he did not raise them, he only gave money. He himself heard in the presence of Sasha's other friends how his son Evgeny said that he would like someone to fill him (his father) already. Because he allegedly didn’t let him work.”

“Tatyana expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Sasha was building a house, literally across the fence from the office, to her second lady, Yulia. Tanya has a serious brother, she complained to him, too, than you don’t have a version.

“On Saturday, Sasha said that he needed to go to the “beds”. On Sunday, not far from the base, we went to the bathhouse to his friend. There were still people coming. They steamed, drank, wanted to go to the women, but something didn’t work out, this time they rested with a purely male company. Sasha was against it, they say, he already has a few, he wanted to call on Yulia on Monday, she was from somewhere on vacation flew. In the morning we again sat in the office, the head of the base security was with us, in total, eight people guard the facility. We remembered the old, played chess, Sasha won all five games against me, sang songs. I have things to do, I was ordered to overtake a car from Germany. Sasha changed clothes, put on perfume, and got ready to meet someone. He drove me to the turn to his base, and he drove towards Kalachevo, where he was later found. I went to Belarus. At 10 o'clock on Tuesday, his son Zhenya called me, he says where you and your father went on a spree. And then at 11 he called and said that he had been shot.”

“Sasha was in a relationship with his employee, and she is the wife of his mechanic. The worker guessed that there was something wrong. His partner Nikin would hardly have got into this, I think either jealousy played here, or he crossed the road for someone. He has serious partners in Dubai. Maybe they didn’t share something with them. ”

Alexander Kongalev denies his involvement in the murder, but is thoroughly confused in the testimony, dates and times. He said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. True, Kongalev does not say how he got from the place where Rusetsky dropped him off. But he claims that he did not sleep the night and drinks heavily, naming his exact address in Mstislavl. The investigation suggests that he could have killed a friend in delirium tremens, but the version that everything could have been specially arranged in this way is still being considered.

Leonid Stolbunov

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info