More than a year has passed since the torture scandal in the Saratov Prison Tuberculosis Hospital No. 1, which has become a symbol of dehumanization. Recall that the network got terrible photos in which convicts were beaten and raped with mops.

One of those who were officially recognized as victims is Alexander Mukhortov, a businessman and former assistant to a State Duma deputy. Over the past year, he was never questioned, because "we could not find out his whereabouts."

As found out, Alexander Valerievich Mukhortov, currently convicted, is serving a sentence in FKU IK-6 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Krasnodar Territory by the verdict of the Domodedovo City Court of 10/24/2018.

During the period of serving the sentence Mukhortov A.The. 3 penalties were received while in FKU OTB-1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Saratov Region (02/05/2020; 02/14/2020; 02/21/2020), and 3 penalties were received while in the FKU IK-4 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Saratov Region (07.05 .2020; 06/11/2020; 08/06/2020).

Recovery, received Mukhortov A.The. in the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Saratov region, were imposed during the period when the latter was subjected to torture by officials of the OTB-1 institution and convicts. According to these facts, criminal cases were initiated, one of which Mukhortov A.V. recognized as a victim. As a result, their legitimacy is questionable.

Mukhortov A.V. recognized on 11/23/2021 as a victim in criminal case No. 12102630004000158, but so far no one has interrogated him as a victim, which indicates a gross violation of Art. 6.1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation on the part of the investigation of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Saratov Region.

Why Mukhorotov has not been interrogated is still a big mystery. He is not only a victim himself, but has seen many other cases of abuse of prisoners, including fatal ones. One of Mukhortov's letters from prison is published by and the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU.

“They are notorious scoundrels and recidivists, whom the Saratov Federal Penitentiary Service gave the opportunity to torture and torture other people. They enjoyed their power. They watched Putin die without the therapy and emergency care he needed and did nothing. Whoever you are, no matter how much you are loved and waited behind fences with barbed wire, you have no chance to survive on OTB1 of the Saratov region.

Daniil Putin died on a winter morning, his body, covered with a sheet, lay on the couch for a long time, past which other sick prisoners passed and saw with horror what the end was waiting for them.

The hopelessness of the situation, fear and the oppressive atmosphere of a cruel concentration camp, that's what OTB1 is. A place where a sick person is forbidden to lie on the bed, forcing them to sit on an uncomfortable stool, which is a mockery in itself. But the main nightmare for those who found themselves inside this man-made hell of the Federal Penitentiary Service is the lack of communication with the mainland and terry lawlessness on the part of criminals, ruthless maniacs, who, at someone's evil whim, were made activists in this medical institution. How can a tough killer repeatedly tried for murder be an orderly? What crazy brain came up with this? After all, any person in their right mind would consider this madness. I, the one who writes these lines, was in the prison hospital of Solikamsk and I have something to compare with, they treat people there, they help, even if at the very least, but they take care of sick people. OTB1 Saratov is a terrible concentration camp that has no place in modern Russia...

OTB1 is called “Bloody Synth” in the common people, and having spent the most terrible half a year of my life there, I can say that this is true. This is a bunch of executioners, tormentors and scumbags. Some of them wear shoulder straps, while the other part serves them. They engage in torture, rape and murder. They extort money and take away pensions from prisoners.

The administration of OTB1 and convicts activists have formed a real criminal community on the territory of the hospital, which keeps in fear all the unfortunate people who are unfortunate enough to get sick while in the system of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Saratov region.

It would seem that they write complaints, but nowhere. Prisoners are intimidated by the fact that anyone who writes a complaint will be killed or raped. But who does it?

With the tacit consent of the head of OTB1 Gotsenko, the head of the security department Maltsev and his people are in charge of this lawlessness in close conjunction with the recidivists of the camp activists, who are controlled by a convict named Ananiev.

These two are the chiefs of the local Gestapo, the main executioners. With their knowledge, all atrocities take place: torture, extortion and rape, and even the head of the local police department, Bochkov, is forced to enter into negotiations with the convict Ananiev (nicknamed Pineapple). This is fine?

Pineapple has his own sonder team of killers, tormentors and extortionists: "Tatar" Gemadeev, "Dumbbell" Krainov and a bunch of others like them. They kill not only other people, they kill the faith of people, turning OTB1 into a conveyor belt not only for death, but also for people who hate their homeland.

If the authorities allow this lawlessness, which has already been written and talked about a lot on the Internet and on YouTube eyewitnesses, then either there is no power, or she herself approves of all this.

If something happens to me in Saratov OTB1 after the publication of this article, then you should know that the authorities have killed me. I was killed by the silent consent of society.

I, a convict on a trumped-up case, an innocent person, of which a person was accused, in violation of the law, was kept in the psychiatric hell of OTB1 for two months until my kidneys failed, and then illegally put in a PKT, where repeat offenders working as orderlies for OTB1 should sit. For all the torture and mockery of me and other patients who have undergone “Bloody Synth”, will at least someone be punished, or in the winter of 2020, more than one Putin was killed there?”

To be continued

Arseny Dronov