Alexander Shestun, sent to prison on a trumped-up case, prepared an article about the new "king" of Serpukhov, Umar Kremlev, and those behind him.

“My older brother Igor has been heading the old city theater in Serpukhov for many years. I remember his description of the change of elites in our provincial town on the example of the location of influential residents in the auditorium.

At first, the activities of Igor's VIP-lodge were occupied by members of the City Committee of the CPSU, in the 90s they were pushed aside by the directors of factories, who, in turn, were replaced by criminal authorities, subsequently squeezed out of cushy places by law enforcement officers.

However, the survival evolution of the stronger subspecies of Homo Sapiens began to take the form of mutation.

First, the label for the reign of Serpukhov was bought by the leader of the Podolsk Luchok group (Sergei Lalakin), who was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland by Putin. The former Podolsk prosecutor with a tarnished reputation, Dmitry Zharikov, became the mayor of Serpukhov, who immediately told me that he needed to fight back "investments."

Investigators and operatives before the searches in my Serpukhov District Administration held a meeting 2 floors below in the office of the Podolsk protege.

The “face” command was given after the publication of a letter from Governor Vorobyov with Putin’s resolution to extend the merciless exploitation of the Lesnaya landfill without any sorting, poisoning local residents with Podolsk and Moscow garbage. We posted it on the Web in the hope of confirming in the appeal the closure of the stinking garbage dump in our lawsuit, won in the first court instance.

The symbiosis of close subspecies - the security forces and the lads - made it possible to radically clear the "clearing" of all types of power, establishing a complete autocracy.

All groups of Serpukhov's elites turned out to be dissatisfied with the monopolization.

The mayor unusually gave orders to the courts, prosecutors and the police, which caused a quiet murmur among the servicemen in uniforms and the dissatisfaction of the criminals with the dominance of the "Podolsk".


However, the degraded power of the Kremlin gave birth to even more ugly forms of the owners of the city ...

Today, Serpukhov with its suburbs is given to Umar Kremlev, who does not have the title of mayor and experience in civil service. Twice convicted for violent crimes, Umar Lutfulloev changed his surname to “Kremlev”, having already moved to Serpukhov. Then the naive cunning ... caused only smiles.

Few people know that Umar Kremlev began his ascent to the current power with the help of the famous "decider" Eric Motaev, the son of the head of the State Academic Dance Ensemble of Dagestan "Lezginka".

Then he acquired connections with the Night Wolves and found an approach to the head of the security service of the President of the Russian Federation, Alexei Rubezhny.

The head of the Boxing Federation, Umar Kremlev, has become a monopoly in the lottery market. His NPO Mobile Card was created by order of Vladimir Putin, which raised 7 billion rubles in 2021 through commissions from the gambling business, and plans to make a profit of 18 billion in 2022.

Kremlev often flashes in television shots with Vladimir Putin. A native of Tajikistan gives interviews to federal channels, mostly surrounded by Orthodox icons, covering up traces of a criminal past and national identity.

The Supervisory Board of the Boxing Federation includes: Alexey Rubezhnoy and Igor Sechin. The protege of the head of Rosneft, the powerful FSB general Ivan Tkachev, helps to resolve issues of closing (opening) criminal cases and other trifles to the “Serpukhov Khan”.

Umar Kremlev gained so much political weight that he pushed Yevgeny Prigozhin himself in a multibillion-dollar contract for the right to service the boiler houses of the Ministry of Defense. True, the strengthened founder of the Wagner PMC, years later, took away a profitable government contract even without “sledgehammering”.

The boxer also broke off Chechens from influential teips. In addition to the "gambling" business, the FSO provides the rogue Kremlin with the opportunity to organize an arrival in Russia and back past the customs and border guards of businessmen under criminal prosecution.

The "omnivorous" Umar Nazarovich does not disdain the seizure of dubious assets in the Serpukhov region. He managed to achieve the decision of the administration to demolish the restaurant on the banks of the Oka (elimination of competition) of the crime boss Sergei Romanov, nicknamed "Count". Now under the gun the business center "Korston". Umar is preparing a raider seizure of Serpukhov's largest commercial facility. He also took over an unfinished shopping center in nearby Protvino in the area of ​​Festivalny Proyezd. The lord of boxers carefully glorifies his image with PR from the 90s, which looks clumsy for advanced residents of the science city: “... And everything is ironically simple: those who build such facilities (shopping centers) most often look at personal financial gain, and not the well-being of local residents…”

Members of the Russian boxing community wrote an open letter to FSO General Alexei Rubezhny, where they openly "suspected the Kremlin of bribery, default on financial obligations, raider seizure of property ...". Silence on head of the security service of the President of the Russian Federation is very eloquent.

I remember the boxing group of racketeers in Serpukhov, which buried many of its leaders in the 90s. Their strength was based on fists, and not on the torture of the FSB and FSO in the current bloodthirsty mutants.

Rogues like the Kremlin succeed only with the help of the patronage of the President of All Rus'...

The regime's reliance on such characters ... is highly unreliable. Such weathercocks can easily change the Motherland and the flag for a jar of jam and a box of cookies.

The violent raiding activity of the Kremlin in the Serpukhov expanses, in any future political situation, will lead to the seizure of the loot.

Such moths flutter for several days, having got out of the cocoon created by the disgusting caterpillar.

Alexander Shestun